How to Dehydrate Onions

Dehydrating onions in the dehydrator is very easy than only thinking about doing it.

There are so many uses of the dried onions in the kitchen for lots of people.

In fact, in some parts of the world, you can’t think of preparing the meal without using the onion. Dehydrating the onions are quite a time-saving thing, and you can store it for a long term period after doing the right packing.

dehydrating onions
dehydrating onions

The dried onions are quite similar to the fresh onions. You can add it to liquid foods like chili, stew, soup, etc. To rehydrate them you have to soak them in the water for 15 minutes. It provides an exceptional flavor and zing to the many recipes and dishes.

Do you have any idea about how to dehydrate onions?

In the below article, we will tell you how to dehydrate onions in the dehydrator quickly. Besides the drying process of the onions, we will also provide you some tips for drying onions in the dehydrator for better results.

So, let’s have a look!

List of Things Required for Dehydrating Onions in the Food Dehydrator

The following are the things that you need for dehydrating the onions in the dehydrator:

  • Food dehydrator
  • Cutting board
  • Mandolin (Optional)
  • Sharp Knife
  • O2 Absorbers
  • Mason Jars or Small Mylar Bags
  • Onions

Step By Step Guide for Dehydrating Onions in the Dehydrator

The below is the step by step guide for dehydrating onions in the dehydrator:

Step 1: Preparing the raw onions

Firstly, you have to prepare the onions. You have to peel it and slice it the form of rings. The rings should be 3.175 mm or 1/8 inches thick. Don’t forget to cut off the onion’s root end and also take off the skin.

Take the mandolin for slicing the onions. You can adjust its setting for cutting as per your need. You might also use the sharp knife for cutting the onions thinly if there is no mandolin at your home.

Step 2: Place the onion on trays

After cutting the onions in the rings, put them on the shelves of the dehydrator. Now, arrange the rings of the onion in the single layer over the trays so that they get even air flow during the process of drying.

The slices or the rings of the onion should not touch or overlap each other. You should spread them apart for the maximum circulation of air. Moreover, the trays must also be placed far apart inside the dehydrator with a space of 2 to 3 inches.

Step 3: Turn ON the dehydrator

You have to turn ON the dehydrator for 12 hours at the temperature setting of 63 degrees Celsius or 145 degrees Fahrenheit till the time they get entirely dehydrates.

Some of you might have the dehydrator without the adjustable thermostat feature then; in such a case you should keep an eye on the drying process of the onions carefully. You can increase or decrease the drying time accordingly.

Step 4: Storing the dehydrated onions

After the drying process of the onions gets completed, you have to cool down them. Then, store it in the airtight jar. The jar should place in a dry and cool place. You might use them directly or after rehydrating.

The vacuum sealed dried onions can easily last for 12 months. But in any other circumstances, they can last up to 3 months to 9 months as per the situation.

Top view of dried white onion spice in jar on dark background
Top view of dried white onion spice in jar on dark background

If you see any moisture inside the jar during the initial few days then, take out the onions again and dehydrate them as the moisture can spoil them. Don’t forget to dry the jar also. You may crush it to make the powder or flakes for different recipes.

How to Properly Store the Dehydrated Onions?

If you want to increase the life of the dehydrated onions then, it is essential that you store them correctly after cooling down. It also helps in maintain their quality and also let you use it for different recipes. If you didn’t see any drop of moisture in the airtight jar then, it means they are ready to store.

The best way to store the dehydrated onions is in the vacuum sealed bags or airtight jars that you can place in the cold, dark and dry place. You can also keep it in the freezer inside the thicker freezer bags for longer shelf life. But, you should keep on checking them after some period.

Essential Things to Know Before Dehydrating Onions

The below are a few necessary things that you should know before dehydrating the onions in the dehydrator:

  • As everybody knows that the onions have a smell that remains after the process of drying in the dehydrator.  So, you have to clean the machine correctly after the completion of the drying process to vapid the problem of odor that might occur again once you use the dehydrator.
  • Some of you might try to dehydrate potatoes after drying onions in the dehydrator. It will benefit in taking out the smell of the onions that lots of people do not like.
  • Try to use the dehydrator in the night time.
  • Few dehydrators do not have solid liners or the trays so; the onion rings might fall through it. You can use the wax paper over the shelves after cutting it to the size of the tray. Don’t forget to make a hole in the middle also.

Final Thought!

Everybody knows that the onion is the kitchen’s lifeblood ingredient. There are many recipes in which the dehydrated onion used as the base. It helps in enhancing the taste of the soups or the grilled food.

Harvesting and dehydrating the onions at home inside the dehydrator are a more satisfying job than purchasing them from the market. It is true that it needs some effort, but you can utilize them for a long time without spending too much money.

We hope that now you can dehydrate the onions quickly at your home in the dehydrator with the help of the above instructions. We can assure you that they are much healthy and tastier than the store-bought dehydrated onions.

So, since now you have learned the basics of dehydrating the onions; do share it with your friends also. You can leave a comment in the below box in case of any doubt about the above info.

Please share your experiences with us about dehydrating onions in the dehydrator along with the name of the recipes in which you use the dried onions.

Happy dehydrating onions!


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