Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Stainless Steel Dehydrator Review

The Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator is a square, rectangle-shaped appliance that works optimally to ensure your food is dehydrated perfectly.

This is a versatile food dehydrator which has a wide range of applications, from making banana chips to beef jerky, apple snacks to fruit roll-ups. Dry your favorite veggies and fruits, and succeed in retaining the color, aroma, taste, flavor, and nutrients without adding any additives, chemical ingredients or preservatives using this remarkable dehydrator. For a stainless steel dehydrator, it has all the capabilities and a solid, sturdy build at 38 pounds.

Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Food Dehydrator
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This 10-tray food dehydrator also has a super quiet 6.5-inch fan and a rear-mounted drying system regulating air from the back of the dehydrator to the front. So, all you have to do is place the trays, without worrying about flavor mixing, rotating the trays or cleaning the appliance’s fan. With 15 square feet of drying space for herbs, flowers, meat, veggies, fruits, and other craft and food items, this dehydrator comes with extra-large trays. It is easy to use and comes with removable trays for hassle-free maintenance.

The 12-hour timer ensures precision drying and the powerful 1000W heating element coupled with the unique drying system ensures food and other items are not over or under dried. With a color-coded thermostat range of up to 155 degrees F and a durable, sturdy stainless steel construction, this dehydrator is built to last.

Weston Products LLC is a company associated with an entire line of quality dehydrators for processing, preparing and preserving food in the comfort of your own kitchen. From the hunter to the homestead cook, Weston has always targeted a wide range of users through its range of attractive dehydrators for making nutrition-rich and tasty food.

Quick Specifications of Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator (10 Trays)

Product Name

Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator (10 Trays)

Temp Range (°F)155 degree F
Wattage (Watts)1000 Watts




Max Trays


Air Flow



95-155 degree F



1 year limited

Editor Rating  4/5

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Detailed Features of Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Food Dehydrator

Suited for indoor as well as outdoor use, the Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Stainless Steel Food dehydrator comes with a lot of useful features that make it a value-for-money purchase.

Massive Drying Space

The first and foremost feature of this dehydrator is its large drying space. With 10, extra-large trays 16 ¼ x 13 ¾ inches, and a total drying space of 15 square feet, this dehydrator anticipates the need of cooks and crafters for vast amounts of drying space. The benefit is that food and other items in vast quantities can be dried within a short duration in one shot. You do not have to opt for multiple drying sessions for dehydrating food items.

Removable Trays

The trays come with the dimension of 16.25-inch diameter and a width of 13.75 inches. Each tray is 0.5 inches in depth. The trays are removable and switchable. This makes it easy to use and clean.

Even Drying

For drying items in a uniform and even manner, the special airflow system of the Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 stainless steel food dehydrator is just perfect. The system dehydrates entire trays of food simultaneously at a stable temperature. So food is not dried unevenly and tray rotation is also not required. Just place the items for dehydration within the appliance, adjust the settings and you will get dried food items that are preserved perfectly and easy to store as well.

Powerful Wattage, Stronger Motor
This dehydrator has a 1000-1499 wattage range and utilizes a power capacity of 1000 watts. This yields sufficient heat and leads to precision drying, with a 6.5-inch wide rear-mounted fan to disperse heat uniformly across the trays.

Silent and Flawless Operations

During the complete process, no sounds will be heard because the fan is noiseless and operations are silent. This quiet functionality makes it perfect for using the dehydrator during night hours when noise is unwelcome.

User-Friendly, Adjustable Thermostat

The thermostat of this food dehydrator ranges from as low as 95 degree F to as high as 155. With an intuitive interface, the thermostat can be efficiently adjusted to suit the nature of the food or craft item being dehydrated. Color coded for easy reading and effortless adjustment makes it very easy to operate this appliance thermostat

Ergonomic, Compact Design

The food dehydrator comes in a convenient square/rectangle shape and has a compact footprint. It has a countertop design dimension of 16 x 17 x 20 inches and an overall dimension of 21 inches in diameter, 17.5 inches in width and 16.25 inches in height. The interior is compact too at 13.75 inches for the height and a width of 16.25 inches. The interior has a diameter of 15 inches.

