Best Jerky Guns Reviews

Are you searching for the best jerky gun to make a delicious jerky product? Well! Then you have landed in the right place. By using a jerky gun only, you can prepare some yummy jerky recipes.

You just have to fill these guns with the mixture of the meat and piped on top of the dehydrating trays or shelves. There are so many diverse types of jerky guns which you can find on the market, but it becomes tough to choose the best jerky gun from among them.

Comparison Chart of Best Jerky Gun

Do you want to buy the best jerky gun? Then don’t worry! We have got some good lists for you that are gathered after thorough research and study.

Serial NoProduct NameCapacity in lbsMaterial TypeProduct Dimension
Product Weight
1SIGVAL Jerky Gun2.4 Aluminium16 x 11.1 x 3 inches2.4• Aluminum Barrel
• Easy to Clean
• Handle
• Stainless Steel Nozzles
2Beef Jerky Gun 2.7lb Capacity Pistol Maker2.7 Barrel: Anodized alluminum
Nozzles: Stainless steel
17.3 x 10.8 x 3 in3.4• Two stainless steel attachments, round and flat
• Double Capacity
• Cleaning Brush
3Weston Original Jerky Gun1-1/2 Tube: Aluminium21 x 2.8 x 7.2 in1.8• 2-Piece cleaning brush set
• Stainless steel double snack stick and jerky strip
4LEM Products Jerky Cannon1-1/2 Barrel: Anodized aluminum
Piston: Heavy duty plastic with a stainless steel rod
19.6 x 8.4 x 2.9 in4.2• Two stainless steel nozzles (1 3/16" x 1 3/16" flat jerky nozzle and 1/2" ID round snack stick nozzle)
• Easy to clean with Nylon brush
5CHARD – 9” Jerky Gun – JG91 Frame: Die Cast Metal13.5 x 2.8 x 8.2 in1.6• 3 Stainless Steel Attachments: Strips, Double Strips or Sticks
• Easy to clean
6Nesco BJX-5 Jumbo Jerky Works Kit1 Stainless-steel11.5 x 3 x 6.2 in1.2• Three attachments to make jerky strips, sticks or double strips
7Weston Original Jerky Gun Jr.1 Tube: Plastic7.5 x 2.8 x 15.5 in2.4• 2-piece cleaning brush set
• Two plastic jerky attachments: Double jerky strip and double snack stick
8Sportsman MJG15 15-Inch Jerky GunNACylinder: Plastic22.5 x 3 x 9 in1.9• Two nozzle: One round for making jerky sticks and one flat for making jerky strips
• Cylinder: 15 inch
9Oster Beef Jerky Kit White FPSTDHAC011 NA3.3 x 11.7 x 7.3 in1.4• Includes three extruding tips for different size jerky strips
• Easy to use
10Presto Jerky Gun and Seasoning1 NA11.5 x 3.2 x 11.8 in1.4• Three interchangeable nozzles (wide strips, dual strips, and round sticks)
• Five packets of Classic jerky seasonings
• Safe Dishwasher
11LEM Products Jerky Gun3/4 NA14.4 x 9.6 x 2.8 in2.2• Includes two nozzles: 1/2" round nozzle and 1 3/16" x 3/16" flat nozzle
• Heavy duty drive system

Thus, to help you with this task, we are presenting you the reviews of the top ten best jerky guns for your consideration. We will give you some valuable information along with the features of the products so that you can make a wise decision in the end.

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But first of all, let’s make you familiar with what exactly the jerky gun is?

What Is a Jerky Gun?

A jerky gun is small size handheld kitchen equipment that helps you in making thin strips or round sticks from the available raw ground meat. Then, you can dehydrate these thin raw meat strips as well as stick into the jerky by the use of a food dehydrator.

These jerky guns cut the jerky meat into the strips size thickness of 1/8 – 1/4 inches and 1-inch wideness.

What Are the Different Parts of a Jerky Gun?

