Best Commercial Jerky Dehydrator

Jerky is one of the best healthy snacks that you can eat as it comprises of the lean meat without any fats or oil in the dehydrator. Besides the domestic use, there are several best commercial jerky dehydrators in the market that help you in drying the jerky in bulk quantities for the places like hotels or restaurants.

In the commercial dehydrator, the jerky cooked with all its essential nutrients, and you don’t have to add any artificial color or preservatives to it.

The requirement for commercial dehydrators is growing day by day with the increased alertness and demand for the healthy snacks like jerky. They are loaded with useful features, possess high wattage and power and have significant size capacity that helps you in growing your business as well. 

We know that a best commercial jerky dehydrator is a need of every businessperson and thus we have prepared the below list of the top 7 products along with their reviews for your assistance.

Comparison Chart of the Best Commercial Jerky Dehydrator

Serial NoProduct NameTemp RangeWattsNo of TraysEditor RatingWhere to Buy?
1Magic Mill95º - 167ºF1000W104/5Check on Amazon
2STX International95º - 165ºF1200W105/5Check on Amazon
3Excalibur 3900B90º - 165ºF600W95/5Check on Amazon
4Crawford Kitchen95°-155° F1000W103.5/5Check on Amazon
5BioChef Premium104° - 194° F1000W163/5Check on Amazon
6Costzon commercial32-68℃1000W104/5Check on Amazon
7CO-Z Commercial95-155°F1000W104.5/5Check on Amazon

Reviews of Best Commercial Jerky Dehydrator

commercial jerky dehydrator

The following are the top 7 best commercial jerky dehydrator which we have picked after doing extensive research and study. We have focused on the products’ utility, price, and feature that aid in an excellent commercial jerky dryer machine. 

So, let’s have a look!

1. Magic Mill Dehydrator – Stylish Commercial Jerky Dehydrator 

Magic Mill
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This commercial jerky dehydrator comes with the drying power of 1000 watts that helps in the fast and robust drying of the jerky. The construction of the unit made from the stainless steel material along with the heat retaining forward-facing door. You get ten stainless steel trays in it, and every tray can hold 1.3 pounds of the jerky easily. It is a dishwasher safe product with which you also get five non-stick sheets, ten fine meshes, and one fruit roll tray.

The air flows horizontally in the unit. It has a rear mounted fan and motor which helps in the even dying of the complete food. There is an adjustable thermostat feature in the dehydrator with the temperature range of 95 degrees F to 167 degrees F. A 24 hours timer is also provided for more convenience.

  • It has a vast drying capacity
  • You can comfortably accommodate the big size food by removing the trays
  • A see-through door provided for stress-free viewing of the entire drying process
  • You can preset its temperature for numerous other foods
  • A drip tray is present for collecting the excessive liquid
  • It gets shut down automatically
  • The timer is also adjustable
  • There are lots of accessories that you get with it
  • There is no backlight present in the unit
  • You cannot add more trays in it
  • It affects your monthly electricity bills
  • The warranty period is limited to only one year
  • You do not get any cookbook along with it

2. STX International Stainless Steel Dehydrator – Overall Best Commercial Jerky Dehydrator

STX International
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It comes with the significant power wattage of 1200 watts for dehydrating the jerky efficiently. The adjustable thermostat range is 95 degrees F to 165 degrees F that aids in drying all types of food entirely. You get 16 square feet of space for drying on the ten trays that made from the stainless steel material.

The 7 inches rear mounted fan helps in moving the air horizontally over all the trays. You get a one-year limited period warranty on this product and its parts. A drip tray and a 15-hour timer also there for the user support. It provides optimum dehydrating time through the adjustable thermostat feature.

  • You get ample drying space for dehydrating jerky efficiently in the machine
  • It manufactured from the stainless steel material that makes the product a rugged and sturdy unit
  • It easily wipes with the soft cloth and water
  • The drip trays help in avoiding the unwanted food to fall on the bottom section
  • Even it is a commercial food dehydrator for jerky; it still has a very stylish and modern look
  • It is quite easy to disassemble or assemble this user-friendly product for the storage purpose
  • In comparison to the other models, its cost is reasonable to the pocket
  • You should be careful about the unit’s edges that are made from the stainless steel material while moving
  • It makes lots of noise at the time of food dehydration
  • You should use it near to the power socket as through the extension wire its voltage might drop

3. Excalibur 3900B Electric Commercial Dehydrator for jerky – Trust Worthy Brand 

Excalibur 3900B
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It is a nine trays commercial food dehydrator for jerky that provides you with 15 square feet of the dehydrating space for the foods. The manufacturer offers you ten year limited warranty period which is quite long in comparison to the other manufacturers.  The feature of adjustable thermostat lets you set the temperature according to the nature of the food you are dying.

