Best Vacuum Sealer for Dehydrated Food

Are you fed up with the discarding of the spoiled dehydrated food from your kitchen? If yes then, you must look for the best vacuum sealer for dehydrated food that can do wonders for you.

As you might know, 21% of oxygen in the air is the facilitator for the breakdown of cells or the oxidation that results in the dried food spoilage.

Thus, to increase the shelf life of the dried food or to keep the dried food fresh, it is essential to remove the maximum amount of air (comprising oxygen) from their bag or containers. In such a case, a vacuum sealer for dehydrated food works perfectly.

Comparison Chart of Best Vacuum Sealer for Dehydrated Food

Before reading more about the vacuum sealer for dehydrated food, let’s have a glimpse of all the products in the below comparison chart first:

Serial NoProduct NameWeight
1Foodsaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer10lbs
2MOOKA 4 IN 1 Vacuum Sealer3.8lbs
3NutriChef Vacuum Sealer2.93lbs
4GERYON Vacuum Sealer2.6lbs

The vacuum sealer not only maintains the freshness of the dried food bit also helps in retaining the natural flavor and bright color of the dehydrated food. You can easily preserve the dried food through the vacuum sealer in bulk also for the outdoor activities like camping or hiking.

The vacuum sealer is easy to operate the device that let you stock up your pantry with the dried food for a long time without the issue of thrashing them away.

However, before you look for the best vacuum sealer for dehydrated food, please have a look at the reviews of the five best products in the below article. We will not only provide you their honest and genuine reviews but also guide you in buying the right product that suits your needs to a maximum extent.

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How Does a Vacuum Sealer Machine for Dehydrated Food Work?

The working of the vacuum sealer machine for dehydrated food is quite simple and easy to understand. It sucks out the air from the plastic container or the bag and seals it quickly so that no air can enter it again.

You can seal the liquid foods as well as hard food with it in few seconds. But keep in mind that before sealing the delicious food, you should freeze them once. It will benefit you in stopping the food from getting crushed or juice dropping during the process of vacuum sealing. The vacuum sealer machine safe your dehydrated food from liquids, oxygen as well as the quite beneficial bugs.

Essential Features to Consider when Buying the Best Vacuum Sealer for Dehydrated Food

There are a few necessary things that you need to consider while buying the best vacuum sealer for dehydrated food:

1) Dry Indication vs. Wet Indication

There are two indications in the vacuum sealer machine, i.e., dry indication and wet indication. The dry sign utilized for sealing maximum types of dried foods, but if your dried food is liquid or juicy then, always go for the wet indication to avoid the problem of messy fluid leakages.

2) Size

If you have a small size kitchen then, buying a large vacuum sealer machine would not be the right choice as they require lots of space on the kitchen countertop. So, purchasing a compact size vacuum sealer is advisable if you have a space problem in your kitchen.

3) Vacuum/Seal vs. Seal Only Operation

The vacuum sealing process let you vacuum the food first and then do the sealing, and this might not be useful for the dried meals that require re-sealing. Thus, in such case, you should look for the vacuum sealer machine with the seal only operation that seals the dried food bag without taking out the air initially.

4) Starter Kit Inclusion

It benefits you in doing the sealing of the bags quickly without any additional cost. The starter kit can include rolls, matched cutter, pumping hose, user manual, replacement sealer cotton, and vacuum sealing bags.

5) BPA-Free Sealer Bags

You should look for the BPA free sealer bags for storing dried food. Such bags are safe for your kids and family.

Advantages of Vacuum sealer for Dehydrated Food

Below are the benefits of using the vacuum sealer machine for dehydrated food:

1) Save You Time and Money

You can seal a large amount of dried food like fruits and veggies with the help of vacuum sealer machine. It is useful when you have a big gathering at your home, and you don’t have the time to prepare food at the moment.

The sealed dried food can be rehydrated and used in different recipes for lunch and dinner. You can also buy meat in bulk and dehydrate in the food dehydrator and sealed inside the bags for the next six-month usage. There is no need to buy meat from the market every time.

