Excalibur D900CDSHD Clear Door and Stainless Steel Dehydrator Review

The Excalibur D900CDSHD is a brilliant add to your kitchen requirements. It addresses the needs of dehydration of food for the people whether they are hunters or running a private business. It has been carefully crafted so t`hat nutrition of food remains intact.

Through buying The Excalibur D900CDSHD, you can save both time and money. It has got 9 trays; you can dehydrate more food in less time. Similarly, instead of buying expensive dehydrated food, by buying The Excalibur D900CDSHD, you can save a serious amount of money.

This product contains a clear door, which can be used to keep in check the process, during the working of the device. It comes with the built-in timer, which turns off the device after 26 hours. So you can do whatever you want while it’s working.

Excalibur D900CDSHD Clear Door and Stainless Steel Dehydrator
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It comes with easy to use thermostat settings so that consumers may easily use the device. The range of thermostat is created so that nutrients of food are preserved, and standards of safety are met as well.

Quick Specifications of Excalibur 9-Tray Clear Door Stainless Steel Dehydrator With Stainless Steel Trays, Model D900CDSHD

Product Name

Excalibur 9-Tray Clear Door Stainless Steel Dehydrator w/Stainless Steel Trays, Model D900CDSHD



Item Dimensions

12-1/2″H x 17″W x 19″D

Item Weight

40 pounds

Material Type

Plastic and stainless steel


110-120 V


600 Watts


Automatic Fan


15 sq. ft.



Temperature Range

105 F to 165 F


9 Large Trays




10 Year

Editor Rating


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Detailed Features of the Excalibur D900CDSHD Food Dehydrator

The detailed features of this Excalibur dehydrator are mentioned below. These features are quite helpful in reaching a decision about a certain product. Let’s dive in.

  • Easy to Use

    The Excalibur D900CDSHD is easy to handle. It is built to care for the needs of the people. For this purpose, there is no high-fi system installed so that anyone can use it in the hour of need. You just have to put the food to be dehydrated in trays and then select the timer. That’s all you need to do. Now, relax as the machine will turn off automatically after the timer stops.

  • Clear Door

    The Excalibur D900CDSHD contains a clear door, which can be used to take a look at the process whenever you want. The efficient system is specially designed to benefit the customers, and it runs according to customer usage.

  • Large Capacity

    The Excalibur D900CDSHD has a large capacity which offers you to save your precious time. There are 9 large trays for this purpose which can be used to stack food simultaneously. You can use any number of trays according to your need. It is 15 sq ft. of drying space, which can be used upon requirement.

  • Stainless Steel Trays

    The stainless steel trays are designed to hold food while drying. Sometimes food gets stuck to the steel trays. For this purpose, Paraflex sheets can be used in the trays which keep the food from sticking.

  • Timer

    The 26-hour timer system of the Excalibur D900CDSHD is designed to make the process easy. After turning the timer on, you can address to your work as the machine will turn itself off as the time completes. You do not have to worry about the process.

  • Adjustable Thermostat

    The Thermostat of the Excalibur D900CDSHD is designed to be adjustable between 105-165 degrees Fahrenheit. Such designing keeps the nutrition of the food intact along with addressing the safety concerns, as temperature more than that can be disastrous.

  • Handy

    The Excalibur D900CDSHD can come in handy for any food for your dehydration needs. From fruits to meat, it can be used for the optimal performance as the nutrition remains unharmed during the whole process.

  • Internal Fan

    The Excalibur D900CDSHD has a 7-inch internal fan which is used to spread the heat uniformly so that each and every part of the food gets an equal percentage of heat. This mechanism allows the uniform dehydration of food which you can relish upon requirement.

  • Polycarbonate Material

    The door of Excalibur D900CDSHD is made up of polycarbonate material so that your health does not get affected from the consummation of dehydrated food. It keeps food healthy along with the environment.

What Comes with the Excalibur D900CDSHD Food Dehydrator?

At the time of unboxing, the user will get following items.

  • User Manual

    It comes with the user manual so that each and everyone can get to know, how to operate the machine. Although it is not that difficult to handle, in the case of any ambiguity, you can consult the user manual guide. It will clear all the uncertainties in your mind about the machine operation.

  • Warranty

    If you buy that product from an official retailer, you will get the warranty of 10 years for this machine.

Full Technical Specifications of the Excalibur D900CDSHD Dehydrator

The detailed description of The Excalibur D900CDSHD is described below. Have a look.

Material Type

The outer case of The Excalibur D900CDSHD is made up of stainless steel with the 9 large stainless steel trays for addressing the excessive needs of dehydration.


The dimensions of The Excalibur D900CDSHD are 17 x 19 x 12.5 in, which is more than enough space for dehydration.


