How to Dehydrate Eggs

All those people who have ever had the chickens flock know that a small crowd possesses the capability of laying so many eggs that are tough to handle. It also frustrates a few people who cannot utilize the eggs in the best possible way. But now with the help of the food dehydrator, you can also dehydrate eggs and preserve it for your future use.

The raw eggs may sometimes be the reason for salmonella epidemics. But once you dehydrate them at the high level of heat in the food dehydrator, they become entirely safe to consume as the salmonella easily get destroyed at very low heat. You can use the dried or the powdered eggs on the camping trip. It can be used as the emergency stock at home that offers you an ample amount of protein.

In the below article, we will tell you how to dehydrate eggs in the food dehydrator. We will share the drying method of raw eggs and the cooked eggs both in the machine, and thus you can pick the one that suits your situation.  Moreover, we will also provide you some useful tips and info that will make you more aware of drying the eggs in the right way.

List of essential Ingredients required for dehydrating eggs in the food dehydrator

The following are the vital things that you need for drying the eggs in the food dehydrator:

  • Food dehydrator
  • Eggs (raw or cooked both)
  • Water
  • Whisk or fork
  • Spatula
  • Non-stick skillet
  • Plastic discs
  • Paper towel
  • Food processor
  • Airtight jar

Step by step instruction for dehydrating eggs in the food dehydrator

In the below section, we will show the drying method of eggs in the food dehydrator. We will use the raw eggs and the cooked eggs, both one by one for your assistance.

So, let’s have a look!

Step1: Utilizing the Raw Eggs

If you are using the raw eggs then, separate the yolks and the whites. You might dry out the entire egg or dry out the yolk and white distinctly. You have to separate the eggs if you are planning to use the yolks and whites separately. With the help of the whisk or fork, beat the raw eggs. You may also use the blender or the food processor for beating the eggs for 1 minute. While using the separated yolks and whites, do the beating of the eggs till the time it becomes foamy and thick.

Step 2: Utilizing the Cooked Eggs

Now, if you want to use the cooked eggs, scramble them by opening and beating them with the whisk or fork. After that, place the mixture inside the non-stick skillet without any oil and stir it till the time eggs get set but with the softness. Do not add cheese, milk, or any other thing in the mixture before drying the eggs. You can break the eggs with the spatula while cooking as this will dehydrate the small size eggs more uniformly and quickly. 

beaten egg
beaten egg

Step 3: Prepare the dehydrator trays

It’s time to get prepare for the food dehydrator trays for the drying process of the eggs. You have to put the rimmed and plastic discs over every tray. It is quite helpful if you are using the raw eggs as the thin rim shall stop the liquid from getting away the tray’s side.

Step 4: Spread the eggs on trays

Put the eggs (raw or cooked) over the trays of the dehydrator. Around six whole eggs will get it on the normal tray. In case of the raw eggs, pour the mixture of the beaten egg over every tray for making a thick layer. But, if you are using the cooked eggs then, spread the cooked pieces of the egg uniformly over the tray in a single layer.

Step 5: Turn on the dehydrator machine

Turn on your food dehydrator machine and begin the drying process of the eggs till the time they get crispy. The temperature of the machine must set between 135 degrees F to 145 degrees F. You have to dehydrate the eggs till the time they turn into dry and coarse crumbs. The machine will take around 8 to 12 hours in case of raw eggs and case of cooked eggs; it will take about 10 to 12 hours approximately. If you see any oil on the dehydrated eggs, you must pat it dry with the help of the paper towel and let them dry for some more time.

Step 6: Cool down the dried eggs

After the eggs get dried completely, cool them down. Now, grind them in the food processor or blender to form a consistent and fine powder. There should be no crumbs in it as the crumbs will make the egg powder grainy after rehydrating.

Step 7: Storing the dried eggs

Now store the powdered egg in the airtight glass jar or container with the tight lids. Use the jars that you can vacuum seal easily without leaving any space in the head. You should place the jar in the dark and cold place. If the eggs are dehydrated and stored correctly, then, you can use it for several months without the problem of the spoilage.

Step 8: Rehydrating the dried eggs

It is quite easy to rehydrate the eggs. You have to mix the powdered eggs with the warm water and stir it thoroughly. Let them set for forming the thick consistency. After rehydrating, you can use them as the regular eggs.

Do the dehydrated eggs work?

Yes, the dehydrated eggs also work in the same way like normal eggs in the baking but in powder form. You have to rehydrate them with the help of the boiling water before beginning their usage. After rehydrating, the eggs might look grainy to you, but they will also work in a similar manner the fresh eggs do in the cooking.

For example, to verify the things we made the same tow batches of the muffins. Both the batches looked same in appearances and flavor and we are sure that nobody can find a difference among them.

Helpful Hints for dehydrating the eggs

The following are the few useful hints that can help you in dehydrating the eggs in the food dehydrator:

  • One large size egg is equal to one tablespoon of the dried powdered eggs.
  • It is useful if you spread a mixture of 6 big eggs on every tray of the dehydrator liner while drying.
  • While rehydrating the eggs, use 2:1 ratio of dried eggs to water.
  • The usage of lukewarm water while rehydrating the eggs is a useful step.
  • Before blending the eggs in the blender, you may isolate the yolks from the whites for the cooking and baking purposes.

Final word

So, is it clear to you now that how to dehydrate the eggs in the food dehydrator?

Drying eggs in your food dehydrator machine at home is a far better option than buying the store bought dried eggs from the market. Moreover, it is a cost-effective way to prepare and use a large batch of eggs. You can use the dried eggs in the cooking and baking and any other daily recipes. The dried eggs can be used for carrying while camping or backpacking activities. You can dehydrate the eggs for preparedness or emergency motives too.

In the above article, we have provided you step by step guide to dehydrate eggs in the food dehydrator. All the steps are written after keeping in mind all the readers so that they can easily understand and use the method for drying batch of eggs at home in the dehydrator machine. Once you start using the dried eggs in the recipes, you will surely forget all the other ways of using the normal eggs in the dishes.

Do you follow any other way to dehydrate eggs in the dehydrator? Is there any thought you want to share with us in the above article?

Please let us know your thoughts in the below comment box soon! And don’t forget to share this information with all other people who do not much about dehydrating eggs in the dehydrator machine yet!

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