A jerky gun is somewhat similar to a sealing gun in the looks, equipment parts, size, and the method of use. This equipment mainly comprises of 4 main parts which are as follows:

  • A press button or a stomper which is primarily used for pushing the raw ground meat in the direction of the extrusion end of the pipe. It benefits in removing the air pockets inside the tube.
  • Of course, a tube or container in which you load the raw ground meat.
  • Outlets that attach to the end side of the tube. It creates thin strips or curved stick contours when you put the raw meat inside.
  • A handle or a trigger that is dejected to generate force for pushing the raw meat towards the end of the jerky gun’s tube.

We know that searching the best jerky gun is undeniably time-consuming as well as tiresome that’s why we did this hard work for you. You can check out the list of best jerky guns given below:

Reviews of Best Jerky Gun:

1) SIGVAL Jerky Gun – Overall Best Jerky Gun

SIGVAL Jerky Gun
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SIGVAL is a new company that has entered the race of jerky guns. It comes with the three stainless steel nozzles comprising one flat, one round, and one dual flat. People who love to eat meaty strips of the jerky should consider buying this product.

There is no problem of leakage at the time of extrusion procedure as the anodized aluminum container fixes firmly to its durable end caps. The air-release outlets inside the seal make the aluminum jerky gun perfect for compression.

It is a highly versatile unit with which you can prepare crackers, tortellini, or ravioli. The manufacturing company offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this product. It means you can return the product if you are not satisfied with it.

If you are looking for a commercial quality jerky gun, then probably this is the one which standout on the list.


The following are the features of SIGVAL Jerky Gun:

  • It is a complete kit of jerky gun that comes with two precise cleaners and three stainless steel nozzles that helps in preparing the jerky snacks.
  • There are a smooth pump handle and the retractable plunger in the gun that let your kids use it easily
  • You will not face any issue of shooter falling apart
  • It offers you premium durability for long term usage
  • You can clean it easily by detaching the caps and the double brushes set
  • Its attachments made from a stainless steel material that is dishwasher safe
  • You can return the product anytime, if not satisfied

2) JerkySpot Beef jerky shooter 2.7lb Capacity Pistol Maker Easy Clean Aluminum Cannon Beef Stick Attachment & Flat Strip Shooters

Beef Jerky Gun 2.7lb Capacity Pistol Maker
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With JerkySpot beef jerky gun, you can easily make the jerky strips with this product by including some healthy ingredients in the mixture. It is manufactured from the heavy-duty material that makes the equipment robust and strong.

It is also dream equipment for several jerky makers. You just have to load it up with the mixture and squeeze the trigger over the trays of the dehydrator. The manufacturing company has also provided an additional cleaning brush that helps you in keeping the equipment clean. This is one of the best jerky guns for the money.


The following are the features of the Judge jerky gun by JerkySpot:

  • It comprises of the sturdy and rust-resistant anodized aluminum tube and stainless steel nozzles which make the product durable for the longer period.
  • It is perfect for all kinds of meat handling by a hunter, housewife, farmer, or a town chef.
  • It has the double capacity for loading the meat as compared to the other branded jerky guns which mean that your lot of time will be saved which you might have to spend in filling the guns.
  • You can make a variety of jerky sticks in this equipment as it comes with the two stainless steel attachments i.e. round as well as flat.
  • It is very easy and stresses free to clean this jerky pistol as you just have to unscrew the nozzle and trigger and start the cleaning process.
  • An additional long cleaning brush is also given along with the gun for making the cleaning of the barrel easy.
  • It comes with the guarantee by JerkySpot that states that if you find any issue while using the product, you can only return it.

3) Weston Original Jerky Gun

Weston Original Jerky Gun
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The next name on our list is of Weston Original Jerky​​ Gun which helps in making homemade jerky and snack sticks in a very fast and easy way. It comes with the sausage pipe, jerky dust finest seasoning, stomper for quick filling, two pieces cleaning brush set, two attachments, stainless steel double snack stick, and stainless steel double jerky strip.

You can now make high protein and low-calorie appetizers at home with this jerky blaster. It is the best equipment for road trips, trekking, camp out, etc. It also has an aluminum tube which grasps up to 1 to 1/2 lbs. of raw meat. The main benefit of buying this product is that its components are dishwasher safe.


