Excalibur 2900 ECB VS Excalibur 3900B – Which One to Choose?

Today’s lifestyle compulsorily requires healthy diet and good exercise. With the constant running and struggling and managing a really hectic day, you do owe your body healthy and nutritious food so that it can keep functioning with great stamina every day.

Excalibur dehydrators help in dehydrating and storing the foods for a long time without any trouble. The company has a reputation of providing the best dehydrators for the households and the two variants, Excalibur 2900 ECB and Excalibur 3900 B, prove this point.

One more reason you need to buy a best Excalibur dehydrator as soon as possible is that the fruits and vegetables of a particular season can be available to you all year long. The Excalibur range of dehydrators gives you the liberty to dehydrate and store the fruits, vegetables and all kinds of food items for a long time. This way, you never run out of your favorite dehydrated snack once you have Excalibur at your place.

These two variants of the Excalibur dehydrators offer the required assistance when it comes to dehydrating foods on the go, but the decision of choosing between the two rests with you. Each of the variants has its pros and cons, which you need to know, before making the choice.

Now that you know how badly you need a dehydrator, let’s come to the next most important question. Which one should you buy? There are several options available in the market when it comes to Excalibur range of dehydrators, with Excalibur 2900 ECB and Excalibur 3900 B taking the ropes, and it can get a bit confusing.

Excalibur 2900ECB Dehydrator 

One of the most technologically advanced food dehydrators in the market, Excalibur 3900 ECB is a proud product of the world famous Excalibur Company. The features of this product are amazing! With 9 trays and 15 square inch drying space, it is a great deal for people who are looking for a dehydrator which is compact and yet has good storage capacity.

It works well for huge families with different dietary needs. The trays are easy to remove and clean so maintaining the product won’t take up much of your time and energy.

Excalibur 2900ECB Dehydrator

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Excalibur 3900b Dehydrator

If you are looking for a way to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and healthy for days at an affordable price, then this product is just for you! Another product by the renowned Excalibur Company is competing against its own brother product in the category of best food dehydrator.

Although it has the same storage capacity and 9 trays for food dehydration, the technology is more advanced than the previous product as it is one of the latest range of dehydrators the company has launched. Hence, the working mechanism is more developed and user-friendly.

Excalibur 3900b Dehydrator

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To give you a clear idea about the similarities and differences between those two products, here’s a well-prepared list to make you more informed.

Similarities Between Excalibur 2900 ECB and  Excalibur 3900B

1) Company

Both the products belong to the leading dehydrator company of the world, Excalibur. Excalibur is an old company, starting its foundations since 1973. Hence, it is one of the most trusted companies of the world, and it has never failed its customers. The products of Excalibur are used worldwide and are quite popular for their quality.

2) Temperature

Both the dehydrators provide the same temperature range, from 105 degrees F to 165 degrees F. The temperature is very controlled, exactly the amount required for proper dehydration of fruits and vegetables. The dehydrated products are also stored in suitable temperature and conditions so that they won’t go stale.

3) Trays Given

Both the dehydrators have 9 trays provided by the company. 9 trays provide you with ample space to dehydrate and store fresh food items. Hence, you can go longer without buying any more fruits and vegetables. Also, the advantage of having a 9 tray storage is that you can separate the dietary requirements of all members of your family and store them in an ordered manner to make the whole process easier.

4) Air Flow

The air flow in both dehydrators in horizontal so that the food will be cooled equally. This facilitates better dehydration process in the dehydrators. Horizontal air flow is perfect for drying meat products like chicken. The dehydration process is also comparatively faster than dehydrators with vertical sir flow. As the fans are situated in the back, the air flows from back to front, equally covering the surface of every food item.

5) Timer

Both the products don’t have timers. So you would have to keep a regular tab on the food items placed in the dehydrator to check if the process is complete or not. However, fruits and vegetables take anywhere from 4-11 hours to get dehydrated. So you can leave it on while you nap or work. Herbs and spices take around 2-4 hours, and nuts take about 10 hours. So you can put on food items in batches to dehydrate them.

6) Material

Both the dehydrators are made of plastic, so there’s no chance of rusting or corrosion. Aldo, plastic doesn’t react with anything, so your food is quite safe and healthy and will stay so for a long time.

7) Weight

22 pounds is the weight of both, Excalibur 3900 b and Excalibur 2900 ECB. Low weight makes transportation of the dehydrators very easy. You can simply pick it up and place it somewhere else. The light weight feature of the products makes them an immediate favorite among people who go backpacking and trekking. You can lug them in a bag and keep your food in it while you are traveling.

8) Product Dimensions

The dimensions of both the products are 19*17*12.5 inches. This means that it won’t occupy much space in your kitchen or any room you place the dehydrators in. The products can fit into most kitchen counters and backpacks.

9) Thermostats

Both the products have adjustable thermostats which allow them to regulate the temperature.

10) Availability of Colors and Designs.

Excalibur 2900 ECB as well as Excalibur 3900 b, both come in two colors- black and white. As the colors are neutral, it can go up to any wall or any counter and not look out of the place. The designs are also quite similar, as the dimensions and storing capacity are similar in both the products.

Differences Between Excalibur 2900 ECB Vs Excalibur 3900B

Excalibur 2900 ECB VS Excalibur 3900B

1) Wattage Excalibur 3900 b is 600 W while Excalibur 2900 ECB is 600 Watts. The power capacity of Excalibur 3900 b is more than the later.

2) Maximum Trays Excalibur 2900 ECB has a maximum capacity of 9 trays while no capacity limit is applicable for Excaliber 3900 b. 9 trays is more than enough to store a couple of weeks portion of fruits and vegetables.

3) Warranty Excalibur 2900 ECB comes with a warranty of five years while Excalibur 3900 b has a warranty of ten years. Ten years is a very long time and is almost unbelievable to have a product warranty for that long.


After all these comparisons and information, you can go ahead and make a well-informed decision about which dehydrator, be it Excalibur 2900 ECB or the Excalibur 300 B, you want to buy to store your fruits and vegetables as fresh and healthy for a long time.

Both the products have made it huge in the market, and the quality of Excalibur is well held by these products. Needless to say, Excalibur, being one of the trusted brands, is able to provide the best performance regardless of the model. The difference listed above will help you decide between the Excalibur 2900 ECB and Excalibur 3900 B.

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Maria Martins - July 14, 2019

I just bought a Excalibur 2900ECB from Amazon. In the description it shows the wattage as 400 watts. However at the bottom of the page where this dehydrator is compared to others ir show the wattage as 600 watt. My dehydrator shows 600 watts on the back plate

    Linda - July 14, 2019

    Thanks for updating.

    It looks like manufacture/seller given wrong watts data on amazon site I guess. I Just saw users question and answer section on amazon there also they are mentioning it’s 600 Watt. I just updated this article and changed the watt to 600 W!


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