Open Country Dehydrator Brand

The open country dehydrator is a company that is known for providing best food dehydrator products in the world. They have been working in the industry for the last 30 years. Their dehydrators use a technology that is capable of drying food more evenly and efficiently. Therefore, it helps you save time as well.

​Some of the distinct dehydration products sold by open country dehydrators are as follows:


Dehydrator Add-A-Trays:

​The two pack Add-A tray helps you to make an optimum use of your dehydrator. Additional trays help you expand the capacity of the dehydrator and you can dehydrate and product more and more fruits and vegetables from the harvesting season. It is good for all kinds of food items.

​Dehydrator Clean-A screens:

​They provide plastic mesh inserts which are totally reusable and also ideal for drying smalls things like herbs and spices. You just need to put them on top of the trays to get the best results. They have a flexible screen which makes it easy to remove sticky foods like a banana after drying.

​Dehydrator fruit roll sheets:

​The fruit roll sheets help you to mix your fruits with things like coconut, flavored gelatins, nuts or even pureed fruit. You can be as creative with it as you want. You can also try covering the entire fruit roll sheet with applesauce before dehydrating it and you will come up with a nice dried dessert that you can eat later.

​Dehydrator Cookbooks:

​For using open country dehydrator products, you don’t really need to be a pro. You can just buy it and use it is pretty much self-explanatory. There two dehydrator cookbooks named ''How to Dry Foods'' Cookbook by Deanna DeLong and ''Mary Bell's Just Jerky'' Cookbook which is a complete guide to help you with all kinds of dehydration related questions.

Vacuum Sealer bags and rolls:

​The vacuum sealer bags and rolls are specially designed to remove all kinds of air and seal the food completely keeping it away from moisture. This also helps in keeping the nutrition and flavor of the food intact. They are ideal for cheese, fish, vegetables and all kinds of meat.

All the clients who have used the products of open country dehydrator are extremely satisfied with the performance and go for its various products time and again. The clients range from people who use it for restaurants or big enterprises to those who buy it for personal use. One thing that everyone likes about the product is its efficiency and the evenness of dehydration. It dehydrates the food items evenly. The extremely efficient customer service provides a great experience to the customers. You can sign up to the newsletter to keep yourself totally updated with current happenings about open country products.​

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