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Dehydrating jerky in the dehydrator might seem an easy job for a few people, but some of them might need some assistance in doing it. The best dehydrator jerky book is one of the easy ways that not only make the jerky making process simpler but also makes your doubts clear about different recipes.

The dehydrator jerky book provides you ultimate and delicious recipes of the jerky that you can serve to your family and friends on any occasion. These books provide you complete info about dehydrating, the tools required for drying and the ingredients necessary for making jerky recipe.

In the below article, we are going to list the seven best dehydrator jerky book that offers you complete assistance and reliability while cooking jerky. We will provide you brief descriptions of all the books so that you can discover which jerky dehydrator book is suitable for your requirement and budget.

List of 7 Best Dehydrator Jerky Book

Below are the seven best dehydrator jerky books that we have selected after doing an extensive study:

1.  Just Jerky: The Complete Guide to Making It

01_Just Jerky-The Complete Guide to Making It

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Jerky is one of the healthy and most popular snacking today, and this dehydrator book also comprises of lots of delicious recipes of jerky for bikers, hikers and campers. You can easily dehydrate jerky of beef, fish, and venison at your home with the help of this cookbook that is written by Mary Bell. You can cook numerous recipes of the jerky with the help of this book on any occasion.

It also teaches the basics for creating a simple teriyaki dressing and numerous easy recipes for outlandish jerky delights like “Chicken Tandoori”, “Bloody Mary”, “Cajun and Honeyed Salmon Jerky” and “Mole”. You will also find out the delicacies of food preparation with every possible category of jerky. All the info given in the book is clear, comprehensive, easy-to-apply and practical. Moreover, the writer has also provided the Nutritional information of all the recipes. This cookbook is also helpful for the beginners who are new to the dehydration of jerky.

2. The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Drying Food

02_The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook-The Complete Guide to Drying Food

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The next dehydrator jerky book is the “The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook” that includes around 400 recipes in it. These recipes consist of making jerky, water meals and fruit leather. The main focus of this book is on the meat and jerky recipes. So, if you are vegetarian then, don’t go for this book. There are individual recipes of drying fruits, berries, veggies, herbs, flowers, and greens in it. The authors of this jerky book are Tammy Gangloff, Steven Gangloff, and September Ferguson.

Besides the jerky recipes, it also guides you on how to pick the right dehydrator for jerky and also about the ways you can rehydrate the dried food. You can find out the step by step instruction, dehydrating time and temperature about all the jerky recipes in it. Once you get through this book, you will find it very easy to cook your jerky at home in your dehydrator. An entire book’s chapter discuss the ingredients that make the meals more delicious.

3. Dehydrating at Home: Getting the Best from Your Dehydrator, from Fruit Leather to Meat Jerkies

03_Dehydrating at Home- Getting the Best from Your Dehydrator, from Fruit Leather to Meat Jerkies

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This dehydrator jerky book was written by Michelle Keogh and Karielyn Tillman. It comprises of the recipes including beef jerky, flatbreads, crackers, fruit roll up, herbs and seasonings. You can quickly prepare the meat jerky with the help of this book. It also discloses about the dried mirepoix that you can use while making jerky soup. It not only saves your time but also adds more flavor to the jerky recipes.

Moreover, it is a useful guide that helps in transforming the fresh jerky meat into a food store of nourishing miracles with a longer shelf life. It takes book lovers all over the whole procedure for every dehydrating with tasty recipes of jerky and easy tips and hints. All the instructions are given step by step for the reader’s convenience so that the drying results come out perfect every time. It also provides your inventive flavor mixtures for making delicious dehydrated jerky delicacies. There are seven chapters in the book in which one chapter talks about the jerky only. This chapter has easy recipes for poultry, meat, fish jerky, Teriyaki Beef, Classic Beef, Turkey, Chinese pork and smoked salmon.

4. Food Drying with an Attitude: A Fun and Fabulous Guide to Creating Snacks, Meals, and Crafts

04_Food Drying with an Attitude- A Fun and Fabulous Guide to Creating Snacks, Meals, and Crafts

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The author of this dehydrator jerky book is Mary T. Bell who has provided recipes for all the people like vegetarians, non-vegetarians, hunters, food junkies, hikers or jerky lovers. The author has 30 years of experience in food dehydration. All the instructions regarding the traditional jerky making in the book are practical and straightforward.