The following are the features of the Weston Original Jerky Gun:

  • With the help of Weston Original Jerky Gun, you can prepare high protein and low-calorie snacks at home in a very little span of time.
  • The pipe of the jerky gun is made up of the aluminum material which makes the product durable and strong.
  • The tube of the gun can grasp up to 1 to 1/2 lbs. of raw meat.
  • It comes with the trigger which is very easy to squeeze for making the jerky strips.
  • All the components of the jerky gun are dishwasher safe.

4) LEM Products Jerky Cannon

LEM Products Jerky Cannon
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The LEM Products 468 Original Jerky Cannon is one of the best products for all the jerky lovers. It is very easy to clean and use. The equipment can hold a large quantity of 1-1/2 pounds of meat. You can make flat jerky or the round snack sticks in it by just pushing the trigger.

It features an anodized aluminum tube that is spread at both ends for making the loading meat and injecting the piston stress-free. The manufacturers of the jerky maker gun have also given the nylon brush so that you can clean the barrel dust. It also comes with full instructions that help you in making the best use of the equipment.


The following are the features of the LEM Products Jerky Cannon:

  • It consists of 2 stainless steel nozzles of sizes 3/16″ x 1 3/16″ flat jerky nozzle as well as 1/2″ ID round snack stick nozzle.
  • You also get two bags of seasoning; full instructions and a nylon brush along with this best price jerky gun.
  • The piston of the jerky gun is made up of heavy-duty plastic in consort with a stainless steel rod.
  • The handles of the gun are made up of the steel material which is coated with the plastic for more consistency.
  • You can fill a good amount of 1 1/2 pounds of raw meat in the gun.
  • It has an anodized aluminum barrel which is built to last for a longer period.

5) CHARD – 9″ Jerky Gun – JG9

CHARD – 9” Jerky Gun – JG9
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If you want to convert your reaped hamburger into the jerky meat with a few fast twitches of the trigger, then you must buy the CHARD 9” Jerky Gun JG9 assuredly. It has a semi-transparent compartment that offers comfortable inspecting of the progress.

The jerky gun can hold more than 1 lb. of meat. The top shelf of the gun is dishwasher safe. The metal casing of the equipment is manufactured to last longer, and you can fully disassemble it for stress-free clean-up. The long size handle of the gun provides additional power, and the coil-loaded trigger offers smooth and easy supply.


The following are the features of the Chard 9” Jerky Gun:

  • The frame of the jerky gun is made up of die-cast metal material.
  • It also has a spring-encumbered ratchet cam trigger.
  • The handle of the gun has an even pulling ergonomic.
  • It comes with the three stainless steel attachments i.e. strip, sticks, and double Strips.
  • You can disassemble it completely for easy cleanup.

6) Nesco BJX-5 Jumbo Jerky Works Kit

Nesco BJX-5 Jumbo Jerky Works Kit
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The Nesco BJX-5 Jumbo Jerky Works Kit lets you prepare yummy jerky in less than four hours’ time. These tasty appetizers are perfect for healthy eaters who want to eat low-calorie food.

This big size jerky gun comes with a ratchet bar, stainless steel trigger, and transparent meat compartment which can hold around 1 pound of raw meat which yields around 1/2 pound of jerky after drying out. There are three attachments given for making the jerky strips, sticks or double strips. You also get five original flavor jerky spices as well as cure packs along with the jerky gun.


The following are the features of Nesco BJX-5 Jumbo Jerky Works Kit:

  • It is a big size jerky gun which is optimum for serving the large families and gatherings.
  • The trigger of the gun is made up of stainless-steel robust material.
  • The ratchet bar of the gun helps in making the delicious home-made jerky.
  • It comes with a transparent meat chamber in which you can fill 1 pound of raw meat.
  • You can make any jerky in it i.e. whether turkey jerky, beef jerky, or venison jerky.
  • It comes with the pack of 3 attachments and ten packets of jerky seasoning i.e. five jerky spice and five cure packs.

