Dehydrator Beef Jerky Recipe

When we think about making the jerky in a dehydrator, the first name that hit our mind is a recipe of dried beef jerky.

Dried beef jerky is also a favorite snack among the campers, hikers or fitness freak people. It is not only a healthy food option, but you can quickly get its recipes in numerous cookbooks of the dehydrator. While making the dried beef jerky, using the dehydrator is a good, economical and energy efficient technique. You can quickly make this snack in this machine.

Dried beef jerky is a far healthier and better option than the market bought jerky. There are so many ways in which you can make the dried beef jerky in a dehydrator. But only a few of them turn out to be delicious and perfect at the end of the drying process. So, what you should do in such a case?

Well! To assist you in this task, we have compiled some best dehydrator beef jerky recipes in the below article. All of them are worth to make and read. We will also share with you some useful info about the beef jerky that will make you more knowledgeable about this food.

Thus, get your knife, take out your dehydrator and gather your ingredients for making some mouth-watering recipes of dried beef jerky.

So, let’s start!

Nutritional Benefits of Dehydrator Beef Jerky

There are so many nutritional benefits that dried beef jerky offers. In one cup of dried beef jerky, you get 30 grams protein, 369 calories, and 10 grams of carbohydrate and 23 grams of fat. Moreover, it also provides you with 7 milligrams of zinc, 537 milligrams of potassium and over 1800 milligrams of sodium. The dried beef jerky keeps you full for the longest time, and that’s why lots of campers and hikers love to carry this snack along with them on their trips.

Beef jerky is one of the most nutrient-compact foods. The nutritional content of this food might vary according to the types of flavors that you include in the recipe of beef jerky. So, it’s advisable to pick healthy seasonings and ingredients while making the recipe of dried beef jerky in the dehydrator for getting a healthy snack in the end.

Nutritional content of the dried beef jerky

Serving size: 1 cup

Calories: 369

Calories from fat: 207      

Total fat: 23 gm

Per Serving % Daily Value*
Saturated Fat 10g 44%
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 10g
Cholesterol 43mg 14%
Sodium 1873mg 81%
Potassium 537mg 11%
Carbohydrates 10g 8%
Dietary Fiber 2g 6%
Sugars 8g
Protein 30g
Vitamin A 0% · Vitamin C 0%

Calcium 2% · Iron 27%

*Based on a 2,000 calorie diet

List of Dehydrated Beef Jerky Recipes

Now it’s time to show you the list of some amazing and delicious dehydrated beef jerky. All of these recipes are picked and mentioned here after doing lots of research so that you don’t find it difficult for making at your home. Most of them prepared from the ingredients that are readily available at home. You can also add any twist in these recipes for getting some innovative outcome in the end.

1. Island Cowboy Beef Jerky Recipe

The first recipe is island cowboy beef jerky in which there is the use of ginger, black pepper and lime juice for getting some spicy and tangy flavor. You can add the crushed red pepper as well for spicier taste. The liquid smoke provides a smoky flavor to the dish. Don’t forget to refrigerate the marinade of the recipe for around 6 hours before drying in the dehydrator.

Click here for the recipe link

2. Low Sodium & Carb. Beef Jerky Recipe

The next recipe is quite a healthy option for all those fitness freak people who don’t like to include more carbs or sodium in their diet. The main ingredients of the recipe are cayenne, pepper, onion powder, chili powder, and garlic. You need to trim the entire fat of the meat before marinating. Don’t forget to check that the jerky should bend and not break in the end.

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3. V8 Beef Jerky Recipe

This delicious dried beef jerky recipe comprises the addition of flavor of V8 Tropical Blend Juice. The subsequent beef jerky gets a remarkable twist in the flavor consequently. The lovely flavor of garlic cloves provides the burnt and pungent taste along with the nutty flavor. It is the best recipe for all those people who love to do experimentation with the flavors.

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4. Burger Beef Jerky Recipe

The name itself is quite appetizing for the people who love to eat fast food more. You need lots of spices in this recipe like cardamom, marjoram, pepper, garlic powder, red pepper, and MSG. Before placing the meat on the trays, don’t forget to pat it dry with the help of the paper towels. People who love spices in their food with some twist will like this recipe undeniably.

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5. 1st Place Beef Jerky Recipe

It is one more homemade beef jerky recipe that is quite nutritious. Some of you might not resist yourself from it owing to its fantastic taste. It includes the Chinese five-spice powder, dark soy, onion powder and garlic powder that offers a delicate and well-balanced flavor to the dish.

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6. Yuzu Beef Jerky

Yuzu is a sour and citrus fruit that cultivates in the Eastern part of Asia. It looks like the small size of the grapefruit. The recipe of Yuzu Beef Jerky is a whitish condiment of Japan which prepared from the three ingredients: salt, yuzu zest, as well as chilies. While tasting this recipe, you will get the incredible Asian flavor along with the chili and orange spice latterly. It is quite spicy but also quite pungent.

