How Long Does Dehydrated Rice Last?

Dehydrating rice is one the best way to prepare the fast and flavourful rice for the trail meals. The dehydrated rice adds flavor and nutrition to the backpacking meals in comparison to the grain rice that takes too much time for cooking. You can mix the rice with the broth and dehydrate them in the food dehydrator.

It is quite helpful if you dehydrate the rice which you have already purchased in bulk and does not want to waste them. Drying the rice is not only an economical way to increase the shelf life of the food, but it is also the best way to preserve them without much hassle. When you dehydrate the rice, it eliminates the amount of moisture from the food, which can result in bacterial and microbial growth. Moreover, the nutrients of the rice also get retained in the process of food dehydration.

Some readers have asked us in the earlier post that “how long does dehydrated rice last”?

Thus, to answer them in detail, we have prepared this article in which we will share about the shelf life of the dried rice. Moreover, you will also get to know about the ways through which you can increase the shelf life of the rice.

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The shelf life of the dehydrated rice

There are mainly two types of rice i.e., brown rice and white rice. You have to store them differently. The shelf life of the dried brown rice is a maximum of 6 months because if you store them for a more extended time then, they will start having lousy taste owing to the fatty acids in them.

Now if you ask about the white rice then, they can last up to 8 to 10 years without oxygen, and under the temperature of 70 degrees F. The shelf life of the white rice is longer because the fats from their outer shell get removed which impact its shelf life. But don’t forget that white rice is not as healthy as brown rice. The temperatures at which you store them influence their life.

However, if you want to increase the shelf life of your brown rice up to 1 to 2 years, then, you might think of decreasing the temperatures by around 10 degrees. Make sure that the brown rice you are dehydrating is fresh.

How To Give Dehydrated rice A Longer Shelf Life?

With the help of the below ways, you can dehydrate and store the dried rice in a better way so that its shelf life gets increased:

1. Pick the right food dehydrator for the rice

Every food has different requirements for the dehydrating process. Moreover, the temperature of the machine acts as one of the essential factors. So, the food dehydrator that you pick for drying your rice should have ample range of drying temperature. It should not over-dry or under-dry your rice as this can affect the shelf life of the food. The rice dried at the right temperature will provide you good drying outcomes.

2. Gather the rice at their right harvesting time

The food like rice has the highest quantity of vitamins and nutrients when they are at their ripeness peak. If you harvest them before that then, they shall not be made entirely or not succulent. On the other hand, if you harvest them after the right time, then, they will lose their taste and freshness. So, to get the best results of the drying, you should gather the harvested rice at the right time.

3. Buy the rice for dehydration in the season

If you want to do some saving of your precious money then, always buy the rice in their season when there is lots of supply in the market. It will help you in purchasing the rice at a fair price in bulk for dehydration process that is of high quality. Buying them in the off-season will be a very bad idea.

4. Get assured about the rice moisture content

If you want to increase the shelf life of your rice then, keep in mind that the moisture content of the food is very less. So, to attain this, you need to do the condition of the rice before the storage. You have to keep the freshly dehydrated rice inside the plastic bags for one night so that the entire moisture gets uniformly distributed. There should be no leathery feel in the rice.

5. Package and storage

The main factor that impacts the shelf life of the rice is the way through which you store or pack them. The right storage and packaging ensure the extended life of the rice. Keep in mind that the rice not contaminated before the storage. Similarly, ensure that you store the dried rice in a vacuumed environment without the presence of oxygen that can result in rice decomposition.

Packing the dried rice inside a non-transparent jar and keeping it in the dark and well-ventilated area benefits in retaining the vitamins and nutrients. You may too include the things like oxygen absorbers in the packets for more lengthy life. Freezing the dried rice also extends the shelf life of the food with a considerable margin.

6. Bugs and parasites

Sometimes you might find some bugs in the packets of the dried rice. So, in such case, discard off that food instantly and place them in the dehydrator at high temperature for a few minutes. Moreover, you can do the repackaging of the rice if their taste changes.


Dehydrated rice allows you to survive easily in different outdoor activities like camping or hiking for a long time. You can save your surplus amount of rice to avoid the wastage. Keep in mind that the rice you are going to dehydrate is clean and does not have any bugs in them. Try to dry the rice when they are at their peak in the season to retain maximum minerals and vitamins.

In the above article, we have provided you a clear answer about “how long does dehydrated rice last”? To summarize all the above-said things, the shelf life of the dried white rice is 8 to 10 years, whereas the shelf life of the dried brown rice is only six months. Moreover, always dehydrate the rice at low temperatures to avoid the issue of going bad. The temperature of the place where you store the dried rice also impact their shelf life to a great extent.

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