Gourmia GFD1550 Food Dehydrator Review

The Gourmia GFD1550 Food dehydrator is specifically designed to serve your need of having yummiest snacks loaded with health benefits. It is a great gift for anyone who likes to garden, hunt or wants to store foods for a long term.

The Gourmia 1550 food dehydrator works wonderfully, it is easy to use and gives finest results. It offers 5 nesting trays for bulk dehydration that saves your valuable money and precious time. Instead of spending money on commercially dehydrated food, make your delicious jerky or fine fruit leather with this digital food dehydrator.

Gourmia dehydrator has 5 nesting trays, which allows you to dehydrate several foods at a time. It has digital temperature settings, which makes this dehydrator best for beginners, as it displays exact drying time and temperature, which helps you get the optimal result.

Gourmia GFD1550 Food Dehydrator
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Gourmia GFD1550 Dehydrator will make your everyday cooking trouble-free, healthy and scrumptious. This dehydrator is innovative, highly efficient when it comes to the performance, and delivers a value that will make your life in the kitchen enjoyable and easy.

Quick Specifications of Gourmia GFD1550

Product Name

Gourmia GFD1550 Food Dehydrator With Digital Temperature Settings, Five Nesting Tray Drying System for Beef Jerky, Fruits



Item Dimensions

14.5 x 14.5 x 12 inches

Item Weight

8.7 pounds

Material Type



120 V


500 Watts


Automatic Fan


2 Quarts



Temperature Range

105 F to 158 F


5 Nesting Trays




1 Year

Editor Rating


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Key Features of the Gourmia GFD1550 Food Dehydrator

Let’s look into the features and functions of Gourmia GFD1550 dehydrator thoroughly. This in-depth analysis will assist you in your decision

Following are the features of this dehydrator.

  • Easy to Use:

    Gourmia GFD1550 has simplified the whole process of drying the food. All you have to do is to slice your food, be it beef or fruit, season it according to your taste preferences and put the food item in this machine. Now all you have to do is to select the time from the easy control panel and enjoy your flawlessly dehydrated food.

  • Cut + Dry Dehydrator:

    Dehydrating food has never been an easy task. To get preservatives and chemical free food, one has to put a lot of effort to dry up the food and save it. But with Gourmia GFD1550 dehydrating food is as simple and easy as cutting or slicing the food and putting it in the machine; rest of the work belongs to Gourmia. The result is just awesome. Perfectly crispy, scrumptious and healthy snack.

  • EasyVue Lid:

    A significant feature of Gourmia Dehydrator is the EasyVue Lid. It is transparent for quick viewing. The drying process can be observed without opening the lid, which helps to reduce the loss of heat. This lid also allows views of all tray levels.

  • Drying Trays:

    There are 5 plastic Drying Trays included with this Cut + Dry Auto Dehydrator. These trays provide sufficient space to dry a large amount of food in one go. One of the trays is the Center Cap Tray, which should be strictly placed on top of all other trays. The EasyVue Lid is then placed over the Center Cap Tray. These trays are perforated thoroughly to allow air to circulate properly during the drying process.

  • Electrical Polarized Plug:

    This Dehydrator has a polarized plug which means one blade is wider than the other one. The electrically polarized plug is used to prevent hazards of electrical shock.

  • Dehydrator’s Base:

    The Base for this dehydrator can hold 5 Drying Trays and the EasyVue Lid. You can use one tray or more, depending on the amount of food. The trays can easily stack and align on top of each other. The Gourmia Dehydrator is specially designed to hold food firmly on trays while drying.

  • Good Capacity:

    Gourmia Dehydrator has 2 quarts capacity for drying foods. This dehydrator comprises of 5 trays with large capacity, and you can make lots of tasty dehydrated foods at a small cost as compared to commercial food dehydrators.

  • Versatile:

    Gourmia GFD1550 dehydrator is adjustable and can dry variety of foods. These food products can be vegetables, fruits, meat, and even herbs. The results are mouth watering and healthy.

  • Internal Automatic Fan:

    The auto fan is at the base of this dehydrator. It circulates warm air throughout the dehydrator for uniform and even drying. The fan operates as aimed at the LCD control panel of the machine.

