Weston Food Dehydrator Review (10 Tray)

Have you not experienced the benefits of food dehydration yet?

Then go and buy Weston 10-Tray Food Dehydrator that is an amazing appliance for preparing the lip-smacking, natural and nutritious appetizers comprising of yogurt, fruit roll-ups, meat as well as banana chips.

​Do you scare of losing the natural taste of the food items in this appliance?

​Then stay yourself out of this worry! This food dehydrator preserves all the natural taste of your food and you do not need to add any kind of additives or preservatives in it.

Weston Food Dehydrator
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If you are going out for hunting, fishing, road trips or camping, then you can take away all the delicious easy-to-carry snacks along with you that can be prepared from this raw food dehydrator. Along with large size 10 trays, you can prepare jerky meat for your entire family in one single shot.

​The foodstuffs which dry out can be removed effortlessly from the trays. Due to the presence of dehydrating system on the back (which flows the air through the backside towards the front side of every single tray), the food gets faster dehydrated. This appliance is built with the hard ABS thermoplastic material that offers more durability and longevity to the product.

​Let’s discuss more in detail about this astonishing Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray in the below review:

Quick Overview of Weston Food Dehydrator

Product NameWeston Food Dehydrator, 10-Tray
Temp Range (°F)84-155
Wattage (Watts)620
Max Trays10
Air FlowHorizontal air flow
Warranty1 Year limited warranty
Editor Rating4/5
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​​​Key Features of the Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray

​Weston 10-Tray Food Dehydrator is one of the outstanding food dehydrators that fulfills all the dehydrating requirements of a person. There are so much useful of this appliance that is designed to meet your needs not only effectively but also efficiently. The below is the list of such features:

1# Large area for drying

​In this Weston Food Dehydrator, you will get astounding ten retreat food trays. This means that there will be a lot of space for drying out the large quantities of the food in one single point of time. Thus, you do not have to get worried about the requirement of manifold drying sessions in order to dehydrate your food.

2# ​Uniform drying system

​Furthermore to the large are for drying, the Weston 10 trays Food Dehydrator consist of a wonderful system which consistently dehydrates the entire foodstuff at once. That means you do not have to rotate the trays in between the process.

​Do you have a hectic schedule for the whole day?

​Then, this food dehydrator will let you to merely place the food inside the appliance, set it at the accurate settings you want, and just carry on with your daily routine work. The minute it’s completed, you will be left with impeccably dried food for you and your family members.

3# ​Stronger power capacity

​This appliance utilizes a power capacity of 620 – watt which efficiently produces sufficient heat that certifies the best quality drying. With the help of 5.5 inches – wide extreme-quiet fan, the Weston 10 trays Food Dehydrator efficiently disperse the heat uniformly all over the trays including all the little areas.

4# Quiet food dehydration process

​During the entire process, you will not hear any annoying sound at all, even from the fan. This means you can use this appliance even during the night time hours when your family is sleeping.

5# ​Easy-to-use adjustable thermostat

​The adjustable thermostat of this appliance is quite user-friendly i.e. it can be effortlessly accustomed to fit your requirements as per the type of food. We are saying that the thermostat is stress-free to use in this appliance because of the feature of color-coded. This will make it easy for you to tell that where and what needs to be press.

6# ​Lightweight and compact design

​This food dehydrator also possesses a lightweight and compact design. You will be wondering that how would that be possible if it has effective and powerful drying system?

​Well, As compared to the similar machines, this food dehydrator owns a small design. You can take it as an advantage for your smaller kitchen countertop. It basically measures around 21 by 15-2/5 × 15-2/5 inches. This also makes this product lightweight which can be easily moved from one place to another.

​Full Technical Specifications of Weston Food Dehydrator (10-Tray)

​After getting familiar with the exceptional features of the Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray, let’s make you aware about its full technical specifications that are stated below:

1. ​Power capacity

The power capacity of this appliance is 620 Watt which is strong enough to dry out the entire food items completely.

2. ​Body construction

​The body of the Weston 10 tray food dehydrator is made up of the ABS thermoplastic which offers more durability to the product.

3. ​Number of trays

​There are 10 pull-out nonstick trays which have the dimensions of 14 1/4″ x 10 3/4″ along with the 10 sq. ft. of drying space.

4. ​Size of fan

​There is one fan of 5.5 inches in diameter that provides ample flow of air for the dispersion of the heat inside the appliance.

5. ​Range of temperature

​The range of adjustable thermostat in the Weston 10 tray food dehydrator is between 84 Degrees to 155 Degrees. This will benefit in drying out the delicate food items (such as herbs, spices) as well as the hard foodstuffs (like meat, jerky, etc).

