Best Non-Electric Food Dehydrators and Complete Buyer Guide

So far on our website, we have discussed the electric dehydrators only. But do you know that some food dehydrators are not only non-electric but also available easily in the market at the affordable cost?

A non-electric food dehydrator can be a solar food dehydrator or hang raw food dehydrator. Numerous such types of food dehydrators are available in the market. But, only a few out of them perform their task with perfection.

In the below article, we will provide you some relevant information related to the non-electric food dehydrators, and we will also review the top 3 best hanging raw food dehydrator that you can buy from the market. But before we go into the detailed review, there are certain terms you need to know about.

Comparison Chart of Best Non Electric Food Dehydrators

Serial NoProduct NameDrying racks
1HYDGOOHO Herb Drying Rack Net Dryer6
2RIOGOO Herb Drying Rack4
3CASOLLY Herb Drying Rack8
4iPower 6 Layers Heavy Duty Hanging Dryer Rack6
5Finlon Drying Rack4
6Winterworm 3 Layer Hanging Net Food Dehydrator3
7SUOMEI 4 Layer Mesh Hanging Herb Drying Rack4

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3 Types of Non Electric Food Dehydrator

There are mainly three ways through which you can get the benefit of non-electric food dehydrating. Below we are stating such things:

1. Solar Food Dehydrator Kit

It is not mandatory that you have to buy a solar food dehydrator from the market only. Some food dehydrator kits are available in the market which is generally a DIY (DO-IT-YOURSELF) setup in which you can begin the drying of your food. They are available in different designs and features. You have to do proper research before buying such kits. Such types of kits are pack as a set-to-assemble pack.

A solar food dehydrator is specially designed to used in an open region. You have to follow some steps for assembling the dehydrator, and the setup will be created soon. It is always good that you buy a high-quality setup for your use.

Now, you must be thinking that how would you know that a particular Solar Food Dehydrator Kit is appropriate or not? Well! There are few important things which you must keep in your mind while buying such kit. Details as below:

  • Quick and Stress-free to Setup

    The Solar Food Dehydrator Kit which you are thinking to buy must be fast to dehydrate your food under the sun. In fact, the assembling procedure of the product should also be easy too. It helps you in saving your lots of precious time while assembling the dehydrator kit.

  • Outlet

    A solar food dehydrator kit must have an outlet from where you can put the food inside. It also helps in maintaining some airflow inside the dehydrator. Moreover, the vent opening must be curtained to keep bugs away from spoiling with the food.

  • Adequate Capacity

    The dehydrator must possess a sufficient capacity which is sufficient for you to dry a large amount of food in one single session. However, if you do not have much space to store a big size kit, then you can go for a product that has the wheel at the bottom which benefits you in moving the equipment anywhere. You can quickly shift such kits to any place where there is a lot of space.

  • Fast Drying of Food

    Before buying a solar food dehydrator kit, you must certify that the dehydrator can dry the food in the manner in which you want. There are certain food dehydrator kits which can dehydrate 6 pounds of food in only two days. You can add or decrease the number of trays as per your requirement.

  • Compact and Lightweight

    It is true that a maximum number of dehydrator kits is big in size and bulky also. Thus, you should select the equipment by size as well as compatibility. Such type of kits mainly exists in diverse designs, sizes, etc. It is better to opt for a compact and lightweight product so that you can move it to any desired place very quickly.

The solar food dehydrator kits offer you a fun opportunity to spend your good time outdoors. You can dry food by keeping yourself away from the heat of the kitchen. Luckily, purchasing a food dehydrator kit offers you a long-term asset that can be part of your home for the longer duration.

It is not like an ordinary accessory of your kitchen which you have to replace after using few months. If you maintain them properly, then it can serve you for several years without any problem.

Furthermore, the solar food dehydrator kit also aids you in lowering your electricity bills which you might have to spend on using the electric food dehydrators. Indeed, you can also tell your kids about using the kit and how beneficial is the food dried in it.