7) Weston Original Jerky Gun Jr

Weston Original Jerky Gun Jr.
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You can easily make delicious homemade jerky as well as snack sticks with the help of this Weston Original Jerky Gun in a fast and easy way. This equipment consists of sausage pipe, 2-pieces of cleaning brush set, stomper for rapid filling, dual jerky strip, two plastic jerky accessories, and double snack stick. It helps you in making high protein and low-calorie appetizers at home. The Weston Original Jerky Gun Jr. comprises a plastic tube which can grasp up to 1 lb. of raw meat. The main advantage of this jerky gun is that its components are dishwasher safe.


The following are the features of the Weston Original Jerky Gun:

  • It helps you in making a low-calorie snacks in a very short time.
  • The plastic pipe of the jerky gun can hold up to 1 lb. of raw meat.
  • The trigger of the jerky gun can be easily squeezed for making jerky strips.
  • You can easily take it with you on long drives, journeys, and trips.
  • All the components of the jerky gun are dishwasher safe.

8) Sportsman MJG15 15-Inch Jerky Gun

Sportsman MJG15 15-Inch Jerky Gun
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The following name on our list is the Sportsman MJG15 15-Inch Jerky Gun which makes jerky strips and the round sticks from the fish, turkey, steak, ground beef, or chicken. You can add any spices or seasonings to make every single recipe more delicious. This Jerky Gun originates with two nozzles i.e. 1 round for preparing jerky sticks and one flat for creating jerky strips. You can select the nozzle and fill the 15-inch plastic tube with the fresh ground meat. The handle of the jerky gun is made up of the heavy-duty aluminum material for more convenience of the user.


The following are the features of Sportsman MJG15 15-Inch Jerky Gun:

  • For turkey, fish, ground beef, steak, and venison jerky strips and round sticks
  • Dry in a dehydrator or oven to make your homemade tasty jerky
  • 15 inch a plastic cylinder, heavy-duty aluminum frame and handle
  • Includes 1-1/2 inch round nozzle and 1-13/16 inch Flat nozzle

9) Oster Beef Jerky Kit White FPSTDHAC01

Oster Beef Jerky Kit White FPSTDHAC01
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You can make yummy jerky at your home with the Oster Beef Jerky Kit White FPSTDHAC01. This jerky gun is impeccable for outdoorsmen who want to prepare jerky at home. This equipment can grasp up to 1 pound of meat. After buying this product, you can save your lot of money which you might have to spend on buying the jerky strips from the market. You can also customize the meat strips with this gun in the way you like.


The following are the features of the Oster Beef Jerky Kit White FPSTDHAC01:

  • This jerky gun helps you in making jerky at your home with effortlessness.
  • It can hold an ample amount of raw meat in it i.e. 1 pound.
  • You can make jerky strips with the help of the large size trigger.
  • It comes with the three extruding tips for the diverse size of the jerky strips.
  • The manufacturer of the jerky gun offers five beef jerky seasoning as well as preservation packets.
  • It has the user-friendly beef jerky press that makes the entire process simple.
  • There are complete instructions given for the use of the equipment.

10) Presto Jerky Gun and Seasoning

Presto Jerky Gun and Seasoning
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The Presto Jerky Gun and Seasoning makes great homemade jerky from the Venison, beef, and other meats. It comes with the three compatible nozzles i.e. dual strips, wide strips, and round sticks. This equipment is ample in size, and you can quickly load in its chamber that has a stainless steel rod. The jerky gun can grasp 1 pound of seasoned ground meat quickly. You also get five packs of classic jerky seasoning with the product.


The following are the features of the Presto Jerky Gun and Seasoning:

  • It comes with the three packets of the Seasonings.
  • The components of the jerky gun are dishwasher safe.
  • You can prepare amazing homemade jerky with the gun from any meat.
  • It comes with the three substitutable nozzles which quickly make your desired jerky sticks or strips.
  • The buyer also gets five packets of classic jerky seasonings along with the product.

11) LEM Products 555 Jerky Gun

LEM Products Jerky Gun
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The last and final name on our list is of LEM Products 555 Jerky Gun which offers high performance. The durable drive structure of the Jerky Gun holds the raw meat like a charm. You just have to load the container of the Jerky Gun with thin and seasoned raw meat and then discharge the flat shreds of jerky or round snack sticks. The barrel of the jerky gun can hold up to 3/4 pounds of meat. As soon as the strips come out, you can dry them in your food dehydrator.


