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How to Pre-treat Your Food Before You Dehydrate

Pre-treating food means treating the food in specific ways before dehydrating it. The most crucial benefit of drying food is that it increases the shelf life of food.

Pre-treating food can help further increase the shelf life, for instance, honey dip, it can also help improve the appearance of the food by preventing drying. Let us look into Why and How to pre-treat food below.

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What Foods you can dry in a Dehydrator?

Popcorn made from cauliflower using dehydrator

Dehydrating or drying-out of food items is an impeccable technique to preserve foods which are more effortlessly put in storage than the canned products. You may consume these foods during the meals or can also take them with you on hiking or camping. With an invention of a food dehydrator now our life has become easier as the conventional method of drying out the foods was a moderately time -taken job.

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