Best Food Dehydrator in Canada

Today buying food dehydrator is become a necessity for lots of families who believe in eating healthy food. The food dried in the food dehydrators are not only long lasting but also does not contain any preservatives or chemicals in them. So, instead of buying expensive dehydrated foods from the market, you should buy the best food dehydrator in Canada for making your healthy recipes.

In the below article, we will share with you the list of 5 best food dehydrators that you can buy in Canada along with their brief reviews. All the food dehydrators that we have selected in the list are picked on the basis of their price, features, effectiveness and also after keeping in mind the buyer’s pit of view.

So, let’s have a look!

Comparison Chart of Best Food Dehydrator in Canada

Below is the comparison chart of the five best food dehydrator that you can purchase in Canada that will provide you a glimpse of all the products before reading the reviews:

Serial NoProduct NameWattage (W)Number of TraysTemperatureDrying Time
1Nesco FD-75A 600-Watt Food Dehydrator600W595-to-160 -Degree FVary with amount and type of food
2Hamilton-Beach 32100C Food Dehydrator500W5100-to-160 -Degree FNA
3Excalibur 3900B 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator600W9 poly screen105-to-165 -Degree FDigital timer-upto 26 hour
4Salton DH1454 Collapsible DehydratorNA5NA4-8 hours

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Reviews of Best Food Dehydrator in Canada

The following are the reviews of 5 best food dehydrators that we are providing after doing extensive research and study:

1. Nesco FD-75A 600-Watt Food Dehydrator

Nesco FD-75A 600-Watt Food Dehydrator
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It is a five-tray food dehydrator that dehydrates your food quickly in a few hours. It runs on the power of 600 watt that provides maximum power for drying food. Its top mounted fan helps in rotating the heat evenly on all trays of the machine without mixing the flavors of the food. You can adjust its temperature easily between the ranges of 90 degrees F to 160 degrees F according to the type of food you want to dehydrate. There is no need to do the rotation of the trays while drying foods in the machine.

The best part about this food dehydrator is that it has an opaque exterior that stops the harmful lights from entering the machine. You get one recipe book, two mesh sheets, two solid sheets and three packets of jerky spice with the product. The unit is expandable up to 12 trays with the optional Add-A-Trays.


  • All the controls of the machine are simple and easy to use
  • The system of coverage flow helps in improving the drying times
  • The feature of adjustable thermostat lets you dehydrate different foods at the right temperature
  • The opaque vita-save exterior helps in blocking the harmful light which can spoil the food’s nutritional content
  • There is no need to rotate the trays while drying foods in it
  • It does not create much noise while functioning


  • You will not get any timer and power button in it
  • Its power of drying is not effective
  • The trays might warp during the exposure to high temperature

2. Hamilton-Beach 32100C Food Dehydrator

Hamilton-Beach 32100C Food Dehydrator
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The Hamilton-beach 32100C is one more incredible food dehydrator in our list that comes with five stackable trays. It possesses drying power of 500 watts which is adequate for dehydrating any type of food. Moreover, the manufacturing company also offer five years limited period warranty along with the product to the buyer. You can adjust the temperature of the machine between 100 degrees F to 160 degrees F with the help of digital thermostat.

There is a 48 hours timer in the dehydrator that comes with the feature of automatic shut off. The constant flow of air offers uniform drying of the foods, and you don’t have to rotate trays during the process of drying also. It helps you in preparing the healthy recipes of fruits, jerky and veggies without adding any preservatives or chemicals. You get one fine mesh sheet for dehydrating small size foods like herbs and one solid sheet for preparing fruit rolls. With the help of its clear lid, you can check the progress of your food quickly.


  • It is quite easy to clean and use
  • It is a small size food dehydrator that easily gets fit in the small kitchen
  • You get excellent features like timer automatic shut off that makes the drying job much easier
  • With the help of the digital thermostat, you can select the correct temperature for drying foods
  • You get more drying space due to the square shape
  • You can dehydrate delicate foods like herbs in it with the help of fine mesh sheet
  • It is very easy to make fruit rolls in it with the solid sheet


  • The heat is not distributed evenly on all trays
  • The fan makes lots of noise while drying food
  • It is not a BPA free food dehydrator

3. Excalibur 3900B 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 3900B 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator
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The Excalibur 3900B food dehydrator has an inbuilt ON/OFF switch as well as adjustable thermostat whose temperature ranges from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can safely dehydrate jerky meat in it also. The components like a heating element, 7-inch fan and adjustable thermostat located at the unit’s backside for uniform distribution of the air over all the trays.