2. Homemade Food Dehydrator

The second thing which can replace is the electric food dehydrator is the Homemade Food Dehydrator. Yes, you have heard it right! You can also build a solar food dehydrator for yourself at home.

If you do not want to buy a solar food dehydrator from the market or online shopping website, then you can build a dehydrator also. You just have to buy some essential equipment for building the dehydrator along with a right plan for constructing.

However, it might take some time for the building, but in the end, you will be happy to see the outcome of your effort.

Initially, you have to prepare a plan of constructing a food dehydrator. It is important to gather all the essential tools, equipment, and materials which are required for this. You should have a good interpretation skill of your plan. But if you do not have any experience of doing DIY jobs, then it will not be advisable that you indulge in this construction.

You can easily found several plans on the internet, and you can select the one which you find comfortable.

3. Solar Hanging Food Dehydrator

The next alternative which you can try is to buy the solar food dehydrator from the market. Such dehydrators categorized by size, budget, capacity, and dehydrating power. You can buy them easily from the famous online shopping website like

Reviews of Best Non Electric Food 

non electric food dehydrator

The following are the top 3 best non-electric food dehydrators that we have reviewed thoroughly so that you can make a wise decision in the end:

1. HYDGOOHO Herb Drying Rack Net Dryer

HYDGOOHO Herb Drying Rack Net Dryer
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It is a non-electric net food dehydrator that helps you in drying vast quantities of flowers, herbs, and any other food. It dehydrates quite fast and also needs very less space for storing. During the process of dehydration, it does not absorb the food’s moisture due to the non-absorbent netting.

Moreover, it benefits in uniform, fast, and thorough drying. It comes in the zippered design in which you can keep the herbs without any worries. The opening, storing and hanging of the product is quite easy to do. After using the product, you can collapse it flat and store it easily in your kitchen cabinet. A hook and a Velcro also given for hanging the net dryer. You get a black storage bag along with a dryer’s hook.


The following are the pros of HYDGOOHO Herb Drying Rack Net Dryer:

  • A hook and a Velcro given for hanging the product easily
  • It helps in quick, thorough and uniform drying of the food
  • The hooked compartments keep all the food inside the net
  • Its compartments are quite large for food drying
  • The net made from high-quality material
  • It is entirely secure and sturdy to use
  • You can dehydrate multiple food items at one time
  • You can roll it up and store conveniently


The following are the cons of HYDGOOHO Herb Drying Rack Net Dryer:

  • It might be full and tall for drying, so you have to make some arrangement for it
  • It is not suitable for the food trimmings drying as such food can stick in the net
  • The zippers may wear out fast after the usage

2. RIOGOO Herb Drying Rack

RIOGOO Herb Drying Rack
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It is an herb drying rack made from high-quality material mesh. The mesh is not only breathable but also eco-friendly. The product manufactured from the durable steel material that makes it quite reliable. The fabric used in making the product is waterproof, which helps in keeping the herbs dried without any growth of mold or bacteria.

Its design keeps the birds and insects away from the food. You can close the net with the zippers after adding your herbs so that they can dry evenly and safely. The top rack’s loop benefits in the hanging of net. The four compartments of the product are quite large for drying an ample amount of food like flowers, oregano, or any other herb. You may fold the rack and pack it inside the bag for secure storage.


The following are the pros of RIOGOO Herb Drying Rack:

  • It made up of the breathable and eco-friendly material
  • You can carry and set up it quickly while traveling
  • It is sturdy, protected and safe for drying delicate herbs and spices
  • Due to the waterproof material, you do not have to fear the growth of mold and bacteria in it
  • Its zipper design is enclosed and unique
  • Due to the hanging loops, the food gets dried fast
  • It is quite easy to collapse and set up this dry net


The following are the cons of RIOGOO Herb Drying Rack:

  • It might bounce out of the bag while opening
  • In the beginning, you might feel the smell of some chemical while drying food in it It might bounce out of the bag while opening
  • The Velcro loops are not on both ends

3. CASOLLY Herb Drying Rack

CASOLLY Herb Drying Rack
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The Velcro hanger strap at the drying rack’s top is multipurpose and easy to engage and release. You can use it outdoor and indoor by merely hanging it anywhere. Due to the durable nylon material and hoops, the shape of the product remains the same while loading the food. The breathable, high quality and sturdy holed mesh material of the shelf let the airflow efficiently with the right circulation.

