Dehydrated Potato Chips Recipe

Many of you must have heard about making healthy dried chips of bananas, apples or kale in a food dehydrator.

Even today many users still ask me – Can you make potato chips in a dehydrator?

Yes, you can make potato chips in a dehydrator.

Potatoes are rich in more potassium in comparison to the spinach, broccoli or bananas. It is also a good source of magnesium, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and zinc. You can eat dehydrated and crispy potatoes as a snack, or you may also use them in other recipes after dehydration.

Making potato chips in the oven is quite common, but there are high chances of burning in it. In fact, you have to keep your eye on it. But with the food dehydrator, you don’t have to worry about all these problems.

Do you want to know how you can make potato chips in a dehydrator? 

Read out the below article to know your answer! We will let you know the steps related to the process of making chips in the dehydrator.

List of Things required for making Potato Chips in the Dehydrator

The below are a few important things which we need for making potato chips in the dehydrator:

  • Knife or food processor
  • Food Dehydrator
  • square-vegetable peeler
  • Bowl
  • Pot

Steps for making Potato Chips in the Dehydrator

Here we will follow the simple and easy steps that will help us in making the crispy and healthy dried potato chips in the dehydrator. 

So, let’s begin!

Step 1: Wash and peel properly

Wash the potatoes properly and peel them with the help of the vegetable peeler.

Step 2: Slice the potatoes

Now after peeling, slice them into the thickness of 3/8-inch with the mandolin or knife. You can also take help of the food processor having the 2-millimeter blade for slicing. It will benefit you in fast slicing. 

Step 3: Blanching process

Take a pot full of water and put it on the stove for boiling. Then place the potatoes for 2 to 3 minutes inside the container for blanching until they turn hot.

Step 4: Cool down

Put these hot potatoes in the bowl of the ice water. As soon as they become cool, drain out all the water from those potatoes. 

Step 5: Air Dry before dehydration

Now you have to dry out the potatoes. You can either air dry or use the paper towels or kitchen towel.

Step 6: Place on trays

dehydrated potato chips

Image Credit: The Layne Homestead

Now keep the potatoes on the shelves of the food dehydrator in the single layer. They must not overlap each other. 

Step 7: Set the temperature

After placing the potatoes on the tray set the temperature of the dehydrator between 130 degrees F to 145 degrees F.

Step 8: Check consistency

You need to dehydrate the potatoes between 6 to 12 hours. Remember that potatoes should become brittle with no content of moisture in them. They must get shattered if you hit them with some solid thing.

Step 9: Pack and seal 

Once the chips get dried, put them in the airtight jar. You can consume them when needed as snacks. 

Tips for making Potato Chips in a Dehydrator

There are few tips which you should follow while making potato chips in a dehydrator:

  • You must cut the potatoes in thin and equal size for uniform drying and crispy texture.
  • If you blanch the potatoes before the dehydration process, it speeds up the time of drying.
  • Blanching also helps in removing the starches which interfere with making the chips crispy.
  • You must pack the potato chips in the airtight jar as soon as possible after drying so that they do not absorb the moisture through the air.
  • Keep the potato chips in the airtight and moisture proof jar which is dark in color so that outside light cannot enter it.
  • Place the jar of chips in the dark and cold area always.

Final word:

Have you got the answer to the question “can you make potato chips in a dehydrator”?

After following the above steps, we can say that you can make potato chips quickly in the food dehydrator. Now you can relish the guilt-free and super crunchy dehydrated potato chips at your home.

Dried potato chips are not fantastic snacks but also a good substitute for the crackers. In fact, sweet potatoes comprise the right amount of fiber too. You can enjoy them without any worries.

Hope that we didn’t miss anything in the above article. If you have any suggestions to share, please let us know. The comments and advice from our dear readers always welcomed.

Feel free to share this article with any of your friends or family member. 

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