The Hyperwave Technology and Horizontal Parallexx Airflow help the machine in drying faster along with the retaining of more nutrients. There is no need to rotate trays in the machine during the drying process. It has nine easy to clean poly-screen trays that offer drying space of 15 square feet for foods. It runs on the wattage power of 600 watts.


  • The fan and the heating element in the back side provide an even and stable flow of air
  • You can place different kinds of foods in its different trays for drying
  • You get ten years limited period warranty along with the machine
  • You get lots of space for drying in it
  • The foods do not fall on the other foods due to the meshed trays
  • ​​You can quickly clean and remove the trays


  • It creates lots of noise while drying food
  • There is no timer in it
  • You cannot expand its drying space by adding more trays
  • ​It needs lots of space in the kitchen

4. Salton DH1454 Collapsible Food Dehydrator

Salton DH1454 Collapsible Dehydrator
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In this food dehydrator, you get the feature of adjustable temperature control for drying several kinds of foods at the right temperature. There are five stackable trays in the machine for drying. It can expand 30% for the foods that have thicker constancy. It does fast drying between the periods of 4 hours to 8 hours without using the adjustable thermostat feature. It gets disassembles easily, and you can wash it’s all removable components in the dishwasher too.

The best part about this food dehydrator is that it is a BPA free product that does not produce harmful chemicals while drying food at high temperature. You get one herb tray, recipe booklet, instruction booklet, and one fruit roll-up tray along with the product. The powerful fan and motor move the air for uniform drying without the need for tray rotation. With the help of the transparent trays, you can check the status of the foods that you can dehydrate in it.


  • Due to exceptional temperature control, this machine dehydrate the foods quite quickly in very less time
  • You get one herb trays and one roll-up fruit trays along with it
  • It comes in the compact size so that you can easily fit the unit on your kitchen counter
  • The controls are easy to use for the beginners like temperature dial and ON/OFF switch
  • Five collapsible trays in it can arrange one way to reduce space
  • It has an entirely modern and clean design that enhances the overall look of your kitchen


  • You cannot purchase the replacement trays
  • The trays manufactured from the fragile plastic material that gets break easily
  • It creates lots of noise while drying food

5. UniDargon Electric Food Dehydrator

UniDargon Electric Food Dehydrator
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It has a digital display that comprises of an adjustable thermostat of 35 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius and a 72-hour timer. It dried out the food evenly from all sides with the help of superior flow of air that provides good flavor to the food as well. It removes the moisture out from the food without the loss of flavor.  You can make natural, healthy snacks in it like fruit roll-ups, kale chips, and beef jerky.

Thirty-five degrees Celsius is a default temperature setting and 8 hours is the default working time of the machine. But you can adjust the temperature and time as per your need. It is made from food-grade ABS plastic material so that you can dry out your food in the healthiest way. All the controls of the machine are easy to use and operate. The machine gets off as soon as your drying process gets over. The main highlight of this food dehydrator is that you get a lifetime warranty with it.


  • It is easy to operate and use
  • There is a 72-hour timer in it for the user’s convenience
  • You can take help from the instruction menu for knowing the correct drying times
  • You get a lifetime warranty period along with it
  • You can adjust its temperature according to the type of food that wants to dehydrate


  • You might have some burning smell after drying process
  • The motor of the dehydrator makes lots of noise
  • The instruction booklet does not show the right drying temperature required for drying different foods


Food dehydrators not only help you in drying your food but also benefits in holding all the essential nutrients and minerals inside the food. There are so many different types of food dehydrators in the market that you can find today. But it is you who have to decide which food dehydrators you need and why.

In the above article, we have reviewed the five best food dehydrators of Canada along with their pros and cons. All of them are incredible to buy. But we know there is only one food dehydrator that has won your heart.

So, make your decision wisely about buying the food dehydrator after keeping in mind your needs, budget, and requirements. A right food dehydrator can make a big difference for your pocket too. Your right investment will provide you the perks of the dehydrated food for the lifetime.

So, it’s winding up time of our article. Please let us know which food dehydrator from above list you pick and why. You can also share your kind thoughts on the above info in the below comment box too.

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