2) Preserve and protects Food

Vacuum sealers help in preserving the dried food by stopping the development of bacteria or mold as it removes extra oxygen from the food. It keeps the food safe from the contact of air so that they remain fresh and have a long shelf life.

3) Extends Shelf Life

With the help of the vacuum sealer machine, the shelf life of the food also get extended to a great extent. It increases the life of the food three times to 5 times longer than the food stored in plastic bags or containers.

For example, in an ordinary bag of the food can stay for three days then after vacuum sealing, you can store it for two weeks. The correct shelf life of the food depends on the way you keep them after sealing like freezing, refrigerating, or storing in the pantry.

4) Efficient Food Organization

You can store the packaging of the food in an organized or efficient manner after vacuum sealing. The vacuum sealed foods take very less space in your kitchen that allows you to store them easily.

5) Food Tastes Better and remains safe

It helps in holding the juices, moisture, and flavor of the food very efficiently. You can feel the difference in the dried food flavor also after opening the seal.

With the help of the vacuum sealing, the maximum amount of oxygen gets removed from the bags that can cause chemical reactions for spoilage. It stops the growth of bacteria that can spoil the food.

6) Keeps Food Fresh

It also keeps away the fats inside the dried food from turning bad and also stops the color of the food from getting change. Moreover, the dried food does not get a bad odor or slimy film after getting vacuum sealed.

7) Easy Storage of dried Liquids

You can easily vacuum seal the liquids in the bags after refrigerating or freezing them for an extended period. The liquids can be a vacuum seal in the jar for safety purpose. They remain fresh and full of flavor whenever you open the sealing.

8) Reseal the dried food, snacks or trail mix

It is convenient for resealing the dried kale or potato chips after opening the sealed jar or container.  But do not use the vacuum suction as this might crush the chips.

Always leave some inches of space at the top of the bag and then seal the bag with the sealer machine. The vacuum-sealed trail mix or snacks are easy to carry in a purse or lunch box. 

Reviews of Best Vacuum Sealer for Dehydrated Food

Finding the best vacuum sealer machine for dehydrated food among so many products is quite a tough job. Thus, we have picked and reviewed the five best products after doing extensive research and study for your help.

Below are the reviews of the five best vacuum sealers for dehydrated food that you can find on the market:

1) Foodsaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer – Best Innovative Vacuum Sealer

Foodsaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer
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With the help of this vacuum sealer, you can preserve your dried meat for one year in the pantry, and still, it will have a delicious and fresh taste. Besides it, you can also store leftovers, prep-ahead meal and any other food for several weeks without getting spoiled.

The best part about this machine is that it has an automatic bag detection feature, which makes the process of vacuum sealing very more comfortable. You only have to place the bag inside the chamber of the vacuum machine and leave the rest on it for keeping your food flavourful and fresh. The patented detachable drip tray can collect any excess liquid and moreover you can wash it in the dishwasher safely.

The inbuilt cutter and the roll storage allow you to create the custom-sized bags easily that get fit on anything you are sealing. It also has LED light indicators that guide you throughout the process of vacuum sealing.

You get the 5-year limited warranty that this product will reach the right level of airtight sealing and vacuum sealing along with high quality and durable work. There is a use of smart technology in this product that perceives moisture automatically and shifts to the accurate mode to certify an airtight seal attained.


  • You get automatic sealing vacuuming and bag detection for stress-free functioning
  • Due to the heat seal technique, the food bags do not get the leak
  • You can use it in the small size kitchens owing to its compact size
  • There are so many pre-sized bags that you get with it
  • It is fast, cost-effective, and efficient.
  • It does not need extra attachments


  • It creates some noise while working
  • You have to use the branded bags for effective removal of the air
  • You have to use the branded bags for the best removal of the air

2) MOOKA 4 IN 1 Vacuum Sealer – Best heat resistance vacuum sealer

MOOKA 4 IN 1 Vacuum Sealer
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The Mooka 4 in 1 vacuum sealer keeps your dried food fresh five times longer than any other method of storing food. The heating strip’s bottom pad possesses a mica sheet that can bear the high temperature of up to 300 degrees F. Its sealing feature can work 40 times unceasingly without any harm to the product.

