Best Cut of Beef for Jerky

Preparing the beef jerky is quite easy, but still, there are few simple rules that you need to follow for ending up with the delicious recipe in the end. The cut of beef for jerky that you pick might create lots of difference. It can affect your final result too.

It is imperative that you keep some essential things in mind while selecting the best cut of beef for jerky. In the below article, we are going to share with you about the cuts of beef for jerky that are best and also tell you the reason why you should pick the particular cut.

So, let’s begin!

What are the different Types of Best Cut of Beef for Jerky?

As soon as you are sure that the entire above aspects are satisfactorily checked and get underway, you can go on to the category of cuts of beef for jerky that suits your need. The below are the different types of best cut of beef for jerky that you can use:

1. Bottom Round

Bottom Round is a quite splendid manner to cut your meat if you want to acquire a quite delicious jerky. Primarily, the weight originate in the higher area of the back leg offers you one of the finest jerky’s cut as there is no fat available.

However, it is a reasonable, thin, and full of taste. It is only the correct combination you require inside your beef cut to increase the fantastic flavor which originates with your desired jerky.

2. Top Round

There are some resemblances amongst Top Round cut of beef for jerky as well as the bottom round cut of beef. However, still, there are some exceptional features which accumulated to every single piece of them. The tenderness presented by such a cut is more than the bottom round cut of beef.

Slice from the muscle of the leg is the meat which you acquire from this cut of beef. It is thin, inexpensive, and quite tasty. Therefore, it would not concede on providing you with the finest taste of jerky which you desire to attain on the first occasion.

best cut of beef for jerky

3. Eye Round

Eye Round is possibly the most recognized cut of beef for jerky. The sensitivity of this cut can’t harmonized by any of the beef’s cut inside the Rounds segment of the beef. You shall certainly get the tender sensation once your jerky prepared for ingesting. We mostly love jerky prepared from this beef cut as these are quite tender at the time of chewing, and you will always want them more.

The small amount of fat inside the inner cut’s section does not eradicate the whole quality of this beef’s cut as it could successfully be removed before the usage. It is reasonable, slender, and might effortlessly cut in contradiction of the grain. No other type of cut can beat this category of cut of beef.

4. Flank Steak

Some of you who are extra specific about getting a tougher beef jerky will find this best cut of beef perfect. It located underneath the bottommost sirloin. It devises an incredible amount of fats which should be removed for getting a quite delicious hard jerky.

However, it is pretty costly if you compare it to the other cut of beef for jerky. But you shall relish the flavor once you cut the beef alongside the grain. It is slender and devises an enormous amount of taste.

5. Ground Meat

To get the effective outcomes while preparing the beef jerky with this kind of cut of beef, you should be sure that you are using the slenderest meat available in the market. It is quite significant to the overall flavor of the jerky. The finest aspect of this beef’s cut for jerky is the simplicity which derives while munching the concluding creation from it. It shall not influence your teeth while chewing the jerky which originates from this beef’s cut and you can get assured that the distinctive texture of this cut will make it noticeable from the standard beef cut.

What To Keep in Mind while Picking A Cut Of Beef For Jerky?

Jerky is, apparently, dried form of meat that you can stare at the average temperature. The right dehydrating process of the beef does not let the jerky to spoil. We have to consider the following essential things while picking any beef for preparing the jerky:

1) Leaner Meat

The best cuts of beef for jerky to are those cuts which comprise of least quantity of fat inside them. The meat which is leaner works better for cooking the beef jerky. The reason behind this is that while making the beef jerky, we are eliminating the moisture for keeping, storing and preserving the food at room temperatures.

As you know that fat comprises of lots of oils which cannot be dried out, thus they can reduce the jerky’s shelf life and ultimately go rancid. The entire types of beef cuts will possess specific content of fat, and that is why you should have to cut them away before cooking the beef for the jerky.

2) Fresher is the better

The usage of the meat which is hanging around in your home for some time or near to the date of expiry is sure out of the question. We are undoubtedly solitary dehydrating the meat not essentially cooking it thus you should try to pick the fresh meat as much as possible.