Sturdy and Performance Driven

The food dehydrator has been rigorously tested for safety and health. The heavy-duty, stainless steel construction and chrome-plated steel racks provide additional durability. There are over 15 square feet of drying space and this top-performing dehydrator is perfect for making delicious and natural snacks.

Horizontal Airflow

The airflow system originates from the rear-mounted fans and spreads horizontally, ensuring even and uniform heat distribution across the trays. This prevents food from being over or under dehydrated. The quiet fan circulates and disperses heated air over the food, removing the moisture without damaging, cooking or steaming the food.


A 12-hour timer ensures your food can be dehydrated with perfect timing. The timer is easy to operate and offers the user unlimited convenience.

Wide Range of Uses

The Weston 74-1001-W Pro-1000 Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator is suited for making natural and healthy snacks without any need for preservatives or chemical additives. You can even make home-made yogurt in this dehydrator.

A healthy, economic and easy way to preserve food, this dehydrator offers a healthier choice to calorie-rich, store-bought snacks. It is suited for large families and gardens too. Use this dehydrator for making snacks during camping, fishing or hunting too. It is perfect for dehydrating food for large families and groups of people.

What Comes with Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Food Dehydrator

The Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Stainless Steel Food dehydrator is the perfect 10-tray model with benefits for serving large groups of people in a short span of time. With distinctive parts and accessories, it is a true bargain for the buyer.

10 Removable Trays

Each of the 10 removable, switchable extra-large trays measure 16.25 inches in diameter. With a depth of 0.5 inches and width of 13.75 inches, the trays are on chrome-plated racks for additional durability.

Owner’s Manual and Recipe Book

This 32-page owner’s manual and recipe book contains everything from the operating and assembly instructions to recipes for dehydrating food items such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, meat jerky and more.

Warranty Card

There is a 1-year limited warranty for this food dehydrator.

Full Technical Specifications of Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Dehydrator

The Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Stainless Steel Food dehydrator offers the buyer a chance to access the best technical specifications at a price that is budget-friendly.

Product Size and Weight

The interior portion of this dehydrator measures 15 inches in diameter, 16.25 inches in width and 13.75 inches in height. Its overall dimensions are 16.25 x 17.5 x 21 inches. The assembled dimension of this product is 21 x 17.5 x 16.2 inches. This square rectangle-shaped dehydrator weighs 38 pounds.

Material and Color

With a stainless steel body, chrome plated durable racks, and a stainless steel finish, this silver colored food dehydrator is PFOA free, ETL listed and PTFE free.


It comes with a 12-hour timer that functions round-the-clock to ensure precision drying of different food stuffs and craft items.


This dehydrator has a 10-tray capacity only. The maximum number of trays are 10 and the capacity is not expandable. This dehydrator offers a total drying space of 15 square feet.

Thermostat Range

Thermostat range is from 95-155 degree F. With such an adjustable range, meat, fish, vegetable, fruit and other food items can easily be dried. The wide range of temperature ensures a sizable number of food and craft items can be dehydrated using the Weston 74-1001-W PRO-100 model.


The rear mounted fan and heating element ensure that heat spreads uniformly and evenly across the trays in the dehydrator. This permits moisture to be released from the food and the horizontal action pushes the excess moisture out. The food, therefore, does not cook, steam or bake while it is being dried. This airflow also helps to prevent food items dehydrated from being damaged.


This dehydrator comes with a 6.5 inch, smooth, ultra-quiet fan for silent and easy operations. The fan is rear mounted. This prevents rotation of the trays too because the airflow is triggered by the fan to ensure uniform and even drying at a stable heat.

Wattage and Power Consumption

The dehydrator operates on a 1000 watt wattage. It has a wattage range of 1000-1499. There’s a voltage of 120 volts and frequency of 60 Hz.


