How Long Do Dehydrated Apples Last

Drying apples is one of the best ways to store them for a long time without any issue. They are not only sweet and chewy but also a very nutritious snack to consume. You can use it for your backpacking or camping activities anytime. Moreover, it is a fantastic ingredient that you can include in the winter compotes or making applesauce. The leftover cores of the apples can be used for making jelly, vinegar or homemade pectin.

dehydrated apples
dehydrated apple

But do you have any idea that how long do dehydrated apples last?

It is quite easy to dehydrate apples in the food dehydrator machine. The shelf life of the dehydrated apples depends on numerous factors, like the way you dehydrate them or the level of moisture content, etc.

In the below article, we will share with you about the time for which the dehydrated apples last. Moreover, we will also give you some useful tips and tricks that help you in increasing the shelf life of the dehydrated apples easily.

So, let’s dive in!

How long do dehydrated apples last?

The dried apples are a deliciously healthy and homemade treat that you can directly serve to your family or add it in your baked food. If you store them correctly then, they can last for the period one year.

But if you want to increase their shelf life more then, keeping the dried apples inside the freezer is a better idea. Inside the fridge, you can store them for two years in the dried form. On the other hand, if you have prepared large batches of dehydrated apples and desire to keep them for a long time as much as possible then, it is better to follow the right guidelines for storing and drying the apples.

The recommended storage timings of the dried apples are up to 1 year. The temperatures at which you store the dried apples also affect their shelf life. If the temperature at which you store them is high, then, it means the shelf life of the dried apples will get shorter. For example, if you store the dried apples at a temperature of 60 degrees F then, you can keep them for one year. But if you store at the temperature of 80 degrees F then, they may have the shelf life of 6 months.

How to store the dried apples for the longer shelf life?

Dried apples are indeed easy to dehydrate, but if you want to keep them for a long time without the issue of spoilage then, you should correctly store them, like:

1) Storing In Jars

When you store the dried apples in the glass jar, put them about midway up. With the help of the spoon, press down gently on the apples to eradicate the air and also for compressing them. You need to pack them down as much as possible and if there is any additional space at the top then, fill it before sealing the jar with the airtight lid.

Always keep the jars of the dried apples in the dark area like cupboard having the temperature of around 60 degrees F. You can easily use these apples for one year. If you want to extend their life more then, keep them in the freezer.

2) Storing Inside the Plastic Bags

Put the chunks of the dried apples in the zip bags possessing the size of gallon or quart. You should pack them tightly in the bag and zip the bag’s top. Before zipping, don’t forget to squeeze any extra air from the bag gently.

After that, unfasten the bag so that a 1-inch length of the straw can get quickly fit in the zipper. Take out any extra air from it and squeeze the straw sealed from the exiting place of the bag, and gradually take away and a zip bag. You can store the bags for one year in the pantry that is cool, dry, and away from the direct sunlight. Don’t forget to check the status of the apples at regular intervals so that no moisture gathers on them. 

How to know if the dehydrated apples get spoiled?

If the dried apples get spoiled then, it’s time to discard them off soon or otherwise they can spoil the whole jar. The below are few ways through which you can determine if the dried apples get spoiled or not:

  • The noticeable signs like emitting liquids, mold or unpredicted alterations in the dried apple color
  • The bad odor or smell
  • The texture changes or becomes chewy instead of crunchy
  • The flavor of the dried apples will get change if they get to spoil

Tips to prevent spoilage and increase the shelf life of the dried apples

Below are the tips to avoid spoilage and to improve the shelf life of the dried apples:

  • The dried apples are vulnerable to bug contamination and reabsorption of moisture. So they should be correctly packed and store instantly. So, after drying cool them down completely. The warm apples can result in sweating, which can result in moisture formation for the growth of the mold.
  • Always pack the dried apples in the dry, clean, and insect-free jar in which you can pack them firmly without crushing.
  • The apple varieties like Fujis, Golden apples, and gala apples work incredibly for the preparation of the dried apples.
  • The jar in which you store the dried apples must have tight-fitting lids. If you are using the plastic bags, then vacuum pack the apples.
  • Try to pack that much amount of the dried apples in the jar which you can consume in one time. Every time you reopen the bag of the dried apples, it gets exposed to the moisture and air, which can affect the fruit quality.
  • If you have put sulfur on the apples then, keep in mind that they should not touch the metal. Keep them inside the plastic bag before continuing them inside the metallic can because the fumes of the sulfur can react with the metal, which can alter the color of the apples later.
  • Keep the jar of the dried apples in dry, cold, and dark areas.
  • The dried apples can get spoil if the moisture gets reabsorbed during the storing period of the fruit. So, check the dried apples regularly during the storage.
  • The best way to store the dried apples in the glass jars in which you can see the moisture building from outside easily. The chunks of the dried apples that have moisture should be dehydrated again. Discard off the rotten and spoiled apples as soon as possible.

Final word!

To conclude all the above-discussed things, the time for which the dehydrated apples last is up to 1 year. The shelf life of the dried apples varies with the way you dehydrate them, store them and also at the temperature at which you store them. If all the things are done properly then, you can keep them for one year easily.

In the above article, we have provided you detail answer to the question “how long do dehydrated apples last”? So, if somebody asks you that question you can reply with the authentic info. You can also apply the above tips and tricks to get the desired results of the drying process of the apples, which can affect the shelf life of the fruit too. Keep in mind that while storing the dried apples, there should be no moisture left in the fruit and check the apples on periodic intervals for discarding off the spoiled one. 

We hope that you find the above information quite informative and useful. If you have any other question about food dehydration or specific dried fruit then, do let us know in the below comment box. We will surely provide you a convincing reply on it soon.


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