You get a zippered pouch for storing the product safely. The eight layers of the product allow you to dehydrate a massive amount of different types of herbs at one time. Moreover, the material used in making the mesh is eco-friendly, which is safe for the herbs. You can adjust the extra racks with the clips as per your needs. This herb drying rack comes with the garden scissor comprising of sharp blades for the precise cuts of your herbs.


The following are the pros of the CASOLLY Herb Drying Rack:

  • The size of the product is adjustable which you can alter as per your need
  • All the herbs are dried evenly in it
  • You will get a zippered pouch for storing the net dryer safely while storing
  • It is effortless to collapse and set up again the drying racks
  • People having less living space will love it
  • You get high-quality scissors with it for cutting the herbs
  • There is a loop at the rack’s top for stress-free hanging and uniform drying
  • It’s every layer have own zippers


The following are the cons of the CASOLLY Herb Drying Rack:

  • It not covered from all sides which might be risky in the windy place
  • The zippers might be fragile which get torn out after some time
  • The mesh is quite significant in size that can let the insects enter and harm the food

What is the Difference Between Small Solar Food Dehydrator and the Commercial Solar Food Dehydrator?

The main difference between the two is the quantity of space they offer. A small solar food dehydrator is beneficial for the family which has fewer members at home, and the commercial solar food dehydrator is helpful in the places like restaurants or a big family.

A small solar food dehydrator can made at home with the help of DIY kit, and such kits are available at very reasonable cost in the market. Also, such dehydrators are ideal for the people who have the low budget. Otherwise, you might go for a commercial one.

Hanging Solar Food Dehydrator Vs Electric Food Dehydrators

The following are the differences between Solar Food Dehydrator and the Electric Food Dehydrators:

Hanging Solar Food DehydratorsElectric Food Dehydrators
It Uses the Conventional Method of Drying I.e. Dehydration Under the Sun.It uses the electricity as a medium for drying fruits and vegetables.
You Can Hang It Anywhere You Want Either in the Kitchen or Garden.Such food dehydrators need some space on the countertop of your kitchen.
It Utilizes the Natural Resources of Energy I.e. Sun and Air.It needs to use the electricity which can cost you high electric bills.
It Is Available at Reasonable Price in the Market.These dehydrators are costly to buy.
The Drying of the Food Is Done More Evenly Due to Space Is Given in Between the Trays.The trays are not aligned with proper distance which might result in uneven drying of food.
Since There Is No Fan, No Motor or No Noise of Airflow in the Solar Food Dehydrator, It Can Work Silently During Any Time of the Day.The electric food dehydrator makes lots of noise while doing dehydration process which can be very annoying.
A Mesh Net Is Given to Make the Dust Away from the Food.The electric dehydrators do not come with the mesh net.
When You Dry Food in the Hanging Solar Food Dehydrator, the Nutritional Value of the Food Remains Intact.The food in the electric dehydrator is cooked at the high temperature which might take off the nutritional content of the food.
You Can Also Sprout the Seeds in This Dehydrator.The sprouting of seeds is not possible in the electric food dehydrator.
The Trays of the Solar Dehydrator Are Flexible as Well as Durable to Use for the Long Run.The trays of the electric dehydrator are not much durable.
It Is Very Easy to Assemble the Trays in the Dehydrator.It is sometimes difficult to pout in the trays correctly in the dehydrator.
It Is Easy to Use, and You Can Assemble It Quickly.You need to have some knowledge before using an electric food dehydrator.
The Hanging Solar Food Dehydrators Are Dishwasher Safe.The electric food dehydrator cannot be the wash in the dishwasher except the trays (in some models).
The Drying Processes in It Are Slower.The drying process is faster in the dehydrator.
You Will Not Find Any Additional Features in It Like the Timer, On/off Switch, Etc.It comes with additional features like an adjustable thermostat, stackable trays, a timer, etc.

