How Can I Test If a Dehydrator is Getting Proper Temperature?

When we are new to the dehydrator usage, most of us scared that whether the machine will get up to the right temperature while drying food or not. Sometimes, due to our negligence, the food gets over-dry or under-dry without setting the right temperature.

To get the right drying of the particular food, it is essential that the food dehydrator run at the proper temperature. Without the appropriate temperature, the food will not fetch the right flavor and flexibility.

Lots of us have a common question that hit our mind is that “how can I test if a dehydrator is getting to the proper temperature?”

In the below article, we will throw some light on the method through which you can test if the dehydrator is attaining the right temperature or not. You can follow it for checking the right temperature while drying food quickly.

Moreover, we will also share some useful information with you about the dehydrator’s proper temperature that will help you in enhancing your knowledge more.

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Best Way to Check if Dehydrator is Getting to the Right Temperature

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One of the best ways to test if a food dehydrator is getting to the right temperature is through the oven thermometer. It works on all models of food dehydrators. You can use it before beginning the drying process of your food and during the drying process so that your dehydrator machine runs safely for your food.

The thermometer helps you a lot during your entire dehydrating voyage. You can keep your machine at the correct temperature so that the healthy bacteria of the food stay alive in the raw foods or the herbs that can get vanish with the hot temperature.

On the other hand, if the temperature of the dehydrator machine is quite low for your food like jerky then, it can affect your food safety too. So, using the thermometer for testing the dehydrator’s temperature is the best idea.

Why Should We Test that Dehydrator is Attaining the Right Temperature?

The following are the few reasons for which you should check that your food dehydrator is getting to the right temperature:

  • You have bought a second-hand food dehydrator and want to know if it is working fine or not.
  • You have taken out the food dehydrator from the storage recently.
  • There is no temperature dial on your food dehydrator machine.
  • Your food is taking too much time or very less time for drying that makes the food over dry and under dry.

How to Use the Thermometer for Checking the Dehydrator Temperature?

Below are the step by step instructions for using the thermometer for checking the dehydrator temperature:

  1. Firstly check whether your food dehydrator machine is empty and then place the thermometer inside the machine.
  2. Now run your food dehydrator for around 10-15 minutes so that it gets warm up entirely and reach the desired temperature.
  3. The temperature on the thermometer will increase up to 10 degrees and then drop down to the machine’s particular temperature. You can see the exact temperature of your food dehydrator on the thermometer now.

What Type of Thermometer Should We Use for Checking the Dehydrator’s Temperature?

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There are two kinds of food dehydrators that you can find on the market, i.e., vertical flow dehydrator and horizontal flow dehydrator.

Thermometer for Verticale Flow Dehydrator:

In the vertical flow dehydrator, there is the top-down and bottom-up fan in which you can use the probe thermometer.

This type of thermometer is useful in the stackable food dehydrators in which the stand-up over thermometer is not apt. You only have to put the probe thermometer inside the machine and leave the rest on it.

But, keep in mind that you should not use the stand-up thermometer in such dehydrator machines as it will not provide you the accurate reading of the temperature in this way. 

Thermometer for Horizontal Food Dehydrator:

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On the other hand, in the horizontal food dehydrator machine, you should use the stand-up oven or regular hanging thermometer. You need to take out some trays from the dehydrator so that the thermometer gets ample space inside.

However, you can also use the probe thermometer in it if you have it at home but keep it near to the door instead of the rear fan. The stand-up thermometer provides the most accurate temperature reading in case of such machines.

How Many Times Should We Test the Dehydrator Machine’s Temperature?

During the below situations, you should check the dehydrator machine’s temperature:

  • You must check the temperature of the food dehydrator 2 to 3 times in one year most often
  • If you are taking out your food dehydrator machine after a long time from the storage
  • If your machine is not drying your food in the adequate amount of time that desired for dehydrating the specific food

What Should you Do if the Temperature Reading in the Thermometer is Wrong?

The temperature range is different for different types of dehydrator models, and you can check it with the help of numerous ways. If you want to cross check whether the temperature reading in the thermometer is right or wrong then, you should read the manual book provided by the manufacturing company.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the manual book, then, download it from the company’s website. Or you may also contact the customer care service of the company.

If the temperature that you get on the thermometer is entirely different from the temperature mentioned in the company’s manual book then, it’s time for the machine’s servicing.

You may also use some other thermometer to check the machine’s temperature to get more assured about the temperature reading.

Temperature Chart for Dehydrating Different Types of Foods

The following are the general guidelines regarding the temperature of the foods:

Category of foods Drying temperature
Herbs & Greens 95 degrees F or 35 degrees C
Bread 110 degrees F or 43 degrees C
Raw or Living Foods 105 degrees F or 41 degrees C
Vegetables 125 degrees F or 52 degrees C
Proofing Yogurt 115 degrees F or 46 degrees C
Jerky, meats & fish 155 degrees F or 68 degrees C
Fruits 135 degrees F or 57 degrees C


We think now after reading the above info in the article you got the answer to your query, “How can I test if a dehydrator is getting to the proper temperature.” With the help of the probe or stand-up thermometer, it is quite easy to check the temperature in the dehydrator machine.

But keep in mind to remember that probe thermometer should use in vertical flow dehydrator, and stand-up or hanging thermometer should use in horizontal flow dehydrator.

One more important tip that you should know while testing the dehydrator’s temperature is that there must be no obstruction in the path of the fan during the air flow. It can also affect the machine’s temperature to a great extent.

Did you find the above information in the article helpful? Is there any other way through which you test the temperature of your food dehydrator?

Please reply to the above questions in the below comment box. Moreover, you can also share your thoughts or experiences regarding the testing of the dehydrators’ temperature.


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