Dehydrating Green Onions

Green onions are quite easy to grow in your garden, and you can use them in many delicious recipes also. If you have an abundant growth of the green onions in your garden, what you will do? Will you sell them at a reasonable price in the market or supply them to your friends or relatives?

Fresh green onions
Fresh green onions

We think that instead of selling or gifting them, you should dehydrate them in the food dehydrator machine for the long term storage and use. You can store the dehydrated green onions in tiny space. You might add them in salads, eggs, soups, meat marinades and casseroles in the dried form. But do you have any idea about dehydrating green onions?

In the below article, we will guide you about dehydrating green onions in the food dehydrator in an effortless way. Moreover, we will also share with you some useful info about this incredible food to enhance your knowledge more.

What are Green Onions?

Some people who do not know about the green onions get confused after reading the term “Green” along with the onions.

Well! Green onions are the leaf of the onion plant that comes with the green stems bunches along with few white color bulbs. These are also known as the bunching onions, scallions, and spring onions based on the onion breed and even the place where you are living. Green onions are an appetizingly useful choice for all types of recipes. You can quickly grow, preserve and harvest them at your home.

List of Items Required for Dehydrating Green Onions

The below are a few things that you need for dehydrating green onions:

  • Food dehydrator
  • Water for boiling
  • Green onions
  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Airtight jar

Step by Step Instruction for Dehydrating Green Onions

It is quite easy to dehydrate green onions in the dehydrator by following the below steps:

Step 1: Cut the root ends of the green onions

 Before washing, you should cut off the root end of the green onions as it helps in saving the water and time that you might have to spend in composting and replanting later. Leaving the white bulb with the green leaves benefits you in re-growing the green onions again in your garden.

Step 2: Wash and strip off

Now, you have to take off the debris from the leaves. Moreover, strip off the external layer if it is getting off already. Wash the green onions in the bowl of water before beginning the drying process.

Step 3: Chop it into uniform and small pieces

Slices of green onions
Slices of green onions

The pieces of the green onions should chop in the uniform size for the even drying in the dehydrator machine. You should detach the onion at its natural split-up point amongst the leaves and the stems. There is more pungent taste in the white round part of the green onion in comparison to the milder leaves. So, during the storage, you should keep them in different containers for different usage.

Step 5: Separate the white rings

The green onion’s white portion is denser, so you can separate it easily. The separation let the green onions to get dried at the same speed. The white parts hinder the fast drying process of the green onions. The final doneness of drying the green onions relies on the white portions mainly. You might split the bulbous part of the green onions with the help of knife on the cutting board or the use anything that pokes and do the layer separation.

Step 6: Dehydrate the green onions in the dehydrator

Now you have to place the green onions on the trays of the dehydrator without overlapping each other. You should set the temperature of the dehydrator machine at 95 degrees F for 3 hours to 5 hours period. They have to dehydrate like the herbs. When the green onions get entirely dried, they will get a break or crinkle easily at the room temperature. Green onions shall become dry to touch after the end of the drying process.

Step 7: Storing the dried green onions

You should store the dehydrated green onion in the airtight jar or a container. It helps in increasing its usability and maintaining its nutritional value.

How to Rehydrate the Dried Green Onions?

You can quickly rehydrate the dehydrated green onions by putting it in the bowl of the boiling water. It will soon start turning green from the chlorophyll as well as nutrients of the vegetable. You may also utilize the broth in any other recipe. If your recipe is not wet then, you can freeze the broth in the freezer and use it in the rice or soups recipe. 

How to Make Powder of the Dried Green Onions?

It is quite easy to make the powder of the dried green onions. It might look different to you in color because of the chlorophyll addition. It is more delicious than normal onion powder. You have to take the coffee grinder or the blender and crush the dried onions into the powder in it. The green stems of the green onions are quite different from its white bulbous end as there is more fiber inside the bulbous region. So, it produced more powder due to more bulk and fiber. 

You might combine the powders of these two parts for some distinct flavor. The powder of the dried green onions can use in soups or ramen bowls. It enhances the onion flavor’s kick without its chunk. Some of you might like to add it in your homemade vegetable powder.

Final Thought

Dehydrating green onions in the dehydrator is not a difficult job to do. A beginner can easily do it by following the above-discussed steps in the article. If you want to store the dried green onions for a more extended period then, using the oxygen absorber is the best idea.

Have you tried dehydrating green onions in the dehydrator? If yes then, do share the experience with us in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article with all those who do know much about dehydrating green onions yet!

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