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Can You Use Parchment Paper in a Food Dehydrator?

Parchment paper is the ideal way to line up a dehydrator when you're making fruit leather or dehydrating sticky fruits or meats. Parchment paper not only helps in keeping the dehydrator clean, but it also makes it easy to remove the dried food products from the trays of the dehydrator. It's a really no mess solution for dehydrating all kinds of foods and you can always easily cut up the parchment paper to fit any size of dehydrator.

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Dehydrated Vs Freeze Dried – What’s the Difference?

The growing need to make your food last longer has led to the adoption of different methods for food preservation. Two of such methods which yield proven results are dehydration and freeze drying. In this article, we will compare these two methods of removing moisture from your food in detail.

Dehydration with the help of heat is already a very popular method and it is well-known worldwide. Our modern needs had paved the path for another less known but yet well prevalent dehydration method called freeze drying. Before going deeper into the processes let's have an overview of each of the processes:

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Storing Dehydrated Food – The Complete Guide

The food drying is one of the best ways to preserve foods for a longer period. But do you know that if you do not store them in the right way then, it can spoil all your hard work?

Earlier people used to store the dried food in the airtight containers or jars, but now there are few more options which are available for you. People can easily do the dehydration of the food but doesn’t know exactly about the process of storing such food.

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What Size Dehydrator Do I Need ?

So far you must know that what is a food dehydrator and how it works. But when you go to the market for purchasing this machine, the very first question which inevitably comes in your mind is that what size dehydrator I need.

Well! It is very easy to buy a food dehydrator. But first of all, you should know your needs i.e. how many trays must be present in your food dehydrator so that it can fulfill your food drying requirements successfully.

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Excalibur Vs. Magic Mill Food Dehydrators

When you go to the market for buying a food dehydrator, you get lots of options to consider. Some of them are stainless steel dehydrators, and few of them are plastic material dryers such as Excalibur food dehydrators and Magic Mill food dehydrators.

In this below article, we are going to discuss and compare between the two famous companies i.e. Excalibur and Magic Mill which are indulged in manufacturing some fantastic food dehydrators from very long time. But going deep into the topic, we will firstly get familiar about both the dehydrators making companies first.

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Can We Put Wax Paper in a Dehydrator?

To begin with, for those wondering what is a wax paper and why are we discussing, whether or not to use it in a dehydrator and how to use it?

Let’s begin with, what is a wax paper? Wax paper or paraffin paper is a paper which is rendered moisture-proof by applying wax. Now, coming to what is the need to use a wax paper in the dehydrator – there are many dehydrators available in the market which do not come with accessories like fruit roll sheets or nonstick mesh screens. This could be a problem when you are looking to make a fruit roll or fruit leather or other similar things.

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How to Clean Your Food Dehydrator

Are you interested in enjoying healthy, wholesome snacks that are made in the comfort of your own kitchen? If yes, you must have looked into buying a dehydrator. There is a wide range of dehydrators available in the market today. Each comes with its own functions and features, but there is something common in all these dehydrators.

Every dehydrator must be cleaned regularly to ensure it works the way it is supposed to. Regular cleaning also adds keeps the drying environment clean and adds to the life of the dehydrator.

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What Not to Do When Using a Dehydrator?

Dehydrators are a boon to people who want to relish healthy homemade and mouthwatering dried food. This also saves you spending huge amounts of money on store dried food, which has added preservatives, salts, and sugar, making it comparatively unhealthy. It also helps you preserve food hence making it last longer and prevent food spoilage. Now as you know the benefits of owning a dehydrator, it is also essential to know that dehydrators come at relatively higher prices, however, the benefits they offer, make them a worth buying product. As the famous saying goes "Health is Wealth".

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What Food Dehydrator is Used For?

One of the most famous methods to preserve foods for the longer period is known as food dehydration, and people are doing this for several years. Earlier, people prefer to use the method of sun dehydration but now the new chefs of today have to get the benefit of electric food dehydrators.

The electric food dehydrators not only accelerate the procedure of eliminating moisture from the food but also perform the entire process in just a few hours. The dried foods are also one of most healthy things to consume in which all the nutrients and enzymes remain intact. There are many things for which a food dehydrator is used.

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