The color of The Excalibur D900CDSHD is stainless steel silver.

Number of Trays

There are 9 number of large trays which come with the Excalibur D900CDSHD. They can be used according to the requirement.


Its voltage requirement is between 110-120 volts.


The weight of the Excalibur D900CDSHD is 40 lbs. You can easily carry it anywhere in the house.

Adjustable Thermostat

Its thermostat can be adjusted between 105 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This adjustable thermostat can be used according to your requirement.


There is a timer system of 26 hours, which helps you to do your work while device works on dehydrating the food. The machine turns off itself when the timer completes the time interval. You do not have to worry about switching it off.

Internal Fan

There is a seven inch built in fan, which is configured to spread the heat uniformly throughout the food. It works at 600 watts.

Clear Door

There is a clear door made up of polycarbonate material which helps you to look at the process going on in the machine while it is working.


The Excalibur D900CDSHD has the capacity of 15 sq ft. divided among 9 large trays. There is enough space in it. If you need to dehydrate a large amount of food at a time, you can do it too.

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Pros of the Excalibur D900CDSHD

There are numerous advantages of the Excalibur D900CDSHD. Have a look at those and decide it yourself that whether it is a must-have machine for your kitchen or not.

  • Proficient and Handy

    It is a useful machine for every household. It can be considered best in what it does because of its proficiency. It has ample space which can be utilized upon requirement. Numerous types of food can be dehydrated using this machine. From fruit to meat, you can use it to dehydrate any food you want.

  • No BPA Material

    The Excalibur D900CDSHD is totally made of stainless steel. It protects you and your food from harmful BPA material which is one of its most prominent features.

  • Enormous Space

    The Excalibur D900CDSHD has an enormous space. It has 9 large trays, and you can use any number of them you want. It all depends on your requirement. It huge dehydrating space lets you an opportunity to dehydrate maximum amount of food in no time.

  • No Noise Issues

    When the machine is working, you will hear no noise except that of the fan which is almost negligible. If you take a look at its enormous size, you will think that it will fill your home with noise, but there is no such problem whatsoever.

  • Stainless Steel Trays

    Another advantage of this machine is the stainless steel trays which are easily washable. Also, these trays are totally BPA free as they are made up of stainless steel. You can get rid of all your worries because this machine keeps you and your food completely healthy.

  • Complete Air Circulation

    The internal fan used in this machine works on the principle of uniform distribution. So the air circulates completely. This even circulation keeps every corner of your food evenly dehydrated, and it is very necessary for taste.

  • Auto Timer

    You can relax after putting food in the machine for dehydration. The auto timer function will turn off the machine itself, once it has completed the process. You do not have to worry about anything. You just have to put food and auto timer will do the rest for you.

  • Adjustable Temperature Settings

    The temperature range of the Excalibur D900CDSHD is designed to carry out two purposes. Firstly, its lower range is low enough to keep the nutrition of the food intact, and similarly, its higher range is designed to be safe as well. You can enjoy the excellent taste of the dehydrated food as it is nutritious and healthy.

  • Fragrance

    It fills your house with the heavenly aromas of the food getting dehydrated. This fragrance keeps your house in a beautiful state of nice smell which will be enough to fall in love with this machine.

Cons of the Excalibur D900CDSHD

Although there are numerous advantages of using this dehydrator, there are some disadvantages to it as well.

Let’s have a look.

  • No Drip Pan

    There is no drip pan or false base, and the moisture keeps on accumulating on the surface. It becomes dirty. There is nothing to worry about because the trays are perfectly washable. For the prevention of the moisture falling into base, you can place the machine’s rear foots on an elevated area. In this way, the moisture will get accumulated at a place, and it will be easier for you to clean it afterward.

  • Placement of Controls

    There is another issue with this product. It is having the controls on the backside of the machine. It is difficult to control when the machine is placed under the cabinets. You will have to set it at the place most convenient for its use because of having controls on the backside.

  • Cost

    Cost is another issue as this machine is more costly than the machines coming with no timers. You will have to keep in mind, though it is costly, it is worth it because of its extremely satisfactory working.

  • A Little Noisy

    It is a bit noisy than the other dehydrators but it is just a little more, and people get easily used to it.

  • No Solid Sheets

    Having no solid sheets, it becomes a little messy in the machine. You have to keep that in mind that the drips of the fruits or the moisture for that matter will be accumulated on the trays and the bottom and you will have to clean the whole system afterward.

  • Caution Needed

    You have to stay cautious as the machine becomes hot during working. Well, this is the problem with every dehydrator. You just have to develop an approach of not touching the machine while it is working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are the most frequently asked questions about the Excalibur D900CDSHD Dehydrator.

