Can I Dehydrate Different Types of Food at the Same Time?

Today people recognize the benefits of dehydrated foods more and more. The dried foods are not only a healthy option for snacking, but it also offers lots of nutrients to your body. However, some people have certain doubts regarding the drying of different types of food simultaneously in the food dehydrator. Do you also come across the same query that can I dehydrate different types of food at the same time?

Food drying in food dehydrator
Food drying in food dehydrator

At the time of drying food inside the food dehydrator, many people think of dehydrating dissimilar kinds of food at once. But they usually scare if anything wrong happened. They don’t have any clear perception about this matter. Some of them end with the messy results occasionally. So, what you should do in such a case?

Thus, to answer all your queries regarding the possibility of drying different types of food at the same time, we have prepared the below article. Here we will not only clear your doubts abut also share with you some more useful info regarding the same.

So, let’s have a look!

Is it possible to dehydrate diverse kinds of food altogether?

No, it is not possible to dehydrate different types of food at the same time in the food dehydrator. But this rule is not applicable if you are not using the different foods in the same recipe.

Drying different foods that belong to the various category all together can result in the mixing up of each other smell and taste. So, if you are going to use those different dried foods in the same recipe, then it’s not going to affect the overall flavor of the food. On the other hand, if you want to use those different dried foods in the different recipe then, it will inevitably affect the overall flavor of the recipe.

Dehydrated Apples
Dehydrated Apples

For example, if you want to dry veggies for making a vegetable soup then, you can dry those veggies altogether. But if you’re going to dry fruits for the pudding and garlic for the soup then, this all can mess up your entire recipes in the end. You can’t dehydrate onions with the bananas and fish with the peaches for sure. Drying out such food separate is beneficial.

Besides the issue of mixing of flavors, the different types of foods need different drying time and temperature.  You can check these things in the booklet that comes along with the food dehydrator. If you want to dry tomatoes with the carrot but both of them need different temperature settings and drying time then, it will not be possible to dehydrate them at the same time.

Apart from the veggies and fruits, you could dehydrate numerous different kinds of herbs all together in different trays in the same machine. There are very fewer chances of flavors mixing of the herbs at the time of drying procedure.

Is it possible to dehydrate different foods at the same time that requires similar time and temperature?

Yes, you can dehydrate those foods that belong to the same category like fruits with fruits and veggies with veggies, if they require the same drying time and an adjustable thermostat. But remember that drying the foods together can result in mixing up of the flavors. So, you should be alert while doing these things. It should only be done if the flavors are compatible with each other.

The chance of flavors mixing of the foods that belong to the same category is still very low. For example, fruits with fruits. So, if you don’t think that anyone’s flavor can affect the taste of the other then, you can dry out them together in the dehydrator.

What type of food dehydrator is beneficial for drying different types of food at the same time?

Well! As we have already told you on our website’s homepage that there are mainly two basic kinds of food dehydrators, i.e., horizontal air flow food dehydrator and vertical air flow food dehydrator.

Inside the horizontal airflow machines, the fan, as well as heating system, is situated on the unit’s side. The main benefit of this type of food dehydrator is that it decreases the mixing of flavors and let you dehydrate different foods simultaneously. Moreover, the entire trays in this food dehydrator acquire equal heat dispersion, and liquids or fluids do not fall over the heating component of the machine which might result in adverse flavors.

On the other hand, the vertical air flow food dehydrator comes with the fan and the heating component on the machine’s base. If dissimilar foods dehydrated at a similar time in this type of food dehydrator, then it will let the flavors to get the mix. Moreover, you also get an adverse flavor of the food and fluids might also fall over the heating component.

Final thought 

We hope that now you are clear about the question “Can I dehydrate different foods at the same time?

The foods that belong to the same category that does not affect the flavor of each other or if you are using all of them in the same recipe can be dried out together. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that you can’t dry out the foods belonging to the different categories like fruits with veggies. There are few veggies like onion and garlic have the very intense flavor that can affect the overall taste of the foods.

People love to experiment by doing different things sometimes, but they should always beware about the unexpected results too. However, some results can be fruitful also.

If you have ever dehydrated different types of food at the same time in your food dehydrator then, do share your experience with us in the below comment box.

Is there anything more that is still knocking in your mind? If yes then, please let us know. We will surely provide you a convincing reply soon.


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