How to Make Honey Powder without Dehydrator

Honey powder is one of the healthy substitutes to the refined white sugar. You can store it comfortably for a long time in your kitchen if dried properly. Some people call it with the names like “honey crystals”, “dried honey” or the “honey powder.” You can prepare it at your home without adding any preservatives or additives.

But is it possible to make honey powder without a dehydrator?

Yes, you can also prepare the honey powder without the dehydrator by using your gas burner. The homemade honey powder is a very healthiest option in comparison to the store bought powder honey that has starch and fructose in them.

In the below article, we will tell you how to make honey powder without a dehydrator. You need only those things during its preparation that are readily available at your home.

Raw Honey in the jar

So, let’s have a look!

List of Ingredients Required For Making Honey Powder Without A Dehydrator

The below are a few elements that you need for making honey powder without the dehydrator:

  • 1 large pan
  • 1 gas burner
  • Food Thermometer
  • Raw honey
  • 1 Baking tray
  • Grinder machine
  • Corn-starch
  • Sieve or Strainer
  • 1 scoop or big spoon
  • Airtight jar or container

Step by Step Instructions For Making Honey Powder Without a Dehydrator

Below is the step by step instruction that you need to follow for preparing the honey powder without dehydrator:

Step 1: Take out some raw honey from the jar and put it inside a large size pan on the gas burner.

Step 2: The next step is to switch ON the burner for beginning the heating procedure of the honey.

Step 3: Once the honey starts boiling like water, check its temperature with the help of the internal thermometer for food.

Step 4: It is essential to check the temperature for honey to get the right consistency. When the temperature should reach 300 degrees F, caramelize the honey and switch off the burner.

Step 5: Now, take out the caramelize honey from the pan and spread it on the baking tray evenly with the help of a scoop or a big spoon when it is hot.

Step 6: After the cooling down of the honey, you can see that the honey has become so brittle that you can break it down quickly into pieces with your hand. It will look like glass to you.

Step 7: Take a blender jar and add little amount of corn starch in it along with the honey pieces and grind them to form a powder. Corn-starch required for eliminating the left-out moisture from the honey. But don’t add too much corn-starch that it spoils the original flavor of the honey powder.

Step 8: Now take out the powder from the grinder and break the soft clumps with your hands. If you don’t want too many clusters in the powder then, you might add some more corn-starch in it so that the honey powder does not stick too much to each other.

Step 9: After removing all the clumps, sieve the powder from the sieve to remove big size clumps and here is your honey powder ready to consume or for use in any other recipes. It will taste like brown sugar to some of you.

Step 10: Don’t forget to store the honey powder in the airtight jar or sealer bags for increasing its shelf life and also to keep it away from light, humidity, and oxygen.

You can check the below video link for knowing more about the preparation of honey powder without dehydrator in detail:

Video Guide on making Honey Powder 

Benefits of Using Honey Powder

The following are the benefits of using honey powder in your recipes:

  • It is a very healthy and natural substitute for the sugar due to low GI (glycaemic index). There are so many minerals vitamins in it that we get while using it during baking. You can store it quickly for a very long time.
  • It helps in preparing delicious baked foods with full sweetness and bulk in the recipes like cookies, pie, etc. You can also use it for the frosting owing to the light consistency texture. It makes the baked foods delicious, moist and soft instead of making them dry that other sweeteners usually do.
  • It is the least costly natural sweetener in comparison to the refined sugar that is quite expensive.

Downsides of Using Honey Powder

There are few downsides of using the honey powder also, like:

  • You might not get honey in the pure form or the organic form in the market. Some manufacturing companies add additives or artificial sweeteners while making the honey that might not provide you health benefits of using the honey powder.
  • It does not caramelize like refined sugar. So, you might not feel an extra chewiness of it in some recipes and adding some additional sweetener is the only option left in such case.
  • It might provide you some taste of smoky or burning if you keep it on the burner for more time than the required one. So, it’s essential to stay alert while making honey powder on the stove.

Final Word!

So, after reading the above info, it’s now easy for you to make honey powder without a dehydrator. The things required for making honey powder found at everybody’s home easily. So, there is no need to do any preparation in advance, and you can make the honey powder whenever you get time easily at home. The powdered honey can use for making some delicious desserts undeniably.

Is there any other way of making honey powder other than the above method? If yes then, please share with us in the below comment box. We will surely include it in our article. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience of making homey powder without a dehydrator.

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