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​The first name in the list is of Nesco brand food dehydrator. NESCO (National Enamelling and Stamping Company) was started in the early 1930's through the vending of electric roasters. The thought behind launching electric toaster was to offer a portable oven during that time. NESCO along with local utility company in Wisconsin (US) started selling their roaster ovens accompanied by a “new electric service” to the rural families who were still making food on the wooden cooktops.

The original products of NESCO were traded to the other companies after some time. In the year 1981, the roasters ovens were bought by The Metal Ware Corporation Company in Wisconsin. At present, Metal Ware makes various cooking appliances below the name of NESCO, comprising Open Country Camp Cookware also. In the year 1997, the same company acquired the possessions of American Harvest Company in Chaska, and presently advertises their foods underneath the NESCO/American Harvest brand tag. NESCO manufactures an extensive variety of appliances like food dehydrators, roaster furnaces, massage stone heaters, jet stream ovens, as well as jerky kits.


​Why Buyers Prefer Nesco dehydrators brand?

​Due to the following reasons, a buyer prefers to choose the Nesco brand

  • ​Nesco products or dehydrators are easily available in the market at all the different price ranges. So, whatever is the budget of the buyer, he/she will definitely find a product of this brand as per the pocket.
  • The products of Nesco brand are very easy to use. For example, in a food dehydrator, you can effortlessly stack the shelves, fix the preferred temperature and also can set the timer.
  • The products made by Nesco are highly durable and you can use them for the longer period of time.

Manufacture Country: United States of America (USA)

Started: Nesco Company was started in the early 1930s.

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