The Dehydrator Bible Book Review – What’s Missing?

As you know that the dehydrating food is one of the ancient and best methods to preserve food for a longer period and it becomes easier with the help of the cookbooks. There are so many cookbooks in the market which guide us about the different recipes of cooking the dried food in the delicious ways and one of them is “The Dehydrator Bible Book.”

Such type of books not only provides some different recipes but also tell us the perfect ways of drying the food. In the below article, we will do the “dehydrator bible book review” so that you get more familiar with the information given in the book and can decide about buying this book for yourself.

The Dehydrator Bible Book
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What Is in the Book?

The Dehydrator Bible Book provides you an extensive collection of 400 recipes for dehydrated ingredients along with a broad range of tastes and flavors. You can cook tasty everyday meals to the fabulous gourmet. Some of the recipes include the contemporary ingredients as well as global flavors. 

Who Can Be the Beneficial Readers of the Book?

The dehydrator Bible Book is very helpful for the beginners who do not have much idea about the drying recipes. This book guides them along with the pictures of the recipes. It also includes numerous tips and advice which can follow while cooking food in the dehydrator. With the help of this book, you can easily please your family with some amazing recipes.

Who Has Written This Book?

The three famous authors write this dehydrator cookbook:

  • Jennifer Mackenzie who is a professional home economist, a recipe book writer, and a recipe creator.
  • Don Mercer who is a junior professor in the FSC (Food Science Department) at the University of Guelph.
  • Jay Nutt is a chef as well as a restaurant proprietor.

What Is the Unique About This Book?

Well! The dehydrator Bible Book is a complete encyclopedia which is an excellent resource for recipes in one single spot. The recipes are written in so much simple language and way that you can also implement your ideas along with the book written recipes. You can dehydrate some foods astonishingly with the help of this book to get maximum nutrition at a very low price.

The Dehydrator Bible identifies that cooking is a combination of science as well as art. In fact, the authors of this book have combined their expert knowledge to take the presumption out of dehydrating a diversity of foods and sharing popular methods as well as recipes.

The dehydrator Bible eBook has an extraordinary number of methods which includes around 150 recipes which utilize the dehydrated foods directly and the other 250 recipes which use the dried items as ingredients.

Features of the Dehydrator Bible Book

Dehydrator Bible Book Detailed Features

The following are the features about the “The Dehydrator Bible Book” which will tell you more about this book:

  • There are around 400 recipes in this cookbook which helps you in preparing some delicious dehydrated foods.
  • The recipes mention in the book belongs to the drinks section, breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, and much more.
  • There are comprehensive ingredient lists as well as easy-to-follow guidelines given in the cookbook.
  • Some tips, as well as techniques which can help you in dehydrating your food, are stated in the book.
  • The photos of the recipes well clarify the recipe along with the colorful pictures.
  • The size of the book is 7″ x 10, ” and it comprises of 381 pages.
  • The cookbook printed and bound in Canada.
  • The middle age practices, as well as methods, are also kept in mind during the writing of this book so that full advantage can be taken out from flora.
  • In addition to the yummy recipes, an additional segment associated with the homemade gifts and pet treats also specified.

Best Things About This Book

The following are few best things about this dehydrator Bible epub which will amaze you for sure:

  • The book provides you lot of recipes along with some valuable information about the dehydrators which is latest and current.
  • It is a comprehensive book for beginners which describe every step clearly and in detail along with the colorful pictures.
  • There are over 150 recipes in the cookbook which use fruits, vegetables and meat and more than 250 recipes which use the dried out foods as ingredients.
  • The guidelines and the procedures were given are quite easy-to-follow that can rapidly make a novice user very comfortable.
  • There are some valuable charts also presented in this dehydrator bible book which describe the methods of doing the dehydration of specific herbs (for example cilantro, mint, and parsley), vegetables and fruits (for example citrus fruits, cherries, peaches, pineapple).
  • It can call as the “best assistant” during the process of dehydrating foods.
  • The recipes in the cookbook can appeal to an extensive variety of flavors along with the feature contemporary ingredients like whole grains.
  • Some recommendations related to the purchasing of a food dehydrator and storage of dehydrated foods also comprised.
  • Besides the regular recipes, some fun ideas which can implement while making the dried food also defined in the dehydrator Bible eBook.

Things Missing in This Book

The following are few things which you may find missing in the dehydrator Bible book:

  • The description specified the dehydrator Bible PDF can be little informative and better.
  • Some of the pictures provided in the book are not sufficient for the new user.
  • If more tips are given in the book, then that can help the reader a lot.
  • It will not describe you about the process of food dehydration and how it works. It simply talks about the recipes and the food dehydrators.
  • There are no page references in the index for each component of the recipe, and thus this can cause irritation to the reader while reading the book.

Final Thoughts

The dehydrator Bible book is a fantastic cookbook which offers you lot of dehydrating food recipes. It is a complete reference book and not a manual book at all. Such book not only guides you about the delicious recipes but also enhance your cooking skills more.

In the above the dehydrator Bible review, we have to try to provide you all the relevant information along with an honest evaluation of the book so that you can make a right decision of buying it. This book is available at the reasonable price on the famous online shopping website like

We are sure that once you purchase the dehydrator bible book for yourself, you will surely recommend it to all your friends and relatives. So, don’t waste more time and get your book fast!

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