The book also offers nutritional tips and also highlights the temperature and time required for drying jerky for a particular recipe. The recipes and instructions about the jerky inspire the food lovers for preparing healthy and delicious snacks for their family and friends. Besides the jerky recipes, you also get yogurt, blue cheese, sauerkraut, bananas and mushrooms drying recipes that you can prepare in the food dehydrator.

5. Dried & True: The Magic of Your Dehydrator in 80 Delicious Recipes and Inspiring Techniques

05_Dried & True- The Magic of Your Dehydrator in 80 Delicious Recipes and Inspiring Techniques

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This dehydrator jerky book is written by Sara Dickerman that includes 80 delicious recipes as well as the motivating techniques of drying jerky. You can create who-knew treats of all types of jerky, veggies crisps, fruit leathers and flavored powder with it that increases the vivacity in your recipe. You can add the dried jerky in other recipes afterward.

The best part about this jerky book is that the ingredients used in the jerky recipe are readily available at any grocery shop. Moreover, the book is well organized and includes the recipes of jerky along with the section of other types of foods also. The notes provided by the author below the recipes are also very helpful. There are hyperlinked recipe index and table of contents that you can use in case of any help. The images in the jerky recipes are bright, high resolution and colorful. The drying temperature for making jerky also given in Celsius and Fahrenheit both.

6. Beef Jerky Recipes: A Beef Jerky Cookbook: How To Make Beef Jerky Using Your Food Dehydrator

06_Beef Jerky Recipes- A Beef Jerky Cookbook How To Make Beef Jerky Using Your Food Dehydrator

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It is a complete cookbook for jerky that is written by the Bill Bradley. There are lots of useful and valuable tips and info in this dehydrator book like the best dehydrator for jerky, marinades for beef jerky, cutting and preparing the beef jerky size strips, storing your homemade beef jerky, low sodium beef jerky options, a homemade beef jerky for dogs recipe and beef jerky recipes. All the recipes use 1.5 pounds to 2 pounds of pre-packaged amounts of beef that you get quickly from the market.

It is entirely different dehydrator jerky book in comparison to the other jerky books. In this book, the beef used for making jerky is readily available, and also the amount of beef used is also after keeping in mind the need of common people. All the recipes made with the help of the food dehydrator that is easy to use by every person. You can easily follow all the instructional steps for making jerky. Soon after using this book, you will become so expert that you start using your spices and flavors for making some delicious jerky recipes. There are outstanding tricks and tips provided in the book for the expert as well as the professional jerky maker.

7. The Beginner’s Guide to Making and Using Dried Foods

07_The Beginner's Guide to Making and Using Dried Foods

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With the help of this dehydrator jerky book you can relish the fresh jerky all over the year. The author of the book is Teresa Marrone who has given easy step-by-step guidelines along with the basics that are required for drying and storing jerky. There are more than 140 dehydrated-food recipes in the book including veggie chips, beef jerky, casseroles and also the baby purées. You will be astonished at the range of delicious and healthy recipes of the dried jerky its offers.

The book comprises of almost all the things that can be dehydrated including jerky. It also provides you info about building your food dryer at home. You can preserve the fresh jerky with the dehydrator by using this book efficiently at home.


After going through all the above seven best dehydrator jerky books, we only want to highlight that drying jerky is quite easy in comparison to the other types of food preservation. You need a good dehydrator jerky book for that. Some manufacturers provide a cookbook along with the dehydrator. So, you can also make use of that book too.

But, all the above reviewed jerky books are more detailed and helpful. They provide a more systematic way of instructions for cooking yummy recipes of dried jerky at your home. Moreover, there are useful tips, features, and guidelines in all the books that make the drying process of jerky stress-free for you.

Is there any dehydrator jerky book that you have picked from the above list? Or do you already have any jerky book at your home? Is it mentioned in the article? Do let us know in the below comment box.


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