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7. Spicy Sweet Beef Jerky

Spicy Sweet Beef Jerky recipe possess an astonishing sugary flavor along with the zesty punch at the end. Once you prepare it for your family and friends, you will surely get admirations for it. The honey and brown sugar in the recipe provides the jerky a pleasant sugary flavor as soon as you begin to chew. Later on, the flavor of salty soy sauce will emerge as a savory. Lastly, as soon as you finish the food, you can feel the heat from black pepper and red pepper flakes.

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8. Silk Road Beef Jerky

The Silk Road beef jerky recipe has an outstanding flavor that is tart and tangy as well. The sumac (the ingredient that belongs to the Mediterranean)  takes away the show with the addition of some citrus flavor. There is the use of a pinch of cinnamon which circles out the beef jerky. You will not get too much flavor of the tomato in it but of you to want its taste then add more of them.

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9. Margarita Beef Jerky

It is quite a simple recipe of beef jerky that creates a candy which looks similar to the jerky. There is a use of beef top round that marinated for around 16 hours before getting dried. All the ingredients in this recipe are readily available at your home. You will only need some meat and the margarita mix from the market that will provide an adequate taste of saltiness and sweet flavor of margarita to the dish. People who look for the delicious and flavourful recipe always should try this recipe once.

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10. Korean BBQ Beef Jerky

It is a famous recipe in Korea that you quickly get there. The flavor of Korean BBQ beef jerky is fantastic. It indeed has the same taste that you will get in other Korean pork recipes in the restaurants. The flavor of the soy sauce is quite light and does not overpower the entire flavor of the recipe. It’s not very salty. The flavor of the sesame oil is also noticeable. You must try this recipe for sure if you genuinely love the beef jerky snacks.

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11. Dragon Fire Beef Jerky

The beef jerky in this recipe made with the Habanero peppers that are quite essential. The peppers provide a strong kick of spice, and the addition of the sea salt makes it yummy too. It is one of the best dehydrator beef jerky recipes that you can make at your home. Surprisingly, you will not find the beef jerky so much hot that it was during the marinating. People who love to eat spicy food must add some more habanero to the recipe.

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12. Vinegar Horseradish Beef Jerky

There is the use of horseradish in this recipe of Vinegar Horseradish Beef Jerky that provides an ultimate flavor to the dish. You can feel more spicy flavor in comparison to the strong flavor of horseradish. After cooking and heating the horseradish, the flavor of the recipe turns out to be delicate, and you will not find it sharp like the raw form. It is not so much spicy, and you can carry it easily on the hiking and hunting.

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13. Bayou Cajun Beef Jerky

You will get the zest and some amount of spice of New Orleans in this recipe of Bayou Cajun Beef Jerky. Its flavor liked by almost every person. The method has incredible flavors as a base like onion, salt, red pepper, and garlic. There is the use of beef round top in this recipe that is sliced thinly from all sides. While tasting it, you will have the taste of jerky in the beginning, but later on, you will get a boost of hot spicy sauce. If you are the one who loves to have spicy beef jerky then, adding some ground red pepper along with one tablespoon of hot sauce is highly recommended.

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14. East Side Beef Jerky

It is a salty and appetizing recipe of the beef jerky which has the wonderful flavor of soy sauce along with the favorite fish sauce of lots of people. There is the use of some amount of fish sauce and local honey in it. People who love to eat Asian recipes will enjoy its flavor that is delightful. You might have to buy the Fish sauce from the market that has Asian food products.

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15. Gold Buckle Brisket Beef Jerky

It is quite similar to the recipe of teriyaki beef jerky. You will find it quite tasty. There is the use of rump roast comprising of the little amount of fat. In the end, you will get a smoky flavor coming out from the liquid smoke and the brisket’s saltiness in the marinade. People who love to have simple food without much experimentation should try this recipe once. So, don’t wait more and start making it today in your food dehydrator machine.

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16. Steak Dry Rub Beef Jerky

It is easy to prepare the recipe that uses a seasoning rub which is made previously so that you can save your lots of time. There is the use of beef eye of round along with the cutting of fat. But this does not harm its taste at all.  Don’t hesitate to dip all the pieces of meat in the bowl of slices as this will not overpower the original flavor and seasonings of the recipe. People searching for the quick recipe of beef jerky that does not need much marinating and preparation time must try this recipe.

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17. Vietnamese Beef Jerky

It is a beef jerky recipe of Vietnamese style that consists of numerous amazing flavors that will satisfy your taste buds for sure. The key ingredient in this recipe is the turmeric powder which is quite dominant. Once you keep the jerky in your mind, you can identify the flavor of turmeric easily in it. One more significant flavor which is present in this beef jerky is the Garlic and lemongrass. You can use the garlic press for crushing the garlic to keep the original and strong flavors. The lemongrass will provide you a Thai flavor. In the end, you might get the kick of high amount of spices. So, if you want to counterpart it then, adding some sugar is suggested.