  • Bottom Air Intake Vents:

    This appliance is peculiarly made to dry food efficiently, and for that reason, it has bottom air intake vents. These vents pull air into the unit and push it through the trays. The bottom of the dehydrator shouldn’t be obstructed or covered during operation.

  • 36 Hours Continuous Working:

    Gourmia Dehydrator dries up the food continuously for up to 36 hours. It is a very handy option for food like beef for jerky.

  • Wide Temperature Settings:

    This appliance has digital temperatures settings ranging from 95°F to 158°F. This digital setting provides accurate drying times and temperatures to prepare your meals perfectly delicious. This wide range of temperature allows you to cook a variety of foods.

  • 360 Air Circulation:

    The best feature of the Gourmia GFD1550 Food Dehydrator is 360-degree air circulation technique. This dehydrator lets the air flow from 360 angles throughout the trays. It prevents you from rotating the trays or moves the items on the tray. This 360-degree air flow circulation makes sure all your foods are evenly dehydrated.

  • Recipe Book Included:

    This dehydrator comes with a recipe book that helps you create all types of delicious foods with Gourmia Dehydrator. This book includes 12 delicious and easy to follow recipes with photos including.

  • Digital Control Panel:

    Gourmia Dehydrator has stylish LCD control panel. Just press the buttons to set the time and temperature as required, and your gadget will do the rest of magic.

  • BPA Free Trays:

    The plastic used in trays is BPA free. Thus it won’t cause any potential harm to the users’ health.

What Comes with the Gourmia GFD1550 Food Dehydrator?

Following products a user will get after unboxing the Gourmia Dehydrator:

  • 1 COOKBOOK with 12 Recipes:

    You will get an additional recipe book with Gourmia Dehydrator. This book will let you create delicious and innovative hearty snacks. This book contains 12 delicious, mouthwatering recipes. Recipes include Double Chocolate Granola, Tropical Granola Bars, Super Seed Crackers, Kiwi Fruit Leather, Raspberry Mango Fruit Leather and much more.

  • User Manual:

    You will also get a user manual to get started with this dehydrator. The user manual contains meticulous details regarding the appliance. It also explains how to use the machine, how to clean and store it.

  • Warranty:

    The manufacturer is offering a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Full Technical Specifications of Gourmia GFD1550 Food Dehydrator

The following list is the detailed description of technical specifications of Gourmia GFD1550 Food Dehydrator

  • ETL Listed:

    Gourmia is committed to providing its customer the quality product. To ensure quality and safety of the product, Gourmia is ETL certified. That means the product you will buy is safe, efficient, high-quality appliance.

  • Warranty:

    Gourmia offers a one-year limited warranty to its customers. This Limited Warranty is for complete one year from the date of purchase. Repair or replacement of defective parts is exclusively at the seller’s discretion. If repair isn’t possible, the seller will replace the product/part.

  • Heating Fan with 360 Degree Air Circulation:

    The appliance is loaded with an automatic fan that sits in the interior of the base below the drying trays. This fan blows air within this dehydrator and ensures that it rotates thoroughly to dry food evenly.

  • Product’s Dimensions:

    The dimension of this dehydrator is 14.5 x 14.5 x 12 inches. This dehydrator is small in size and can be accommodated even in the smallest of kitchens.

  • Product Weight:

    The weight of this machine is 8.7 pounds, which is moderate hence can be moved from one place to the other with ease.

  • Material Type:

    The material of this device is durable plastic. All 5 trays are made from BPA-free plastic, which is easy to clean.

  • Voltage and Wattage:

    This machine operates on 120 V, whereas it is 500 watts appliance. And this wattage makes the operation of this machine smooth and efficient.

  • Color:

    The color of this device is white.

  • Capacity:

    The capacity of this dehydrator is 2 quarts, which is 1.89 liters. This capacity is good enough for small families to prepare the meals.

  • Digital Thermostat:

    Gourmia Dehydrator has a digital control panel in which you can set the temperature of your choice. It lets you cook your food in a very convenient way with many correct settings.

