VICTORIO VKP1006 Electric Food Dehydrator Review

Have you ever wanted to make delicious and healthy snacks in your very own kitchen? Are you tired of buying store made jerky and fruit rollups that contain chemicals and unknown substances? If yes, then it’s high time you invested in a dehydrator.

A dehydrator allows you to dry any kind of fruits, meats, vegetables, nuts, and herbs so that they can be stored away and consumed later. The best part is that you can make it all in your own home, in hygienic conditions and by using ingredients that you’ve picked.

The Electric Food Dehydrator by Victorio is a simple model that is best for beginners as well as advanced dehydrating enthusiasts. It comes with a pre-set temperature that makes using this dehydrator easy as anything. All you need to do is add the food you want to dry and switch on the dehydrator.

VICTORIO VKP1006 Electric Food Dehydrator
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That’s all!

You can easily monitor the food through the transparent trays. It comes with 5 trays and the capacity of the dehydrator can be further expanded to nine trays. Let’s have an in-depth look at the features, specifications, pros and cons of using this dehydrator.

Quick Specifications of Electric Food Dehydrator by VICTORIO VKP1006


Electric Food Dehydrator by VICTORIO VKP1006

Product Dimensions:

13 x 13 x 8 in

Product Weight:

6.3 pounds

Product Color:






Dishwasher Safe Trays:



250 W

Maximum Temperature:


Adjustable Thermostat:


Automatic Shutoff:


BPA Free Trays



1 Year

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Key Features of Electric Food Dehydrator by VICTORIO VKP1006

The VICTORIO VKP1006 is an easy to use, simple dehydrator that offers a powerful way to dry all kinds of foods. It offers expandable tray capacity of up to 9 trays, so in case you want to dry more fruits and vegetables, you can do that too. Here’s a look at some of the key features of the Victorio VKP1006.

  • Small Size

    The dehydrator is a small sized unit that is perfect for all kinds of kitchens. If you have a kitchen that has less space on the shelves, then you will love this dehydrator. It takes very little space on the shelves, and you can also stack up the trays so that they take even less space for storage.

  • Lightweight Device

    Carrying a heavy dehydrator from place to place is no joke. But with the Victorio VKP1006, you can easily pick this dehydrator up and place it in another room or store it under the kitchen shelf.

  • Powerful

    Even though the dehydrator is small in size, it is a powerful device that offers up to 140 degrees F of temperature for drying all kinds of foods.

  • Highly Efficient

    The dehydrator uses a powerful fan to blow hot air through the trays so that it reaches all areas of the trays and all the food gets dried properly. As the air circulates, it sucks the moisture from the food and dries it from the inside out.

  • Easy to Use

    There are no complex controls on this dehydrator. Simply cut the food in slices as suggested by the recipe and place the slices on the trays. The temperature of the dehydrator is preset and you just need to switch it on for it to start working.

  • See Through Trays

    You can observe the dehydration process through the trays. If need be, you can also rotate the trays so that other parts get more heat. Once you see that food has dried sufficiently, you can switch off the dehydrator.

  • Dishwasher Safe Trays

    Washing the dehydrator trays is a hassle that many homeowners face whenever they dehydrate sticky or sugary foods. But the trays that come with the Victorio VKP1006 are safe for cleaning in the dishwasher. Simply put the trays in the top shelf of the dishwasher and clean at warm temperature.

  • A Versatile Device

    The VKP1006 is a highly versatile device that is ideal for drying all kinds of foods. Whether you want to make fruit rollups or jerky, you can use this dehydrator to get impressive results. There is a wide range of recipes available online and you can also try your own twists to the regular recipes.

  • Ample Capacity

    With 5 trays offering 13 inch drying area each, it is easy to dry large quantities of foods in this dehydrator. You can also buy more trays as the dehydrator has an expandable capacity and it can easily accommodate up to 9 trays. Nos you can enjoy drying large quantities of fruits, meats, and vegetables for your whole family.

  • BPA Free Trays

    The trays in this dehydrator are made from BPA free materials which means it is completely safe to dry all kinds of foods on these trays as there are no harmful chemicals used in manufacturing the trays.

Full Technical Specifications of Victorio VKP1006 Electric Food Dehydrator

Understanding the technical specifications of a device is essential to knowing if it is the right device for you. The technical features of a device can help you in understanding how it works and you can also find out if it meets your needs and requirements regarding usage and performance. Here’s a look at the technical specifications of this dehydrator so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

  • Fixed Temperature

    The dehydrator has only a single button for switching it on and off. The temperature is fixed at 140 degrees F and you cannot change it.

  • Vertical Air Flow

    The fan of the dehydrator is mounted at the base and the air flows upwards through the trays to dry each food part equally.

  • Powerful Fan

    The fan distributes the air through the trays to reach a high temperature that is perfect for drying a wide range of fruits, vegetables and meats.

  • Low Power Consumption

    The dehydrator is a powerful unit, but the power consumption is pretty low for this dehydrator. It requires only 250W of electricity to operate and this, in turn, means savings for your overall electricity consumption.

  • Cylindrical Design

    The design of the dehydrator is easy on the eyes and highly functional as well. This dehydrator will look good in any modern kitchen and it is also very easy to store away when not in use.