You can use its external vacuum pumping feature for wine preservation, canning, food storage bags, and vacuum packing. You might read the product’s manual cautiously for understanding the right working of the machine.

The design of the machine is user-friendly, and you can use it as per your requirements. If you want to stop the vacuum packing then, push the “cancel” button during the operation.

The machine draws out the air and seals the bag for preserving the freshness. It blocks the development of fungus, mold, and bacteria which can ruin the flavor, texture, and appearance of the food. The additional accessories that you will get with this vacuum sealing machine matched cutter, pumping hose, one user manual, replacement sealer cotton and ten vacuum sealing bags.

These are contrived to function most excellent with Mooka rolls and bags. The quick and efficient sealing keeps the food fresh for a long time through this vacuum sealer machine. 


  • It helps in moist and dry sealing both
  • The user manual of the product is quite easy to understand
  • It has resistance to high heat
  • It possesses very simple design and controls
  • You can quickly seal more than one package at a time
  • It is stress-free to cut the bags with the cutter in the desired size
  • It comes with the function of external pumping


  • There are no accessories for sealing containers and jars
  • It needs lots of space on the kitchen countertop

3) NutriChef Vacuum Sealer – Best value for the money vacuum sealer

NutriChef Vacuum Sealer
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The Nutrichef vacuum sealer provides you a faster and easier way to dehydrate your food so that you can preserve it for a long time without much hassle. Besides the food, you can also vacuum seal the dried spices and ingredients of the different recipes with this machine for future use.

Moreover, it is a smart machine that has a simple and completely automatic electric plug possessing control over the top panel. The digital buttons having led indicator lights are quite soft to touch.

The best part about this practical and useful machine is that it has two selectable modes which offer you the best ways of preserving food. You might select the option of moist indication for cooked, poached, or steamed food, and you can also opt for the dry sign for the preserving solid food.

The food preserved through this vacuum sealer can keep five times lengthier than the food stored in the zipper bags. In addition to the air suction hose and vacuum sealer, its package also includes five medium vacuum bags, wine stopper cork, and one additional-lengthy vacuum bag roll that are waterproof and reusable.


  • It comes with the two air sealing system possessing the moist and dry sealing method
  • You can operate it easily
  • It can be cleaned easily due to the stain resistant case
  • It is stress-free to carry owing to lightweight
  • You get the suction power of 12 liters per 1 minute in it
  • You can take it anywhere in your kitchen with its 3.3 feet long power cord
  • It has a compact design that is suitable for the small kitchen
  • You get lots of additional accessories with it


  • It creates lots of noise while functioning
  • It is difficult to do the sealing of the liquids with it sometimes
  • There are no bag cutter and storage

4) GERYON Vacuum Sealer– best elegant design vacuum sealer

GERYON Vacuum Sealer
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It is an incredible vacuum sealer machine for the dehydrated food that takes off the air from specifically designed bags. It provides multi-layer heat that seals the bag after moving the air out. The machine benefits in preventing the freezer burn and decreasing the food waste and spoilage. Your meal preparation and cooking become more economical, easier, and faster with it.

The starter kit of the machine comprises of 5 heat-seal bags, one air suction hose, one user manual, one roll bag and lifetime warranty by the manufacturing company.

There is a separated design of the machine in which you can remove the upper lid for cleaning the machine safely and quickly. Moreover, owing to the lightweight design and compact size, you can store and move the machine to any place. It can also get fit to the vacuum sealer rolls and bags of 12 inches width.

The additional benefits of this product are soft-touch buttons, automatic vacuum sealing, and user-friendly control-panel on the top and electric plug in. You can select among the two selectable modes for preserving different types of food. Moreover, the resealing of bags can also be done with this vacuum sealer machine.