This dehydrator comes with a 1 year limited warranty. So you can easily get replacement parts or maintenance services, should the need arise.

Best Things About Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator 

From ease of use to aesthetically pleasing design, there are a lot of positive benefits of this dehydrator which makes it perfect for bargain hunters:

Ease of Use

This dehydrator is easy to assemble and use. There is a detailed assembly and usage instruction manual which comes with the added bonus of a recipe book. This ensures that the user accesses recipes which are easily prepared. Further, there are 10 chrome plated racks for each of the trays in this dehydrator. The trays can be easily removed individually. There is no issue when it comes to removing or switching trays. The color coded thermostat makes operating this food dehydrator a breeze.

Non-Stick Material

The trays of the dehydrator comprise non-stick material. The result of this is that the dried food can be easily taken out and separated from the tray. The easy to clean surface also ensures hassle-free maintenance.

No Tray Rotation

The horizontal airflow system ensures that food in the 74-1001 W PRO-1000 model s easily fried. There is no additional requirement of tray rotation. This helps in not only retaining the flavor, but also preventing tastes from mixing. So the airflow system permits large number of different food items to be dehydrated simultaneously without any mixing of flavors or smells.

Large Sized Trays

With each tray measuring 16.25 inches in diameter, offering a drying space of 15 square feet, large number of items in bulk can be dried in this dehydrator. So, for a large group indoors or a massive outdoor gathering, the Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 is the best choice.

Quiet Fan

The 6.5 inch fan moves noiselessly and quietly. This appliance can thus be used without disturbing your family members or your neighbors during the day or night time.

Complete Instruction Manual Cum Recipe Book

This recipe cum instruction manual is easy to follow and extremely informative. Users of this dehydrator will face no burden when it comes to handling the extra load of a large family gathering, thanks to the innovative recipes and easy assembly and usage instructions.

One Year Warranty

This dehydrator provides a one year limited warranty to those who purchase this product. So, if an appliance is damaged, it can easily be fixed by the company.

Sturdy Material

Made from heavy duty stainless steel, this product is durable and long lasting. It can be used even in humid conditions without any impact on its tough surface.

Aesthetic Appearance

The food dehydrator is aesthetically pleasing and perfectly suited to a big sized kitchen. Any kitchen counter will benefit in terms of the value of the decor, with the inclusion of this dehydrator.

Wide Application

From banana chips to turkey jerky, yoghurt to home-made fruit rolls, there are so many dishes you can rustle up with this powerful dehydrator. Make jerky, fried fruits, fruit leathers and trail mix with this reliable dehydrator.

Tarnish and corrosion resistant, this dehydrator comes with ten practical trays making it ideal for not just home use, but hunting, camping, fishing and road trips as well. Made primarily of stainless steel with hardware material also made of aluminum, this dehydrator is resilient to the wear and tear of any degree of usage. With a back to the basics approach, the Weston food dehydrator is perfect for foodies, health enthusiasts, and hunters alike.

Access Healthy, Nutritious Snacks

With this dehydrator, you can control the quality of food eaten and served. Save money and time by creating tasty, nutritious snacks. Opt for supermarket specials and buy in bulk. Have some game left over from a hunting trip or leftovers at home? Use this dehydrator to make snack treats. The Weston food dehydrator works well with fruits, veggies, meats, breads, cereals, herbs and flowers too.

Removable Door for Easy Access

The dehydrator has a removable door which permits easy access to the racks. Each rack measures 16.25 inches by 13.75 inches. The easy to remove rack design of the trays is perfect for zero maintenance.

Domestic or Commercial Use

This dehydrator can be used for domestic or commercial purposes. It can face regular or even intense use on a daily basis. With its timer and adjustable thermostat, it is suitable for not only a wide range of items, but also a wide variety of settings.

Bad Things About Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

Not all features of this dehydrator are positive. Here are some shortfalls and limitations of the Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 stainless steel food dehydrator so that you can make an informed choice.