Best Things About Victorio VKP1006 Electric Food Dehydrator

The Victorio VKP1006 is an excellent dehydrator with features that are perfect for those who want to dry food without messing around with controls. With a simple plug and play operation, the dehydrator offers impressive results for all kinds of dried foods. Here’s a look at the best features of the Victorio VKP1006

  • Compact Size

    It’s small in size which makes it easy to move around or store when it’s not in use. For people living in apartments where the kitchen is small in size, this is the ideal dehydrator that offers powerful features in a small package.

  • Easy to Clean

    The dehydrator is very easy to clean as the trays are dishwasher safe. You can place them in the dishwasher with the rest of the utensils. The base can be cleaned with a damp cloth and soapy water.

  • Quick Operation

    There are no complex settings on this dehydrator. After putting the food on the trays, you simply need to switch it on and it’ll start drying the food with warm air and a powerful fan.

  • Stackable Trays

    The trays of this dehydrator are designed in a way that they stack into each other when you’ve to store them. This way they take less space and it is easy to organize and store them.

  • Energy Efficient

    The dehydrator uses 250W of power which ensures that you won’t have to worry about power bills. Even with low power usage, the dehydrator is highly efficient when it comes to drying all kinds of foods.

  • Solid Construction

    The trays are made from BPA free material which ensures the food is safe to consume when dried in this dehydrator. The finish on the dehydrator is ABS Plastic Polypropylene which makes it ideal for usage in all kinds of kitchens.

  • Easy to Use

    It is a simple to use device. Just cut the food you want to dehydrate, place it in the trays, and then switch on the dehydrator. You can observe the dehydration process through the clear trays and, if needed, you can rotate the trays, too.

  • 1 Year Warranty

    The one year warranty with this dehydrator is especially useful in the cases when the dehydrator develops a snag or any kind of fault. You can simply send the dehydrator back for repair.

Negative Aspects of Electric Food Dehydrator by VICTORIO VKP1006

As with all kinds of products, the Victorio VKP1006 also has certain negative aspects that make it a less than ideal choice. A lack of features or presence of faults can often be a decisive factor for many buyers. Here’s a look at some of the negative aspects of this dehydrator.

  • No Timer

    There is no timer on this model of dehydrator. This is not a crucial dealbreaker as you can easily set up the time on a kitchen timer. But having a timer allows a person to go about their business as they can rest assured that the heater will switch itself off once the timer if complete.

  • No Adjustable Thermostat

    Certain foods and meat require a higher degree of heat to dry out properly and in a safe manner. Some foods need to be dried at high and low temperature to dry them out from inside out.

  • Low Temperature Range

    The temperature range of the dehydrator is limited as it is factory set for 140 degrees F. This can really be bothersome for users who want to dry food at a higher temperature.

  • Tray Quality

    The tray quality is not that good as the trays feel light while handling. Also, the trays might break or warp if washed with hot water. It is always suggested to wash the trays in a dishwasher with lukewarm water.

  • Long Drying Time

    As the temperature is fixed, it can often take the dehydrator a long period of time to dry certain foods. At a higher temperature, the food might get dried quickly, but give the fixed temperature, it takes a long time.

  • No Extra Trays Included

    If you want to increase the capacity of the dehydrator, you have to buy your own trays from the market. This model doesn’t come with fruit rollup sheets and in case you want to make fruit leather or fruit rollups, you will need to buy these accessories from the market.

Video Review of Victorio VKP1006 Food Dehydrator 

Included Accessories

  • Instruction Booklet The dehydrator comes with an instruction booklet with all guidelines on how to operate the dehydrator, how to clean it, and how to use it. These guidelines help users in getting the best performance from their dehydrators.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Many times, customers have questions regarding a device’s functions or features. Here, we’ve taken some of the FAQs and answered them to make the device features and functions clear to the readers.

Q: What is the maximum temperature this dehydrator can reach?

The maximum temperature for this dehydrator is 140℉.

Q: How much noise does the fan make?

The fan is pretty much noiseless. You might hear a hum during the drying process which is normal.

Q: Can I wash the trays in my dishwasher?

Yes, you can totally wash the trays in the dishwasher. Just make sure you keep the trays in the top shelf of the dishwasher and use the warm temperature setting for the water. Otherwise, extremely hot water might warp and bend the trays.

Q: Is there an auto-switch off feature in this dehydrator?

No. There is no auto-switch off features in this dehydrator. You will have to take care of switching it off once the food has done drying.

Q: Can I make jerky in this dehydrator?

Yes. It is easy to make jerky in this dehydrator. Simply follow the recipe and add all the ingredients in the right proportions.

Q: Are the trays BPA free?

Yes. The trays are BPA free and it’s completely safe to use them for drying foods of all kinds.


If you’re in the market for a simple to use and affordable dehydrator, then the Victorio VKP1006 is the perfect choice for you. It is small in size, but it performs wonderfully when it comes to dehydrating fruits, meats, vegetables, nuts, herbs and more. With this dehydrator, you can make delicious and healthy snacks in your own kitchen. If you feel like drying even more food, then you can buy more trays to go with this dehydrator. Increase the capacity from five trays to nine and you can dry a whole batch of snacks in one session.

There are few dehydrators that can match the Victorio VKP1006 in terms of usability, performance, and price. When you buy this dehydrator, you can rest assured you’re going to fall in love with making your own healthy snacks. So, what are you waiting for? Check this dehydrator out today!

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