Advantages of Non-Electric Food Dehydrator

The following are the benefits of the non-electric food dehydrator:

  • The non-electric food dehydrator does not use the electricity which means you do not have to pay any additional cost for using it.
  • It does not create any noise during the dehydration process.
  • You do not have the top waste electrical source of energy while using such dehydrator.
  • They are lightweight to carry, and you can easily move it from one place to another.
  • It is very easy to use the non-electric dehydrator as compare to the electric food dehydrators.
  • The food which you dry in the solar dehydrator is also kept safe from the insects and birds.
  • The Meshed peripheral of the dehydrator keeps the unwanted dirt and bugs away.

Disadvantages of Non-Electric Food Dehydrator

The following are the disadvantages of the non-electric food dehydrator:

  • Non-electric food dehydrators are susceptible to get attacks by the big size pests.
  • The climate for drying food in the solar food dehydrator should be warm as well as dry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which Material Is Used in Manufacturing the Non-electric Food Dehydrator?

In making the non-electric food dehydrator, the mesh fabric and the plastic material are used.

Q: Can We Use the Non-electric Food Dehydrator in the Humid Environment?

Yes, of course, you can use the dehydrator in the humid environment. It might take some longer time, but surely your food gets dried in the end.

Q: Can I Use the Non-electric Food Dehydrator for Dehydrating Meat or for Making Jerky?

Yes, you can dry meat or jerky in this food dehydrator which might take some longer time. You have to keep the dehydrator in the place which is warm enough for the drying process.

Q: In How Many Days Do the Fruits Get Dehydrated in the Non-electric Food Dehydrator?

It takes several days for drying food in the hanging solar food dehydrator. One thing, you should remember that it should be hanging in the warm place.

Q: How Many Trays Do We Get in the Hanging Solar Food Dehydrator?

The number of trays usually varies with the product. Some manufacturer offers three trays, and some provide five trays for drying.

Q: Does the Plastic of the Non-electric Food Dehydrator Are BPA Free?

Yes, the plastic of the dehydrator is BPA free. However, you can check this feature before buying any product.

Q: Can I Use the Solar Food Dehydrator When There Are Very Fewer Sun Rays?

Well! You just have to hang your product inside your home during the nighttime only, and for the daytime, it can be hanged anywhere at any warm place. It does not matter whether the sun rays are falling on it or not.

Q: Can I Dry Fruit Leathers or Fruit Sauce in the Solar Food Dehydrator?

I don’t think so that fruit leather or fruit roll can be dried in the solar dehydrator as the food can drop on the bottom of the product and there are no drip trays provided in them.

Q: Is It Expensive to Buy a Non-electric Food Dehydrator?

No, the non-electric food dehydrator is very reasonable to purchase, In fact, there are readily available on the famous online shopping website like

Q: I Have a Very Less Space at My Home. Will You Suggest Me to Buy a Solar Hanging Food Dehydrator?

A solar hanging food dehydrator is just perfect for the people who have less space at home. They can use it anywhere by hanging. Such benefit is not available with the electric food dehydrator.


Solar food dehydrators are impeccable for you if you have a limited budget because the price of the electric food dehydrators is comparatively costly. You just need to have a favorable environment or climate, and the rest of the thing will be done by the hanging solar dehydrator itself.

In the above article, we have reviewed the top 3 best non-electric food dehydrators which are easily obtainable in the market, and you can buy them at redouble price. Whatever product you choose for your family, we are sure it will be going to be a longtime part of your home.

So, what are you waiting for now? Go and get a non-electric food dehydrator fast and enjoy the benefits of food dehydration at your home from today!!

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