Considering that the total drying space is just 15 square feet, this is not a product which compares well with other models, when to comes to price. Consider the Nesco dehydrators which have an expandable capacity and are not limited by a minimum tray number as low as 10.

Trays Cannot Be Decreased

It is not advised to take out the trays if you want to dry out a smaller number of items or make less batches of food. As a result, all the trays will have to be used every time the dehydrator is put to use.

Lack of Sealing from the Front

The main flaw of this appliance is that the food in the trays closer to the fan dry faster and lack of perfect sealing from the front prevents air from circulating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Potential buyers and users of this dehydrator may have some questions. Here are the answers to many queries you may have, regarding this dehydrator.

Q: What Size Is the Mesh on the Shelves?

The tray grids are over ½ inch wide so for smaller items like nuts, herbs and spices, the Weston netting roll will have to be purchased. The netting stops smaller food items from falling through the dehydrator tray openings. This includes not only herbs and seeds, but also chopped foods.

Q: Is There a Warranty for This Product?

Yes, the Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Q: How Much Does the Dehydrator Weigh and What Are Its Dimensions?

The dehydrator weighs 38 pounds after assembly. Its dimensions are 21 x 17.5 x 16.25 inches.

Q: Are the Shelves Safe for Acidic Fruits Like Lemon?

Yes, the shelves are safe for citrus fruits such as lemon. But it is recommended that you wipe down the shelves after using it for such acidic fruits.

Q: Can the Dehydrator Be Used to Make Soft Jerky or Game Jerky at 165 Degrees?

No, the dehydrator cannot reach a temperature of 165 degrees F. Its adjustable thermostat ranges from only 95 to 155 degrees F.

Q: Can I Make Fruit Leather in the Dehydrator?

Yes you can make fruit leather, but you have to place the fruit leather on wax paper to avoid leakage onto the trays.

Q: Are the Trays Made of Plastic?

Yes, the trays are made of non stick material plastic so food does not stick to it.

Q: the Weston Food Dehydrator Is Made of Which Material?

While the racks are made of chrome plated steel, the body is made of heavy duty stainless steel.

Q: How Many Units of Electricity Does This Product Require?

The power capacity of this 10 tray food dehydrator is 1000 watts and its range is from 1000-1499 watts.

Q: Can the Unit Be Expanded?

No the unit cannot be expanded, the maximum number of trays is 10 only.

Q: Is It Forced Air Heating or Passive in This Dehydrator?

This dehydrator comes with a 1000 watt heating element and a 6.5 inch fan and horizontal dehydration is the natural consequence of this. Uniform and even drying makes this a dehydrator where there is forced air heating. This is not a convection model.


A wonderful addition to food processing establishments, eateries and homes, the Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 stainless steel food dehydrator of 10 trays is perfect for snacks like jerky, fruit rolls and even banana chips. The heating element, horizontal airflow system and ultra quiet fan make this extremely easy to use.

Equipped with a thermostat that is adjustable and color coded, this food dehydrator with a 12-hour timer provides excellent control and stable temperature. Engineered using heavy duty stainless steel this dehydrator is easy to clean, use and maintain.

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Michael - October 1, 2017

I have owned a Weston 74-1001-W, 1000 watt dehydrator for 7 years and I love it. Unfortunately I need to locate a replacement heating element.
Other than this little problem, I love it.

I have used it hundreds of times and it is a regular part of my kitchen.

I would appreciate a parts supplier for this dehydrator if you know of one.


Jennette Frost - August 1, 2019

[email protected]

You are incorrect. The trays are stainless steel and are therefore BPA free and may be washed in a dishwasher if you remove the cutlery rack first. The excellent stainless steel trays can be easily lined with parchment paper which can be reused as nothing sticks to it. This is how I make soft jerky and dry fine herbs without them falling through the wire tray. I give this excellent machine a 12 out of 10! Did you even use it before you reviewed it? I don’t think so! Shame on you!

    Linda - August 2, 2019

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