TSM Dehydrator vs Excalibur

While buying a food dehydrator, we always think to purchase a high-end dehydrator that has a sturdy stainless body with stainless trays. Some of the famous brands that manufacture stainless steel dehydrators is TSM and Excalibur. But most of us do not know that which model we should consider for buying among these two.

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In the below article, we will make a comparison among TSM dehydrator vs. Excalibur in detail. Besides this, we will also tell you about the popular models of both these brands which will provide you a better idea about all of them.

tsm dehydrator vs excalibur

Before getting into the comparison part, let’s tell you briefly about both the brands!

TSM Dehydrators

TSM is a part of The Sausage Maker, Inc, which is in the business of selling and manufacturing the equipment used for food processing from past 40 years. The company established by the Rytek Kutas in the year 1976. Rrytek had an incredible desire for home sausage making and its related equipment.

TSM Dehydrator

Krzysztof Stanuszek, is the present proprietor of the company (in Buffalo, New York) which have expanded the product line of the company with the extensive variety of food dehydrators, sausage stuffers, cheese presses, smokers, and domain stainless steel food processing apparatuses.

5 Best TSM Dehydrator

Serial NoProduct NameTemp RangeWattsNo of TraysWhere to Buy?
1TSM Products Stainless Steel90º - 165ºF800W10Check on Amazon
2TSM Harvest Food Dehydrator84º - 155ºF600W10Check on Amazon
3TSM Products Stainless Steel with 5 Stainless Steel Shelves90º - 165ºF800W5 SSCheck on Amazon
4TSM D-14 Digital Touch Screen84°-165° F3,200 watts14Check on Amazon
5TSM D-5 Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator90° - 165° F800W5Check on Amazon

Excalibur Dehydrators

​Excalibur Company was founded in the year 1973 in Sacramento, CA forty years back. Numerous gourmet chefs and culinary schools are the permanent clients of this brand for cooking.

Excalibur dehydrator

Excalibur bought by The Legacy Cos of a Florida in the year 2011. This company manufactures the commercial appliances for the kitchen. At present, Excalibur is one of the most trusted brands in the market for the dehydrators.

5 Best Excalibur Dehydrator

Serial NoProduct NameTemp RangeWattsNo of TraysWhere to Buy?
1Excalibur D500SHD105°F to 165°F440W5Check on Amazon
2Excalibur D900SHD105◦F to 165◦F600W9Check on Amazon
3Excalibur Dehydrator EXC10EL95◦F to 165◦F600W10Check on Amazon
4Excalibur 3926TB105◦F to 165◦F600W9Check on Amazon
5Excalibur 3526TB105◦F to 165◦F440W5Check on Amazon

What are the Similarities between the TSM dehydrator and Excalibur?

The following are the similarities between the TSM dehydrator and Excalibur:

  • Rear mounted fan Most of the TSM and Excalibur dehydrators possess the rear mounted fan for drying the food. The rear mounted fan benefits in the uniform flow of air in comparison to the bottom mounted fans. In fact, you do not have to rotate the trays for the even dehydration. The best think about the rear mounted fan is that you do not have to worry about the issue of food drippings on the fan at all.
  • Adjustable thermostat One more similarity between the two dehydrator brands is that both of them possess the features of the adjustable thermostat. It is one of the essential functions which require the optimum drying of the food at a particular required temperature. Every food needs different temperature, and heat and adjustable thermostat let you set the temperature accordingly. For example, fruits need less drying temperature than the meat.
  • Sturdy construction The body or the structure of both brand’s dehydrators is sturdy. They made from the stainless steel material which is long lasting and durable to use. In fact, its trays also made from the same stuff. Stainless steel is the safest material to use in the food appliances which need heating up as they do not produce any harmful toxins while getting heated.
  • High cost Stainless steel is more costly than the plastic material and thus these both dehydrators also come at the high price in the market.

What are the Differences Between TSM Dehydrators and Excalibur?

Since now you are aware of the similarities between the TSM dehydrators and Excalibur, now it’s time to tell you about the differences between the two:

  • Use of material The TSM dehydrators use the stainless steel material only for their commercial appliances whereas the Excalibur dehydrators deal in commercial as well as non-commercial dehydrators also. The TSM utilize the stainless steel material inside and outside the dryer machine, but the non-commercial Excalibur dehydrators have a plastic body from inside.
  • Trays of material The shelves of the TSM food dehydrators are made from the chrome plated or stainless steel material whereas the Excalibur dehydrators come with the stainless steel as well as with plastic trays both.
  • Door transparency You will not get any transparent door or window in the TSM stainless steel dehydrators whereas, in the Excalibur dehydrators, you get a see-through door in some models. The transparent window or door let you check the status of the dried food without opening it in the middle of the drying process.
  • Purposes The TSM dehydrators are mainly manufactured for the commercial usage whereas the Excalibur Company makes dehydrators that can use for the commercial as well as non-commercial purposes both.
  • Wattage power The maximum models of the TSM run on the high power wattage in comparison to the Excalibur dehydrators. It means using the TSM dehydrators will put a burden on your pocket also while paying the monthly electricity bills.


We hope that how after reading the above info, it will be easy for you to compare the TSM dehydrator vs. Excalibur.

Both these brands have some pros and cons. Thus, you have to decide that which brand and model suits your prerequisites, budgets, and requirements perfectly. For example: If you want to buy a dehydrator for your restaurant or hotel then, TSM is a good choice. But if you’re going to buy a dehydrator for an occasional gathering at your home then, Excalibur dehydrator is a right option for buying.

At last, one thing we can assure you that whichever brand you pick among these two, it’s going to serve you for a longer time in your kitchen without any issue. 

It’s the ending of our article now! Is there anything we forget to mention here? Then, do let us know. We will feel gratified to hear from you.


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