How Much does a Food Dehydrator Cost?

Are you looking for much does the food dehydrator costs? Do not get worried, here we have covered that what factors affect the cost of a food dehydrator to some extent. It is quite obvious that a requirement and needs of a person always vary from person to person and so is the price of this amazing appliance.

how much does a dehydrator cost

Food Dehydrator cost Range:

​The price range of a food dehydrator ranges between $30 to $400+. So, it is up to you that to take decision on what price range you need to buy dehydrator.

The price of the food dehydrator gets increase according to the features available in it. The cheaper models might have fewer features but they might be durable and the appliances having higher cost will be comprised of the all innovative features that can benefit you in the end.

Features which Affects on Dehydrator Cost

​Basically, the features which you get in the food dehydrator decide its cost. The appliances which will have all the essential and high-tech features will be more costly and the appliances which will have few basic features will be cheaper. So, here we will tell you that which are the main factors that overall affect the cost of a food dehydrator:

​1. Size as well as space

​One of the major factors which affect the dehydrator cost is its size and space. The stackable food dehydrators can easily get fit in the small kitchens having limited space owing to its small size and these are also less costly in price.

The shelf food dehydrators are quite big in size as compared to the stackable and are also little costlier them. So, the size of the appliance helps in deciding and fixing the price of the food dehydrator.

3. Expandability

​There are basically two types of food dehydrators i.e. expandable and non-expandable. The expandable dehydrators are those in which you can add more trays when you want to dry out more quantity of food items (for example, in big gatherings or for bigger families) and these are quite costlier than the non-expandable ones.

Hence, if an appliance has the feature of expandability then it will surely add up to its cost.

​4. Quality of material

​In general, a food dehydrator is manufactured from either a plastic or a metal material.

Now, you must be wondering that how this will affect the price of the appliance. A food dehydrator which is made up from plastic material does have a durability issue as they are less capable of bearing the high temperature but this does not happen in the metal made appliances as they can easily bear the high temperature by offering longer durability.

So, a plastic one will be less costly than the metal-made food dehydrator.

​5. Thermostat

​The maximum number of people habitually undertakes that the thermostats are comprised of all kind of food dehydrators, however, this is not true.

In reality, the cheaper as well as low-quality appliances lack of this optional although very significant feature. With the help of an appropriate thermostat, you can control the temperature as per the kind of food that you have placed on the appliance. So, a thermostat can essentially benefit in the dehydrating procedure.

A little cost will be added to the total price of the food dehydrator if it will be having this advantageous feature.

​6. Timer

​For the people who have the hectic schedule, a built-in timer in the appliance is more beneficial of course for drying out the food perfectly. However, those appliances will be unquestionably more expensive than the normal one.

​7. Warranty

​The warranty period which is offered along with the food dehydrator also affects the product’s price. The more the warranty period, the more will be the price of the appliance. So, any manufacturer of the food dehydrator who will be offering your longer time period warranty will make its product available at higher price.

​8. Air flow system

​One of the vital features which you will find in a food dehydrator is the air flow system i.e. vertical air flow system as well as the horizontal air flow system.

In the vertical air flow system, the air moves vertically over all the trays but in horizontal flow, the air moves in the horizontal direction without mixing the different flavors of the food.

However, the horizontal air flow system food dehydrators are more costly as they are quite bigger than the vertical ones.

​List of Top 3 Cheap Food Dehydrators Brands

​The following are the top three cheap brands which are available in the market that you can consider:

​1. Nesco Food Dehydrator

​Nesco is one of the best renowned and universally used food dehydrator which you can buy from the market. Its products are well equipped with all the essential features but at economical price rate.

It is also the most economical brand. The Nesco food dehydrators help in holding the vitamins as well as nutrients in order to make the healthy food. The manufacturers of this brand also offer a recipe book along with the products so that you can prepare delicious food at your home easily.

​2. Presto Food dehydrator

​One of the cheaper brands is the Presto which is most commonly used. If you are a new beginner then, the food dehydrators of this brand are perfect for you. However, the size of its products is smaller than the other available brands, but these are much stress-free to use. You will get all the essential features like expandable trays, fan, etc in its appliances.

3. L’Equip Food dehydrator

​This is the average capacity food dehydrator brand which mainly offers you the appliances that consist of stacking trays. You will not get the advanced features like an adjustable thermostat, timer, etc in it. But as per the price, you will get number of other features in the food dehydrators of this brand.


In the end, we can suggest you that purchasing a food dehydrator are completely your personal decision. You have to assess your needs, requirements and budget before buying this amazing appliance for yourself and for your family.

Both types of food dehydrators which are obtainable in the market i.e. costlier as well as the cheap price have its own pros and cons and the main one is the lack or the availability of the features in them.

So, you have to think that which essential features you mainly require in your appliance according to your budget. On the other hand, whatever branded food dehydrator you purchase, the ultimate aim of them is to provide lots of healthy food benefits which does not get change with the price of the appliance.

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