In the machine, the technology horizontal parallex and the patented Hyperwave are used that helps in eradicating the entire water from the jerky with the help of the constant movement of thermostatically-organized hot air. You get polyscreen trays inserts along with it which does not let the food to get stick at the time of drying.

  • There is no need of trays rotation while drying food in it
  • It is an incredible product for the big businesses of food or the large families
  • The 7 inches fan helps in astonishing circulation of the air
  • It dehydrates the food quickly as owing to the high power wattage
  • The meshed trays do not let the food’s bits to fall on other shelves
  • The shelves are also easy to clean and remove
  • You get a 10-year extended limited warranty period
  • It creates lots of noise while drying the food
  • There is no timer in it which means it will not shut down automatically
  • You cannot add more trays in the unit at the time of drying
  • It needs lots of space for placing. Thus you should have ample space in the kitchen for storing

4. Crawford Kitchen Commercial Dehydrator for jerky

Crawford Kitchen
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It provides you with professional results of drying fruits, vegetables, nuts, jerky and many more. Your lots of time get saved owing to the proper heating as well as timing controls that gives outstanding results. The stainless steel body of the unit is easily clean. The manufacturer of the product offers a one-year limited warranty to the buyers. You get a 15 hours timer for handling the entire drying process efficiently.

The power wattage of the unit is 1000 watts which are adequate for the even and uniform drying. There are five small and five large grid trays that aids in the effective drying of the big size and small size foods. A 5 inches fine mesh gave that benefit in drying foods like nuts, seeds or berries. The digital control temperature varies between 95 degrees F to 155 degrees F.

  • It comes with the intense power wattage of 1000 watts
  • A 15-hour digital timer also given for accurately controlling the drying process
  • You also get a drying guide over the panel along with the digital heat control option
  • A vast drying space of 16 square feet is adequate for commercial drying of the jerky
  • You can detach the 7 inches rear mounted fan
  • Fan and heater made from plastic material which is not sturdy
  • It does not look like a heavy duty unit

5. BioChef Premium Stainless Steel Commercial jerky Dehydrator

BioChef Premium
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It is a commercial grade food dehydrator possessing the 1000 watts of the heating element along with the powerful motor. A feature of the adjustable thermostats is present that ranges between 104 degrees F to 194 degrees F. You get drying area of 27.55 ft along with the ten removable trays that made from the robust stainless steel material.

The additional accessories include eight nonstick sheets and eight mesh sheets. There is no requirement of tray rotation in it as the horizontal flow of air results in the uniform drying. With the help of the 15-hour timer, you can do the proper drying of the food at the right time. The manufacturers offer five years domestic warranty and three years warranty on the parts and motor.

  • It possesses a strong wattage power of 100 watts which aids in quick and even drying of the jerky
  • You might adjust the temperature as per the adjustable thermostat feature
  • The ten removable trays made from the stainless steel materials
  • Extra accessories provided along with the unit which includes eight nonstick sheets and 87 mesh sheets
  • The 15-hour timer helps in the worry-free cooking of the food
  • It might affect your monthly electricity bills

6. Costzon commercial jerky Dehydrator

Costzon commercial
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It is one more ten trays commercial food dehydrator for jerky that comes with the ten mesh trays. You can cook different kinds of food in the unit at one time on the powerful stackable trays with big extensible big size. It comes with the alterable thermostat feature that ranges between 32 degrees C to 68 degrees C. You have to set the timer and temperature and leave the rest to the machine.

Having the power capacity of 1000 watts makes this dryer machine a durable product for drying food in few hours. It has got approval from the ROHS, CE, and UL for the safe and secure use. You get one instruction booklet along with the unit for the proper utilization of the machine.