  • Temperature Range:

    This machine offers a wide range of temperature varying from 105 degrees to 158 degrees. It lets you cook a wide variety of food in Gourmia Dehydrator. Which is a plus point of this gadget?

  • 5 Nesting Trays:

    Gourmia Appliance has 5 stackable trays which can be mounted on each other. These trays are made from BPA free plastic.

  • Warranty:

    This dehydrator comes with a one year warranty from the company. The company is not liable to repair the wear and tear that comes over the period; however, the company would take a look into the matters when the appliance has a defect upon opening the box and will replace the part or product itself.

  • Timer:

    The appliance has a timer to save you from the hassle of rechecking the food or over cooking it. The machine will turn off automatically once the timer is off thus preventing your food from overcooking.

  • Auto On/off Switch:

    This gadget comes with auto on/off switch. When the food is done, the machine will turn itself off automatically.

Pros of Gourmia GFD1550 Dehydrator

The advantages of Gourmia Dehydrator are as follow:

  • Proficient and Versatile Machine:

    The Gourmia dehydrator is efficient enough to dehydrate various types of foods effectively. It can dehydrate significant amounts of food perfectly. These food products can be vegetables, fruits, herbs, and meat.

  • Precise Temperature Settings:

    Digital display of Gourmia 1550 lets you set the exact required temperature on LCD control panel. This precise temperature setting lets you make just right banana chips or jerky, whatever food you want to make.

  • Adjustable Trays:

    Though more trays cannot be added to this dehydrator, still you can adjust the trays according to the food in your dehydrator. You can use all 5 trays or you may use only 2 depending on the amount of food.

  • Compact Size:

    Gourmia Dehydrator is small in size as compared to the other dehydrators available in the market. That is why it is light and easy to move anywhere. It can be easily fixed in even small kitchens.

  • Quiet Appliance:

    Gourmia Dehydrator operates very quietly, you may hear a little hum, but that is not noticeable clearly. Thus this dehydrator is perfect for those customers who are conscious about the noise level.

  • LCD Displays Remaining Time:

    The LCD on this machine will alternately point out the time remaining and the set time for the current food batch inside dehydrator. This option is handy for the user and gives peace of mind.

  • Saftey:

    Gourmia ensures the safety of its customers comes first. Therefore the company has incorporated polarized plug to reduce the hazard of electrical shock.

  • Saves Storage Space:

    Gourmia 1550 Dehydrator features five nesting trays, mounting over each other for a considerable reduction in storage space.

  • Digital Timer with Countdown:

    This device has a digital timer which starts the countdown when 6 minutes remain in the process. The timer will count down to “00” minutes. And the Dehydrator will turn off automatically afterward.

  • Excellent Air Circulation:

    For complete air circulation, the trays inside this dehydrator are perforated thoroughly to allow the air to circulate in 360 degrees for drying up the food evenly.

  • Pause and Resume Options:

    Gourmia Dehydrator has taken ease to a new level by allowing you to pause and resume the dehydration process as per your ease. If, during dehydration, a pause is desired, press the ON/OFF button. The Display will indicate “PA.” Resume dehydration by pressing the ON/OFF button again.

Cons of the Gourmia GFD1550 Food Dehydrator

After knowing the benefits you may feel compelled to buy the product, but be sure to know about the disadvantages this machine can have.

Here’s the list of disadvantages:

  • Stay Cautious:

    You should not touch hot surfaces or trays while the machine is dehydrating the food. It gets really hot when operating and may cause burns. Be cautious about kids; children should not use this Dehydrator unsupervised; close supervision is required when the appliance is used near children.

  • Not Dishwasher Safe:

    The dehydrator is not dishwasher safe. Wash the trays and EasyVue lid in warm water. After washing them, dry thoroughly. You need to Use a soft damp cloth to clean the interior and exterior of the dehydrator. It all makes it a bit difficult to clean the product.

  • Fragile Trays:

    It should be noted that the trays are not designed to hold heavy foods. So you have to be careful when using this dehydrator. Don’t mishandle the trays or else they would break.

  • No Additional Trays:

    Gourmia dehydrator cannot adjust extra trays if needed. It has 5 fixed trays. So you have to dehydrate large quantity food in different batches, which would require more time and energy as well.