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18. Jamaican Jerk Beef Jerky

The addition of Thyme and Cayenne adds an outstanding taste to this recipe. The taste of the basil originates inside your taste buds along with the boost of the flavor of cayenne pepper latterly. The result of this recipe is quite good, and you will love its authentic flavor that you can’t get in other recipes of dehydrator beef jerky.

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19. Jalapeno Lime Beef Jerky

It is one more easily prepare the beef jerky recipe that consists of some amount of sugariness from the honey, zest from the jalapenos, and a dominant citrus flavor of lemon. No person doesn’t like the lemon and jalapeno together. Usually, people don’t like adding much honey to the recipes of jerky by in this recipe the honey is the king in the marinating.

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20. Mexican Heat Beef Jerky

This recipe of beef jerky is prepared with the help of red pepper flakes and the spicy Serrano peppers so that you get some fire on your lips and in fact, your satisfaction of the spice craving also gets fulfilled. Serrano peppers found in the sauces of pico de gallo and Picante. Since this ingredient is from Mexico, it is quite spicier than the jalapeno. It is not only tasty but delicious too.

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21. Tropical Island Beef Jerky

In this recipe of Tropical Island Beef Jerky, there is the use of beef eye of round that cut alongside the grin. The addition of curing salt in the dish provides an original flavor of the dried beef jerky. If you want to get an extra kick then, add some amount of cayenne in it.

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22. Sweet Cherry Beef Jerky

It is an exceptional beef jerky recipe that comprises of an excellent flavor of sweet cherry in every single bite. You can use the filling of cherry pie or the fresh cherries in it. Both of them will work well for it. Before adding the cherries in the marinade, you have to take its seeds out and blend it with the help of the blender for the smoothness. It will take around 5 hours in the dehydrator machine. There will be tiny bits of cherry on the strips of jerky that provides a cherry flavor.

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23. Thai Spiced Beef Jerky

It is a stress-free to prepare Thai Spiced beef jerky recipe which will blow your mind with its delicious flavor. It needs only five ingredients with some amount of water. If you have time shortage and still want to make a beef jerky recipe then, this one is the best option. There is the use of beef eye of round that is cut through the grain and marinated with a mallet of meat. The consistency of the jerky in this recipe will not be very chewy.

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24. Chinese 5 Spice Beef Jerky

It is a combination of 5 spices usually include inside Chinese cooking. It makes the beef jerky delightfully spicy and sweet. The five spices used in this recipe are cloves, star anise, cinnamon, fennel, and Sichuan peppercorns. All these ingredients may differ from each other, but they always signify the five basic tastes of Chinese cuisine: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and savory.

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Tips For Making Beef Jerky In a Dehydrator:

The below are few tips that you should keep in mind while making the recipe of beef jerky in a food dehydrator:

  • The meat of the beef that is lean is always preferable for buying
  • If you keep the meat inside the freezer before cutting then, it will become easy for your slice. Freezing helps in firming up the meat. You can also use a sharp knife or a slicer if frost is not possible.
  • Slicing the meat against the grin is beneficial as it helps in making the food more chewable, particularly in the case of fatty meat. You should check the direction of the meat’s strands of and cut them in a reverse way.
  • Cut the slices in the ¼ inches of size
  • The time taken by the food dehydrator for drying beef jerky depends on the thickness of the meat, the content of moisture and settings of temperature.
  • Try to use a ziplock bag for keeping the marinades as this will not only make you use fewer ingredients but also helps in expelling the air from coming inside. Ziplock bags are also useful for the proper marinating of the jerky strips
  • The more time you take for marinating, there will be a tastier recipe in the end.
  • While taking out the jerky strips from the dryer machine, let it cool down. Then check whether it cracks, break or bend. While bending, you can see the fibers of the food.


Dried beef jerky is a useful source of protein and people who want to consume low carb snacks this could be a good option. The homemade beef jerky recipes are the healthiest way to eat this healthy food.

The above dehydrator beef jerky recipes are compiled together after keeping in mind the easiness and usefulness. All of them prepared with the help of some fantastic spices, diverse flavors, and seasonings. You can pick any of the above recipes and start making it today for your family and friends.

Moreover, these recipes are also a far better option than the store-bought beef jerky that is not only unhealthy but includes lots of sodium, chemicals, and preservatives which are also harmful to our health. You can easily make these recipes at your home for some party or gathering of friends.

In the end, we want to say that whatever recipe you pick from the list, it’s going to benefits in your good health.

If you have any other more recipe of the dehydrator beef recipe then, feel free to share with us. You can also ask us any query about the above info in the below comment box for more clarity.

Stay tuned for more recipes here!      


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