  • The construction of the unit made from metal except for the door’s handles and side’s handle
  • It originates with the two racks in which one is for a fine grid, and other is for an extensive framework
  • The edges are also not too sharp to handle
  • You can quickly remove the racks for keeping big size food
  • You can clean the front side of the unit with the water as the electrical part located on the back side
  • You do not get any silicon mats for making fruit leathers
  • The front door does not fit appropriately
  • The small clips of the plastic handles come out quickly

7. CO-Z Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Dehydrator for jerky

CO-Z Commercial
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It entirely constructed from the material of stainless steel that certifies exceptional oxidize-resistant and rust-free functioning for many years. You can dehydrate tons of jerky in it on one time. It possesses the wattage power of 1000 watts along with the adjustable temperature range of 95 degrees F to 155 degrees F. The ten big size stainless steel trays of the unit offers 16 square feet of the drying space.

You will love to know that it has an inbuilt digital timer which you can set for 15 hours and leave the machine alone for drying. The assimilated air-flowing fan produces forced convection of the hot-air and offers even heat on all the trays. You receive an instruction booklet with the unit for more stress-free drying.

  • It has a sturdy motor that quickly dries out the jerkyThe extra-large trays dehydrate the food in bulk quantities
  • You can easily control and operate the digital panel for the setting of the temperature
  • It performs the drying process quite silently
  • With the inbuilt timer, you can set the time and carry on with your other work simultaneously
  • Its weight is also quite less in comparison to the other commercial dehydrator for jerky
  • It gets easily wipe up or clean
  • It cannot expand for more drying space
  • It is not a massive duty machine like other commercial dehydrators

Which Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Commercial Jerky Dehydrator?

While buying the commercial jerky dehydrator, there are numerous things which you should keep in mind. These machines come in different sizes and at different prices on the market which can make you confuse sometimes.

So, let’s read those essential features below which you should never ignore!

  • Brand’s reliability Commercial jerky dehydrators are expensive than the domestic machines. Thus you have to make your buying decision with full care. You should know the credibility of the brand and its reputation in the market. For example, There are some brands which are known for their excellent customer service, and some of them don’t have a good after service.
  • Warranty period The different commercial jerky dehydrators come with the different period of warranty. You should explore this well before buying. The warranty period is of great use after the purchasing if you find some fault in the machine or case of replacement of the parts. All these things have a massive cost in the market, but if your product is under the warranty period, then it will be a wise thing for you.
  • Power consumption One more important thing to consider is the power consumption of the commercial jerky dehydrator. It means that how many units of the electricity it will consume. The domestic dryers have very less power consumption, but the commercial dryers usually have higher wattage power for drying the food in bulk quantities at fast speed.
  • Control over the temperature The commercial jerky dehydrator that you buy should have an excellent controlling system like adjustable temperature control or inbuilt timer. The adjustable thermostat will help you in setting the temperature, and the timer let you dry out the jerky on time without much attention.

Who Get Benefited From the Commercial Jerky Dehydrator?

Any person who wants to store the jerky in bulk quantities gets easily benefited from the commercial jerky dehydrators. These machines possess the enormous capacity and many trays which you cannot find in the domestic dryer machines.

Some of them also comprise of the dual zone in which you can dry out differ foods according to your needs at one time. It is the main reason that commercial jerky dehydrator is becoming the best choice for the people who are engaged in the food business. They can increase the dehydrator capacity by adding additional trays.

We are not saying that commercial jerky dehydrator is only mean for food businesses. It can also be used by the people who have large families and need lots of jerky snacks sometimes. People who go on camping or hunting for the more extended period can also well utilize these machines for cooking food in bulk at the economical price.


In the end, we want to say that commercial jerky dehydrators are a blessing for all those people who want to get dried jerky in bulk, either for their home or businesses. It saves your lots of time and money which you might have to spend in drying the jerky in small batches in the domestic dehydrator machines.

In the above article, we have listed the seven best commercial jerky dehydrators along with their detailed and in-depth reviews. All of them have their positive sides and negative sides both. Thus, now you have to decide that which one of them perfectly suits your needs and budget.

At last, we can assure you that whatever product you buy from the above list will surely going to serve you for a longer time. 

You can share your thoughts about this article in the below comment box and let us know that was the above info was useful to you? Is there anything which we miss out?

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