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How to Clean Your Food Dehydrator

Are you interested in enjoying healthy, wholesome snacks that are made in the comfort of your own kitchen? If yes, you must have looked into buying a dehydrator. There is a wide range of dehydrators available in the market today. Each comes with its own functions and features, but there is something common in all these dehydrators.

Every dehydrator must be cleaned regularly to ensure it works the way it is supposed to. Regular cleaning also adds keeps the drying environment clean and adds to the life of the dehydrator.

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What Not to Do When Using a Dehydrator?

Dehydrators are a boon to people who want to relish healthy homemade and mouthwatering dried food. This also saves you spending huge amounts of money on store dried food, which has added preservatives, salts, and sugar, making it comparatively unhealthy. It also helps you preserve food hence making it last longer and prevent food spoilage. Now as you know the benefits of owning a dehydrator, it is also essential to know that dehydrators come at relatively higher prices, however, the benefits they offer, make them a worth buying product. As the famous saying goes "Health is Wealth".

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Is It Worth Buying a Dehydrator?

Is It Worth Buying a Dehydrator

Preserved food makes a great snack and it can last a long time, too. When you preserve food on your own you can be sure about its quality and hygiene. On the other hand, buying dehydrated snacks from the supermarket is not only expensive, but you can never be sure about the kind of conditions in which the food was dehydrated and packed.

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What Food Dehydrator is Used For?

One of the most famous methods to preserve foods for the longer period is known as food dehydration, and people are doing this for several years. Earlier, people prefer to use the method of sun dehydration but now the new chefs of today have to get the benefit of electric food dehydrators.

The electric food dehydrators not only accelerate the procedure of eliminating moisture from the food but also perform the entire process in just a few hours. The dried foods are also one of most healthy things to consume in which all the nutrients and enzymes remain intact. There are many things for which a food dehydrator is used.

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What are the Different Types of Food Dehydrators ?

At present, there are so many brands of food dehydrators that are available in the market. But do you know that all of them fall in either of one types of food dehydrators? Yes. In this article, we will give you details about the different types of a food dehydrator and what makes them differ from each other.

We will provide you some important information about the different types of dehydrator and what will be your Pro's and Con's in buying those types of dehydrator.

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How Long Does Dehydrated Food Last?

How Long Does Dehydrated Food Last

Are you also the one who have to throw up their various extra vegetables and fruits which you purchased from the supermarket store?

Well, as an alternative, now there is no need to do that as you can save them with the help of a good food dehydrator in a very easy way.

When you store the dehydrated food, it not only saves your lots of money (which you might have to spend on buying dried food from the market) but also makes your meals stress-free too. On the other hand, if you do not know much about the food drying as well as preservation, then the very first question which will surely come in your mind is that how long does dehydrated food last?

Unexpectedly, as per rich sources, foodstuffs like dried fruits may last for around five years, and the dried vegetables can last for more than a decade, but if correctly cooked and put in proper storage. When you compare canned food with the dehydrated food, a dried food will be a better choice for long-term storage.

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What does a food dehydrator do?

what does food dehydrator do

If you are a person who loves to eat the delicious raw food, then a food dehydrator will assuredly solve your purposes.

After reading the word "food dehydrator," I am sure you have now guessed out that it is an appliance that dries out certain foods that might be fruits, vegetables, spices or herbs. It primarily uses the low temperatures as well as a fan to dehydrate food.

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Where to Buy Excalibur Dehydrator Online on your Country?

buy excalibur dehydrator in united states of america

From the year 1973, the Excalibur Company has regularly presented innovative products related to the system of dehydration. During improving the procedure of food dehydration, a bequest was born i.e. Excalibur dehydrators.

Let’s talk more about the company!

​The maximum numbers of Excalibur dehydrators are mass-produced in the United States of America (USA) along with the similar desire and presentation standards which well-defined this brand from the time of its beginning. These branded dehydrators are mainly manufactured to save your food from getting wasted, also for saving your money which you spend in buying expensive dried foods as well as to contribute more towards your health goals.

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Horizontal or Vertical Air Flow System-Which Dehydrator is Best for You?

Horizontal vs Vertical Air Flow System in food dehydrator

Do you know that there are two types of air flow system through which the air flows inside the food dehydrator? Yes. Every dehydrator come with anyone of these air flow system. 

In this post we are trying to cover major difference between horizontal vs vertical air flow​ system, how they are going to work and which one is best for you.

​A food dehydrator is one of the convenient food dehydration devices of the kitchen that utilizes two air flow system i.e. Vertical air flow system and horizontal airflow system. Both these systems help in drying out your foodstuffs like banana, beef jerky, kale, etc perfectly.

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