The following are the features of the LEM Products 555 Jerky Gun:

  • You can make flat strips of jerky and the round snack sticks of jerky with this jerky gun.
  • It has a heavy-duty construction that can work for several years.
  • It can hold around 3/4 pounds of meat inside the pipe.
  • The jerky gun comes with the two nozzles i.e. 1/2″ round nozzle and 1 3/16″ x 3/16″ flat nozzle.
  • A packet of backwoods jerky seasoning is also given for making four pounds of meat.
  • You will get complete instructions along with the jerky gun while buying.

Why Should You Use a Jerky Gun?

The above question comes in mind of every person who is not familiar with the jerky gun. Well! A jerky gun is a very useful gadget that makes the process of jerky making into a fun activity. The other name of Jerky guns is jerky shooters.

The following are the few reasons which will answer your question in a better way:

  • The jerky gun is fantastic labor-saving equipment which not only saves your precious time but also lets you do more creativity in the recipes.
  • Using a jerky gun is far much easier than the traditional jerky making process which involves a very long method including meat slicing, tenderizing, seasoning, marinating and drying.
  • With the jerky gun, you get a perfect shape of your meat in equal sizes in a very little span of time.
  • You can use your creativity while slicing the meat from the jerky gun.
  • One of the main benefits of the jerky gun is you can use any tough meat in it.
  • There is very little wastage of meat while using the jerky gun as compared to the traditional method of cutting.
  • You can grind different meats together for interesting flavor combinations.
  • You get higher yielding finished product while suing the jerky gun.
  • It is very easy to store the jerky gun strips inside the vacuum-seal bags due to their regular shape. The packets also take very little space for storing also.
  • With the jerky gun, you get jerky strips quickly for drying in a food dehydrator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is It Necessary to Buy a Jerky Gun for Making Jerky Strips?

It is not mandatory that you buy a jerky gun. But, if you buy this product, it will save you lots of time in the entire process of jerky making.

Q: Does Any Company Offer Jerky Gun with a Food Dehydrator?

Till now, there is no company of food dehydrator that provides the jerky gun along with their product. You have to buy this product additionally from the market.

Q: At What Price the Jerky Gun Is Available in the Market?

The price of the jerky gun varies with the model. But, we can assure you that buying this product will not be a burden on your pocket.

Q: How Will I Clean the Jerky Gun?

It is very easy to clean the jerky gun. Some of the products come with a cleaning brush also that aid in easy clean. The components of a few jerky gun models are dishwasher safe which makes them very easy to wash and clean.

Q: Does the Jerky Gun Come in the Plastic Material?

Well! It is not true that the jerky gun is viable in plastic material. These products also come in stainless steel material. Thus, it will be advisable for you to buy the jerky gun only after properly verifying the product features.

Q: How Much Quantity of Meat Can the Jerky Gun Hold?

The jerky gun holds around 1 lb – 2 lbs of meat. This range might vary from model to model.

Q: Does the Jerky Gun Runs with the Electric Power?

No, this gadget does not run with power. It is a handheld device that just makes the jerky strips.

Q: Is It Possible to Disassemble the Jerky Gun Parts?

Yes, of course, you can remove the parts of the jerky gun for cleaning. But this feature is available in very few models.

Q: Do All the Parts of the Jerky Gun Covered Under Warranty Period?

Yes, all the parts can replace it does not work correctly and also if they come during the term of the warranty.

Q: Which Extra Things Do We Get with the Jerky Gun?

Some of the manufacturers offer free seasoning packets and spices along with the product which adds up more to the taste of the jerky.


If you are a jerky lover, then a jerky gun must be a part of your kitchen. This equipment is very easy to use. It is a useful gadget for a beginner as well as for a professional. You can easily learn how you can use this fantastic product.

In the above article, we have selected and reviewed the top ten best jerky guns after deep study and research. All these products are readily available on the online shopping websites like at reasonable price rate.

While selecting any of the above products, you just have to keep in mind about your budget and the features you want in your jerky gun. We are sure that whatever product you choose, it will going to be a long-term member of your kitchen.


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