What Size Dehydrator Do I Need ?

So far you must know that what is a food dehydrator and how it works. But when you go to the market for purchasing this machine, the very first question which inevitably comes in your mind is that what size dehydrator I need.

Well! It is very easy to buy a food dehydrator. But first of all, you should know your needs i.e. how many trays must be present in your food dehydrator so that it can fulfill your food drying requirements successfully.

Normal Size Dehydrator

In the below article we will discuss that how the capacity of the food dehydrator is determined and how can you know that which size of food dehydrator you need. But, before going deep into the topic, firstly let’s discuss about the capacity of the food dehydrator.

Size of a Food Dehydrator

The food dehydrators in the market are viable in different sizes and dimensions. Some of them come with five trays, nine trays or 12 trays. The drying space of the shelves also varies with the models. The food dehydrator which has round trays usually offer less space for food drying as compare to the dehydrator with the square or rectangular trays.

Normally the commercial food dehydrators have more drying space that is why they used in big hotels and restaurants for food drying. But if you are looking to buy a food dehydrator for your small size family, then a domestic food dehydrator will be a good option.

How to Calculate the Capacity of the Food Dehydrator

Capacity of the Food Dehydrator

One of the most puzzling features of food dehydrators is their capacity. In all the food dehydrators you will find few trays. Hence, by computing the area of every single tray and then multiplying that sum by the total number of trays will give you the total capacity of the food dehydrator.

How to Know Which Size of Food Dehydrator Do I Need?

The size of the food dehydrator depends on some factors and some of them we are giving below for your consideration:

1) Size of Your Garden

Some of you might have a big garden at your home from where you can get a lot of vegetables and fruits for drying on regular intervals. So, in this case, you must have a big size machine for yourself. However, if you have to go to the grocery store for buying the veggies and fruits, then a standard size or a five-tray dehydrator will be enough.

2) Size of the Family

The size of the family also plays a significant role in determining the capacity of the food dehydrator you required. If you have a large size family, then a food dehydrator with nine trays will be a good option and vice versa.

3) Space in the Kitchen

Nowadays it is tough to find big space on the kitchen countertop that’s why people prefer to use the small size dehydrator for their family. But, if you an ample space in your kitchen, then you can go for the food dehydrators which have more trays.

4) Pocket Size of Buyer

If you do not have any budget constraint, then you can afford any size of food dehydrator quickly. As the number of trays in the food dehydrator increase, the price of the machine also gets increased. So, if you have the limited budget then buying a costly big size food dehydrator will not be recommended.

Final Word

The size of the food dehydrator must be decided in advance so that you do not find any difficulty while buying the appliance. The most important thing which you should also know is your requirement and the budget.

It is not true that buying a small food dehydrator can be a bad choice, but you have to dry your food in some batches for a big family. So, your needs must be assessed carefully first.

There are so many different sizes of food dehydrators that are available in the market. Thus, you have to decide that which size will suits you and your family perfectly so that you can enjoy the benefits of food dehydrator for a longer period.

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