3) Purchasing sufficient meat

When you are already putting your effort into making the beef jerky, we will suggest using the reasonable quantity simultaneously. You need to think that as soon as the beef is dehydrated, you come across losing about 2/3rd of the total meat’s weight. You might also have to cut the extra fat from meat but keeping in mind that it does not get too small in quantity for serving.

4) Keep in mind the quality

In entire phases of any food and especially while buying the cuts of beef for jerky, you should keep in mind the quality more in comparison to the price aspect. It will every time repay in the end product.

What are the best Beef Conditions for the cut of beef for jerky?

When you know all those things that are important while buying the best cut of beef for jerky, now you can easily have the idea about the best cut of beef for jerky. You will surely agree with us that as soon as you might even deliberate about in what way you should cut your meat entirely, you have to be sure that the beef you are purchasing is also in a quite good condition. Therefore, you have to pay extreme and total consideration for this portion of your choice making.

The below are the best conditions for the cut of beef for jerky that you should keep in mind while buying the best cut of beef, but don’t forget that these conditions are not limited:

  • Certify that the beef meat that you are buying is not too old and also don’t have to reach the expiry date
  • Acquire the essential quantity of meat which shall be adequate and sufficient for jerky preparation.
  • You should check the meat by hand to see the fats and any additional aspects which are not suitable for jerky making.
  • Do not be in a dilemma to enquire the butcher for helping in cutting the meat to your preferred size and width.

Which is the best Knife for cutting the best cut of Beef for jerky?

One more quite essential thing to keep in mind while picking your cut of beef for the jerky is the usage of the recommended knife. The role of the knife is critical if you are going to cut the beef on your own instead of help from the butcher.

To get the best cut of beef for jerky, you would need a truly refined and thin knife edge that will do the magic flawlessly without conceding over the general quality of the beef. The right cut of meat also affects the flavor of the jerky which derives from such kind of cut. Holding the knife should be done sensibly too.

How to Slice the Best cut of beef for Jerky?

There are two methods to slice the best cut of beef for Jerky, i.e., against the grain as well as with the grain. But if you ask that which one is perfect among them then, there is no ideal answer to this question. It only depends on the personal preference of the person making jerky.

Cutting with the grain shall result in the jerky which grips composed marginally better in comparison to the cut against the grain; however, it shall be little harder to chew.  Alongside or against the grain shall result in the softer jerky which tends to crumble dependent on the type of meat’s cut that sed. It is your choice that you cut the meat against the grain or with the grain.

If you pick to cut with the grain then, you should use a meat hammer for breaking and smashing the meat slightly might benefit in chewing along with good consistency.

How Much thick should be the best cut of beef for Jerky?

The adequate thickness of the beef for jerky is 1/4th of an inch for slicing.  It is considered sufficient to grip together at the time of the drying procedure. However, it is not too much thick and easily gets dried in a sufficient period.  You might request your butcher to cut the meat for you while buying.

The thickness of ¼ inches is perfect for slicing. But, if you are cutting the beef for jerky yourself then, buy a sharp ceramic knife that will provide you clean uniform cuts with quite less amount of effort.

Final word!

There are different types of best cut of beef for jerky. It is entirely your personal choice and needs that which kind of cut you want to pick for your jerky.

In the above article, we have provided you with all the relevant info that required for finding the best cut of beef for jerky. Moreover, we have also shared with you some other useful info that helps you in getting the best cut of beef easily for the jerky.

Before making the beef jerky, try to get the best category of the meat along with the useful and sharp knife. You should also know the different types of cut of beef for jerky that perfectly matches your needs. It will surely help your ending outcome of the recipe.

Is there anything that still hitting your mind about the best cut of beef for jerky? Then, please let us know in the below comment box.

Don’t forget to leave your questions and comments, if you have any. We are eager to assist you in getting the very best cut of beef for jerky.

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