  • It comes with the innovative design comprising stainless steel lid
  • It offers you the fully hands-free automatic operation of vacuum sealing
  • It is stress-free to clean
  • You get two selective modes of sealing different types of food
  • It has an attractive exterior and compact size
  • You can know about the completion of the food sealing through LED indicator lights
  • It can seal any food in between 6 seconds to 10 seconds


  • It is bulky in size
  • It does not have the sturdiest construction
  • You cannot seal the food manually with it required

 5) KOIOS Vacuum sealer

KOIOS Vacuum sealer
View on Amazon

It is a vacuum sealer machine for dehydrated food that provides reliable performance up to 120 pounds or up to 50 consecutive seals. It possesses additional broad sealing band for heftier sealing work so that you get the sturdiest seal along with the air-tight closure.

There are inbuilt storage bags and an innovative one-shot cutter that let you cut the bag as per your desired length and size, and it does not drop owing to the rolling bag. The stress-free lock fastener closure allowed the bags to get well-protected before beginning the sealing procedure.

The manufacturing company offers a 2-year warranty on this vacuum sealer, and inside the original set, you also get ten unique bags, replacement sealing sponge, one user manual and a pumping pipe. The product has a high vacuum pressure and robust, fast vacuum sealing.

During the process of vacuuming, the liquid and the powder will get pumped inside the removable tray, and you can clean it easily afterward after taking out. This vacuum sealing machine helps you in increasing the shelf life of the food like dried fruits, cookies, dried meat, or dried veggies effectively.


  • It possesses a compact size that helps you in stress-free storage of the dried food
  • You can seal the dry as well as wet food with it
  • Its control panel is easy to use and read
  • It comes with the accessory hose and port
  • You get a starter kit of sealing bags


  • There is no onboard storage for bag roll
  • It has no pulse mode

Tips for Good Vacuum Sealing of Dehydrated Food

Below are the tips for doing the vacuum sealing of the dehydrated food in the right way:

1) Having the Right Bag

Maximum types of vacuum sealer can indeed handle numerous kinds of bags, but for the best results, you should check the bags before buying them. The bags like Mylar bags have to be used with caution as they have quite a smooth surface that does not let the vacuum sealer machine to grip correctly with less suction.

2) Good contact is important

The performance of the vacuum sealer gets affected if there any debris of the food in the bag that you want to seal. It will change the suction power of the bag by the vacuum sealer machine.

3) Let machine to rest intermittently

If you are using the vacuum sealing machine continuously, then, you should let them take rest in between their sealing job. The continuous job can make them hotter, so giving them a break is a good idea.

The heavy duty machines can handle the sealing workload more efficiently for long hours, but the light duty sealer machines can handle this load, and their life also get reduced significantly. You can read the instructions of the manufacturing company before beginning the product usage in the right way.

4) Don’t overfill bags

Some people who are new to the vacuum sealing machines overfill the bag, which is a huge mistake they do. It might save you a few bags, but you are only wasting your time. During the sealing of the overfilled bags, some part of the liquid or the food gets on to the bag that does not let the proper sealing of the dried food and result in complications.


The vacuum sealers for dehydrated food is a big blessing to all those people who are health conscious and want to preserve their dried food for a long time. These machines have revolutionized the way of storing the food along with the extension of the food’s shelf life for a long time.

In the below article, we have reviewed the five best vacuum sealer for dehydrated food along with their pros and cons. All these products are useful for sealing the dried food and for maintaining their freshness and natural flavor.

Now, you have to pick and decide which product from the above list will match your needs and budget. It must suit your usage, space on the kitchen countertop, and the particular needs of sealing.

So, have you decided that which best vacuum sealer for dehydrating food you will buy? Please let us know in the below comment box that which particular product you pick and for what reason. Don’t forget to share your experience about using a specific vacuum sealer for dried food with us also.

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