What are the Right Categories of Mushrooms That we can Dehydrate?

Dehydrating the mushrooms in one of the best methods through which you can preserve this food for a long time. There are maximum types of foods that lose its texture and flavor but drying the mushrooms enhances its flavor and tastes more. However, do you have any idea that what are the right categories of mushrooms that we can dehydrate?

There are so many different categories of mushrooms that we can quickly dehydrate in the mushroom food dehydrator. Some of them are wild also so pick them wisely too. All of them have different taste so while adding them to your several recipes you always get a different flavor. You can quickly grow them in your home and use them for the drying purposes anytime.

In the below article, we are going to tell you about the different categories of mushrooms that you can dehydrate in the dehydrator quickly. Besides this, we will also provide you some brief info about all the categories regarding their origin, use, etc.

So, let’s dive in the article!

List of Right Categories of Mushrooms that We Can Dehydrate

Few varieties of the mushrooms are wild, and some of them are in an abundant amount at your region. Some types come in the pre-dried form, and the best thing is that you can also grow them at your home with the right materials and instructions. So, before beginning, the drying process of mushrooms let’s make you aware of all its categories first.

1) Morel Mushroom

It is a honeycomb-designed mushroom that found in coniferous and deciduous forests. They are recognized as hickory chickens or Molly Moochers in the Ozarks and offer a periodic abundance for the mushroom hunters. They are expensive to buy, so if you can hunt them then, it is an inexpensive way thing to get them. You should not eat them raw. Soak them and wash them as there can be grit in the honeycomb that is hidden. While cooking the morel, the hydrazine toxins get removed. There are lethal morels also, so don’t pick them accidentally.

2) Chanterelle Mushroom

Chanterelle is the most effortlessly familiar mushrooms that originate in overgrown forests all over the world. The chanterelles possessing yellow color are hunted and gathered before drying. They are fruity slightly and have a vibrant flavor so you can eat them with the cream sauces. These are the most essential and the best comestible mushrooms.

3) Porcini Mushroom

It is a nutty, creamy, meaty category of mushrooms that grow in the Northern Hemisphere‘s forests. During their young life, they get harvested and vend to excellent eateries and chefs. You can dehydrate them, but their quality declines rapidly after the initial few months. You can try them with pork or chicken.

4) Oyster Mushroom

It used to cultivate in Germany to defend against hunger, but now they are a significant profitmaking crop. Oyster are selected undeveloped so that they don’t become bitter with the nasty pungent. After dehydration, they turned into a sauce for the cuisine of Asia.

5) Shiitake Mushroom

It extensively harvested as a therapeutic food in Asia. Shiitake are dehydrated usually instead of the raw consumption as the dehydration provides the umami taste. It is smoky and meaty in taste. Before serving, you have to hydrate it in the warm water. Instead of the thick stems, its caps utilized more.

6) White, Portobello, and Crimini Mushroom

These categories of mushrooms recognize by their color transformations. Once they get white and fresh, they identified as white mushrooms, common mushrooms, table mushrooms or button mushrooms. The brown and undeveloped and brown versions of the classes are known as Italian mushrooms, crimini, baby portobellos, brown mushrooms, or portabellini. The brown and mature varieties are called portobellos.

Benefits of Drying the Mushrooms

The below are few advantages of drying the mushrooms in the food dehydrator:

  • The dried mushrooms provide you essential nutrients for the winter season when they are not in abundant amount.
  • It can easily last for years in the airtight jar and the cold environment.
  • During the peak season of the mushrooms, you can dehydrate the mushrooms and store them in their lightweight and compact size easily.
  • It increases their taste and enhances the texture.
  • The dehydrated mushrooms are meatier in comparison to the fresh varieties of the mushrooms that have slimy moisture in them.
  • It is a delicious and nutritious snack for the backpackers and hunters.


Dehydrating the right categories of mushrooms in the food dehydrator is very important for the result of the dehydration process. It benefits in maintaining the fresh tastiness once rehydrated. There are so many different varieties of mushrooms that you can find on the market today but picking the right category is always a good choice. 

You can dehydrate the mushrooms in bulk amount to get the benefit in the off-season too. You can add them to your pasta or soups for enhancing their flavors more.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading the above info. Is there any more category of the mushroom that we forget to mention in the above list then, do let us know in the below comment box. You can also share your views about the above information with us.

Happy dehydrating mushrooms!




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