How Long To Dehydrate Strawberries?

Have you ever tried drying strawberries in the food dehydrator? Do you know how long to dehydrate strawberries?

We know that there are lots of people around us who love to eat dried strawberries as snacks. With the aid of a food dehydrator, you can easily and quickly make it at your home. It needs very less time for preparation also before drying.

It does not matter that which brand of the food dryer machine you pick for drying the strawberries, but the only thing which is essential is the uniform drying of all the fruit slices.

So, let us tell you that how long to dehydrate strawberries!

As per our practical experience, the average time taken by the food dehydrator for drying strawberries is 8 to 12 hours at 135 degrees F. Isn’t it so fast than our traditional mode for drying fruits and vegetables?

Let’s read more detail about dehydrating strawberries in the food dehydrator!

how long to dehydrate strawberries

How Much Time Does It Takes For Drying Strawberries 

The time taken for drying strawberries in the food dehydrator is 8 to 12 hours at the drying temperature of 135 degrees F. 

The drying time of the strawberries depends on lots of different factors like type of your food dehydrator, humidity in the kitchen, space between the slices of the berries on the trays, the thickness of the slices, etc.

It is imperative that you flip the strawberries after every two hours so that they do not get stabbed on the trays. Some of the food dehydrators need trays rotation also for the even drying.

The strawberries will take 8 to 12 hours for complete drying in the machine. After 8 hours period, the fruit will turn out to be more leathery, and after 12 hour period, it will turn into a crispier texture. The crispier berries are good for snacking, and leathery berries are impeccable for the baking purposes.

How To Tell When Strawberries Get Dehydrated?

Now let’s come to the next part of our section that how to tell when strawberries get dried?

When the strawberries turn into leathery texture, it should not snap but bend. If you want crispy strawberries then, they should not get bend, and you must feel dry while touching.

The best way to know if the strawberries dried is to cut them in half after drying, and if you find any water content in them then, it means it needs more time for drying. In fact, there should be no stickiness among them.

Tips for Drying Perfect Strawberries in the Food Dehydrator

You can follow the below tips for drying the strawberries correctly:

  • Always use the ripe strawberries which are bruise-free and firm. The soft berries are used for making syrup and not for making dried fruits.
  • You must check the strawberries in the food dehydrator after every two hours. If some berries get dried, you can take them out.
  • If you want to add the sweetener in the berries, then sprinkle the granules of the sugar on the strawberries after placing on the trays.

Final Word

In the last, we want to say that dried strawberries are a fantastic snack that you can use for making oatmeal, baking cookies or can add them to your yogurt in the powder form. It gives an incredible flavor to any dish.

We hope that now you have got the answer to your question that “how long to dehydrate strawberries.” If there is anything we missed out in the above article, then please let us know. We will surely consider your comments.

Have you tried drying your strawberries in the food dehydrator? 

If yes then, please share your experiences with us. We always love to hear from our readers.

Image Credit: Grant McNary

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Pat Pruett - January 7, 2019

How long to dehydrate is your machine only has low, medium and high on the time knob?

    Linda - January 9, 2019

    Please refer the Article, it’s mentioned in the article. No. It has a digital timer so we can set whatever the time we want.

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