  • Not Appropriate for Big Families:

    It is a small dehydrator and suits small families, as it caters their need very well. But clients looking for the large capacity dehydrator won’t be much satisfied with this appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following are the most frequently asked questions about this dehydrator.

Q: What Is the Temperature Range of This Dehydrator? I Want to Know the Lowest Range.

The temperature range of this appliance is 105°F to 158°F.

Q: Does This Dehydrator Dry the Vegetables Like Carrots and Broccoli?

Yes, it dries the vegetables perfectly, recipes are given in the manual with temperature settings as well.

Q: Where Is the Fan Located in This Dehydrator?

The fan is located at the bottom of the appliance.

Q: What Is the Duration of Warranty of Gourmia Dehydrator?

The warranty is one year from the date of purchase of the appliance.

Q: Which Fruit Leather Trays Can Work with This Dehydrator? If Fruit Leather Trays Are Not Compatible, What Other Option Do I Have?

No fruit leather trays have been tested yet, but you can use parchment paper to make fruit leather.

Q: Is This Dehydrator Quiet or Noisy?

This dehydrator is very quiet.

Q: Can I Make Banana Chips in Gourmia Dehydrator? How Much Time Can It Take?

Yes, you can get the yummiest banana chips with no added chemicals or preservatives. It takes 8 hours to get the perfectly delicious banana chips at 135-degree temperature setting.

Q: Is This Dehydrator Dishwasher Safe?

This dehydrator is not dishwasher safe. You have to wash the trays manually in warm soapy water.

Q: What Is the Interface of This Dehydrator?

Gourmia 1550 dehydrator has a digital interface unlike most dehydrators available in the market. This digital interface looks attractive and is very convenient to use.

Q: Do I Have to Rotate the Trays While the Machine Is Drying Food?

No, it doesn’t require rotation.

Q: Does Gourmia Dehydrator Have Auto Shut Off Button?

Yes, the machine would switch off automatically, once the food is done drying up.

Q: Does This Device Also Work with Liquids?

No, it does not work with liquids.

Q: Is There the Feature of the Timer in This Device?

Yes, it has a timer.

Q: Does It Include Recipe Book?

Yes, it comes with a recipe book, which has so many recipes to help you make the best out of Gourmia dehydrator.

Q: What Do You Mean by ETL Listed?

ETL Verified is a manufactured good’s certification mark that shows that a product has met certain design and performance standards. The ETL verified mark also to signify a high level of quality and reliability for a product, indicating that a product meets high standards.

Q: What Is the Material of the Trays?

The trays are made of BPA-free plastic, so don’t worry about the health hazards. It’s completely safe to use this product.

Q: Can we increase the temperature up to 160 degrees?

No, the maximum temperature setting is up till 155 degrees, and it can’t be increased further.

Q: I Want to Know About the Vents of This Dehydrator, Can We Open and Close Them Manually?

The vents in Gourmia Dehydrator are to take in and emit the moist air out of the machine for best dehydration of the food. No, we cannot open or close it.

Q: Can I Dehydrate Full Fruits and Vegetables Instead of Cutting Them?

Yes, you can dehydrate whole fruits, but in that case, drying would take longer as compared to the fruits cut into small pieces. Or you may face the problem of fixing them in the machine.

Q: Is It Difficult to Clean Up?

Not it’s not difficult at all. You just have to dip the trays in hot soapy water, then wipe inside and put the trays back. To dry up the interior of machine leave the machine turned on for a few minutes.


If you choose to purchase Gourmia GFD1550 Dehydrator, you are entering the sweet, healthful and delicious world of natural snacking, welcome! Now, you can make a variety of fresh fruit, herbs, flowers, vegetables and meat by dehydrating them perfectly with just a little effort.

The outcomes of natural dehydration without chemicals are not only delicious but truly healthful and less costly than commercially dried foods. Gourmia Dehydrator is quick and efficient with perfect drying system. It’s a low-cost product that would suit your budget and a perfect package for small-sized kitchens.

Surely you and your family will love the delicious food prepared in the Gourmia Cut + Dry Auto Dehydrator. Just slice the food and press the buttons; it’s never been that much easier before!!!

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