How Many Trays Can I Add To Nesco Dehydrator

“Nesco” is a famous brand that manufactured food dehydrators on a large scale. It not only offers efficient features in its products but also provides you the option of adding additional trays in its dehydrators. Sometimes while buying the Nesco dehydrators, some people wonder that “how many trays can I add to Nesco dehydrators.”

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You get a different number of trays with different models of the Nesco dehydrators. Some of them come with the expandability feature, and some of them do not have this feature. In real terms, you can’t say precisely how many numbers of trays you can add to the Nesco dehydrators.

However, in the below article, we will try to find out how many maximum trays you can add in the Nesco dehydrators and what are the benefits of adding the trays in these machines.

Number of Trays You can Add to Nesco Dehydrators

All the models of the Nesco food dehydrators come with the trays for drying food. But some of them have the feature of expandability. It means you can add trays to the machine for increasing the drying space for the food. You can expand your dehydrator with these additional trays to the maximum capacity. It is also useful for all those people who have tremendous dehydrating needs.

Some people have a delusion in their mind that adding more trays can impact the drying power of the dehydrators. But it is not true at all.  The additional trays adjust the flow of air automatically for even drying. They work in the same way your other trays work in the machine. You might also use them as the replacement or the substitute trays for any tray that gets damaged or broken.

The additional trays can be bought easily from the market for Nesco food dehydrators. They also cover with the warranty period benefit. Most of them are quite easy to wash in the dishwasher. The only drawback of these trays is that they might of fragile quality. So, buy them after doing proper research and study.

In the below chart, you can see the names of different models of the Nesco dehydrators along with the number of trays they come as well as the number of trays you can add to them.

Serial NoProduct NameNumber of TraysMaximum TraysWhere to Buy?
1Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Dehydrator512Check on Amazon
2Nesco FD-61WHC Snackmaster Express Dehydrator512Check on Amazon
3Nesco FD-1040 Gardenmaster Dehydrator420Check on Amazon
4Nesco American FD-61 Snackmaster Dehydrator412Check on Amazon
5Nesco FD-60 Snackmaster Express Dehydrator412Check on Amazon
6Nesco FD-1018A Gardenmaster Dehydrator830Check on Amazon
7Nesco FD-80A Square Shaped Dehydrator48Check on Amazon
8Nesco FD-37A American Harvest Dehydrator47Check on Amazon
9Nesco American Harvest FD-80 Square Dehydrator88Check on Amazon
10Nesco FD-77DT Digital Dehydrator612Check on Amazon

Benefits of Adding Trays in the Nesco Dehydrators

The Nesco dehydrator that comes with the benefit of adding trays offers you so many advantages, like:

  • You can easily save more food during the time of harvesting, and you can quickly dehydrate them when they ripen at home.
  • You get more drying space for drying food on the trays, and hence the entire food gets dehydrated evenly also.
  • It is also useful for dehydrating more delicious jerky along with their seasonings. You can use them as per your need for drying.
  • The gardeners or the farmers can use these trays when they have lots of fruits, veggies, flowers, and herbs in their garden during the winter months.
  • Hunters or the hikers can also add more trays in their Nesco dehydrators when they have to go to the hunting or camping for several days.

 Final Word

After reading the above info, now I think you know how many trays you can add to Nesco Dehydrators. The number of trays that you can add depends on the model and its feature of expandability. It is essential that your Nesco food dehydrator possess the capability of expanding. Otherwise, you cannot add more trays to them.

In the above article, you can see that the maximum number of trays that you can add to your Nesco dehydrator is 30, and it almost varies between 7 trays to 30 trays. So, while buying any Nesco dehydrators, always check whether you can add more trays to your machine and if yes then, how many you can add to increase the drying space.

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