Best Commercial Dehydrator in Canada

People who are in some business or having some food chain or restaurant usually ask us that “what is the best commercial dehydrator in Canada”? So, in this article, we are going to answer this question that is knocking out our lots of readers.

Commercial food dehydrators help you in drying the foods in bulk. There are so many types of commercial dehydrators that you can find on the market, but there are only a few that suit our needs and budget. So, it is essential that you invest in the right commercial dehydrator that can serve you for a long time. You should look at the product specifications cautiously before making any decision.

Comparison Chart of Best Commercial Dehydrators in Canada

Before moving to the reviews section, let’s check out the main features of all the three commercial food dehydrators in Canada in the below comparison chart:

Serial NoProduct NameWattage (W)Number of TraysTemperatureTimer
1Magic Mill Commercial pro Xl dehydrator1000W10 Stainless Steel95-167 Degree FahrenheitYes;24 Hour
2NutriChef Commercial Grade 10 TrayNA10Maximum temperature 155° FDigital timer
3Crawford Kitchen Dehydrator1000W1095 to 155 degrees fahrenheitYes;15 hour

In the below article, we are going to review the three best commercial dehydrators in Canada along with their pros and cons. You should go through them carefully so that you can decide on the investment in the commercial food dehydrator in the end.

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Reviews of Commercial Dehydrator Canada

The following are the reviews of 3 best commercial dehydrators in Canada that you can buy from the market:

1. Magic Mill Commercial pro Xl Stainless Steel 10 Tray Food and Jerky Dehydrator

Magic Mill Commercial pro Xl dehydrator
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It comes with the 1000 watts of drying power which is quite strong for drying foods like jerky. It has the construction of stainless steel, and the front door is heat retentive. There are ten stainless steel trays in the unit, and a single tray can bear a weight of 1.3 pounds. It is dishwasher safe machine, so you don’t have to worry much about its cleaning. You get five non-stick sheets, 10 “fine mesh” and one fruit roll tray along with it.

The best part about this machine is that it has a rear mounted fan and motor that allows the horizontal flow of air for even drying of the foods. Its digital temperature ranges between 95 degrees F to 167 degrees F along with the 24 hours timer that you can set as per your need. It shut down automatically when the timer gets off. There is no need for rotating the trays while drying food in the machine. You can watch the progress of the drying through the transparent door. The drip tray collects the excess residue left from the foods during the drying.


  • You can remove the trays of the machine for keeping big food items
  • It has a transparent door that helps you in seeing the drying process
  • You can preset the time and temperature for drying numerous kinds of fruits and veggies
  • The drip trays are useful for collecting the extra residue from the foods
  • It shuts down automatically once the time gets up
  • You get numerous useful accessories along with the machine
  • There is no need for tray rotation
  • It comes with the strong motor power of 1000 watts


  • There is no backlight in the machine
  • You cannot expand it by adding more trays
  • You get the limited period warranty of only one year with it
  • There is no cookbook provided with it

2. Crawford Kitchen Commercial Food Dehydrator

Crawford Kitchen Dehydrator
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If you want to get the professional drying results then, you should buy the Crawford Kitchen Commercial Food Dehydrator. You can dry fruits, veggies, berries, meats, nuts, and jerky easily in it. It comes with the digital controls that range between 95 degrees F to 155 degrees F for the precise heating. The wattage power of this machine is 1000 watts that help in drying the food more quickly and evenly to provide incredible flavor. There is a 7 inches fan that is rear mounted for the horizontal flow of air.

You will love to know that the body of this commercial food dehydrator made from the stainless steel material that is quite easy to clean. There are five small size grid trays and five big size large grid trays in it that let you dehydrate the food of any size effectively. It has a 5 inches roll of fine mesh that you can use for drying small foods like seeds, berries, and nuts. Its digital timer can be set up to 15 hours for the professional drying of the foods. You can also take help from the drying guide that is present on the machine’s panel.


  • This commercial food dehydrator comes with the strong and effective drying power of 1000 wattage
  • The 15 hours digital timer helps you in drying your food correctly along with the good control on the drying process
  • The drying guide on the panel provides you the right instructions regarding drying
  • There is an enormous drying space of 16 square feet in it
  • The 7 inches rear mounted fan is detachable


  • The heater and fan manufactured from the fragile plastic material
  • It might not look like a heavy-duty appliance to you

3. NutriChef Commercial Grade 10 Tray High Capacity Electric Food Dehydrator

NutriChef Commercial Grade 10 Tray
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It helps in drying food for the enhanced preservation process. There are slide-out shelves in it for the multi-tiered drying. You get an LCD in it also for your convenience.  It effectively functions for removing the moisture and drying the food for decreasing the occurrence of spoilage. This commercial dehydrator has multi-level shelves that increase the flow of air during the dehydrating process. It does not let the essential nutrients of the food get vanish and also maintain the perfect flavor of the food.

There are so many useful features in the food dehydrator like rotary temperature control, simple button control operation that makes the drying of the food like fish, meat, fruits, and veggies quite easy. You get ten high capacity trays in it that provides you huge drying space. It reaches a maximum temperature of 155° F.


  • You can set the drying time according to your need in it
  • The slides out trays are quite easy to clean and wash
  • You can read the time and temperature easily on the LCD of the dehydrator
  • You can dry any food in it like jerky or fruits
  • It has outstanding heat circulation system for effective dehydration
  • There is no need for guidance for operating this appliance
  • It needs very less amount of space on the kitchen counter
  • The clear trays let you monitor the drying process easily


  • Few shelves may be very loose while inserting
  • It has no feature of temperature control
  • Trays are not dishwasher safe


While talking about the best commercial dehydrator in Canada, we can see that the huge differences between them are due to the drying times and capacity. If you are thinking to buy the food dehydrator for commercial purpose, you don’t want to invest your money in small dehydrators or the ones that take so much time for drying.

In the above article, we have thoroughly reviewed the three best commercial dehydrators that you can buy in Canada. All of them are incredible to use for commercial purpose. But in the end, your personal preference matters the most along with your needs and budget. So, have a close inspection on all these dehydrators once before making any final decision so that they can serve you for a long time.

Is there any other commercial dehydrator that you have bought in Canada, and you are using it besides the above list? How is your experience with it? Please let us know your experience, and you can also share this article with anybody who is looking for buying a commercial dehydrator.

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