Q: Do the Stainless Trays Stick More after Drying the Food Than Plastic and How Do You Deal with That If So? I Wonder About Shredded Zucchini or Herbs?

Yes, they do stick more. You will have to have Paraflex sheets with it as well.

Q: Hi, on the – Excalibur Dehydrator Stainless Steel 9 Tray W/ Stainless Steel Trays, Do You Still Need the Non-stick Sheets When Using the Dehydrator?

It depends on the food you are dehydrating. If the water level of the food is more than you will need sheets otherwise, it will work fine with the food having less amount of liquid like potatoes.

Q: Does This Unit Come with a 10-year Limited Warranty?

Yes, it does come with 10 years warranty if you purchase it from an authorized retailer. You can come to know about the authenticity of the retailer. If they are advertising under MAP, you should be cautious as they would not be authorized retailers of the product.

Q: Is This Product Made with Any Plastic Parts?

The product is made up of stainless steel panels inserted into the ABS Plastic. The large trays are completely made up of stainless steel, while the clear door is made up of polycarbonate material.

Q: How Many Watts Does This Use? We Are Off the Grid.

There is ambiguity found on the internet about this question. This Excalibur dehydrator has a 7-inch fan, and it uses 600 watts for proper functioning.

Q: May I Use It in Asia, We Need 230 V Plug… Order Direct from Amazon, How About the Shipping Then?

Sorry, it cannot be used in Asia as it is developed only according to the needs of the US citizen.

Q: Can You Dry Liquids with This? (Thick Syrupy Stuff)

You can do that, but for doing so you will have to buy thick jelly roll sheets along with the machine. It is because the trays are mesh and they cannot hold liquid on their surface.

Q: Does This Dehydrator Have a Timer?

Yes, it does have a timer. This timer is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the people with the thermostat settings as well.

Q: Can You Put the Stainless Steel Trays in the Dishwasher?

Yes, you can. It is one of the benefits of this product, and you can clean the steel trays whenever you want.

Q: Does This Model Come with the Hyperwave Fluctuation Technology?

Yes, it does. Almost all the Excalibur models come with the Hyperwave Fluctuation technology.

Q: Is the Polycarbonate Door BPA Free?

Yes, the clear door made up of polycarbonate material is totally BPA free. It is designed so to keep the food and the consumer healthy.

Q: Is the Door Supposed to Close Tightly?

No, it hangs a little loose so that air could get crossed while dehydrating. This air flow is helpful in pushing out moisture.

Q: Is It Possible to Purchase a Glass Door for This Unit to Switch Out the Plastic Door?

Sorry, there are no glass doors available for this product. This plastic door is totally BPA free; you do not have to worry about that.

Q: Does This D900cdshd Come with the “preserve It Naturally” Book?

No, it does not. If you want to have that book, you will have to purchase it.

Q: Which Excalibur Is Better the Stainless Steel Tray or Plastic for Making Raw Dog Food/ Treats?

It depends on the food material under dehydration. For strips of meat, plastic can do the trick. The stainless steel would be a better option to dehydrate a lot of small pieces.

Q: Can This Product Be Shipped Outside the USA?

Unfortunately, due to retailer restrictions the products designed in the USA are according to the voltage usage of US. Therefore these products cannot be shipped outside the USA.

Q: Are the Trays Stainless Steel and Not Chrome? Have I Read Some Companies Pass Off Chrome as Stainless?

The trays are made up of stainless steel, no other ingredient is involved in their production.

Q: I See This Says the Items Shipping Weight Is 40 Lbs. What Is the Weight of the Actual Item?

The weight of the actual item is almost 37-38 lbs.

Q: What Is the Temperature Range? Low to High in Celsius Please – and Is There an Auto Shut Off? How Long Are the Timer Settings?

The temperature range of the product is 110-165 degree Fahrenheit. (41-74 degree Celsius). Yes, there is an auto shut off present in this machine. A timer can be set between 2-26 hours, according to the requirement.

Q: Can You Use Parchment Paper?

Yes, you can use parchment paper, but Paraflex sheets work more optimally than the parchment papers.

Q: What Size Sheets Work with This Dehydrator?

Top question! This dehydrator works with 14×14 inch sheets.


Although it is a little costly than the other Dehydrators, the advantages that you get from purchasing it are more useful than the little amount of more money spent. It is the best machine due to the reputation Excalibur has maintained in the field of dehydrating machines.

You can also render it as cost effective machine as it will save your money spent on the commercial dehydration. The nutritious food and the essence of freshness are preserved in the dehydrating process, and you will relish the pure taste of the fresh food.

This machine has made dehydration far too easy. You just have to place the food and push some buttons. Now you do not have to worry about the food as the automatic timer will switch the machine off itself. You will be extremely satisfied with the results you get from this machine.

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