6. ​Drying space area

​More than the 10 square feet of the drying space is given in this appliance which means the user does not have to rotate the trays at all.

7. Dimensions of the product

​The Weston 10 tray food dehydrator measures around 21 x 15-2/5 x 15-2/5 inches in size which makes it quite compact.

8. ​Warranty period

​The manufacturers of this appliance offer 1 year limited warranty period offer to the buyers.

9. ​Flow of air

​This product comprises of the horizontal air flow which provides even heat distribution over all the trays. The air moves from back to the front side for upholding a constant temperature.

10. ​Weight of the dehydrator

​The Weston 10 tray food dehydrator weighs around 18.4 pounds approximately.

​Best things about Weston Food Dehydrator, 10-Tray

​You will get amazed after knowing the best things about Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray which is as follows:

1. ​Easy to use

​This appliance is very easy to use as you do not require any kind of guidance for starting this product even if you are a new user. The trays of the appliance can also be easily removed individually without removing the top tray.

2. ​Dried foods can be effortlessly removed

​The trays of the Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray are made up of non-stick material so that all the dried food items can be easily removed from it. This will benefit you in the easy cleaning of the trays also.

3. ​No rotation of the trays

​Due to the presence of the horizontal air flow system in the appliance, all the food contents get evenly dried. It means that there is no essential requirement of the rotation of the trays. This also helps in retaining the flavors in a more secluded way without adding any preservatives or additives.

4. ​Additional drying space

​There are more than 10 square feet of the additional drying space for dehydrating the food items in bulk quantities. So, if you have a large family or big get-together at your home, then this will be the best product for you to buy.

5. Noiseless fan

​The fan of this food dehydrator also functions very quietly during the process of food dehydration. It means that you can also use this appliance without disturbing your family members during any time of the whole day.

6. ​Comprises of the recipe and instructions book

​You will also get a recipe and an instructions booklet along with the Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray which will help you in the proper utilization of the product. The recipes provided in the recipe booklet are also very easy and simple to prepare.

7. ​Limited period warranty

​The manufacturers of the Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray provides the one-year limited period warranty to the buyer of the product. So, if any part of the appliance gets damaged, then you can replace it from the company.

8. ​Strong Material

​The structure of this food dehydrator is made up from the heavy duty stainless steel so that the product can face any harsh environmental conditions of the place. This also led to the increase in the total life of the product.

9. ​Attractive design

​The design of this food dehydrator is also quite good looking which can suit any type of kitchen’s counter top. Although the size of this appliance is compact but still it looks great in the big size kitchen.

​Bad things about Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray

​After getting familiar with the best things about the Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray, let’s talk about some of its disadvantages. These disadvantages do not weaken the overall benefit of this product at all.

1. ​Costly product

​As compared to other similar models, the Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray is quite costly in terms of price. In fact in some models which comprises of only 8 trays offers the similar drying area which this appliance is offering.

2. ​Difficult to prepare jerky leathery

​Due to some reasons, it becomes difficult to prepare jerky leathery with the help of this food dehydrator. It will make the jerky crunchier which may not be liked by every person who wants to have a softer food.

3. ​Trays cannot be decreased

​The number of trays in this appliance is ten which cannot be decreased even if you want to dry out smaller batches of food. That means you have to use all the trays every time.

4. ​Food on the Back portion of trays gets ready earlier

​This is one of the main flaws of this appliance that the food which is kept in the back area of the trays gets prepared much quicker than the front side. This may be due to the location of the fan at the back and the trays are not perfectly sealed from the front so that the air can circulate well.

5. ​Food drips on the counter

​While placing the food on the trays and inserting them into that appliance, sometimes the food gets dropped on the counter or at the front side of the lower trays. This might create the burden for you as you have to clean the place quickly.

6. ​No timer

There is no timer in this food dehydrator which is the major drawback of this product. You have to keep your eye open while drying out the food in this appliance.

​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are the trays of this appliance made up of plastic?

The trays are made up of non-stick material plastic so that the food does not get stick to it.

Q: Does Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray have a timer?

No, this appliance does not come with a timer.

Q: Can I prepare jerky with this appliance?

Yes, you can easily make jerky in this food dehydrator in large quantities.

Q: Do the racks of the Weston Food Dehydrator are made up of stainless steel?

The racks of this appliance are made up of the chrome plated steel.

Q: Does the temperature of this food dehydrator modifiable?

Yes, the temperature of this food dehydrator is modifiable as per the nature of the food.

Q: What will be the total weight of the Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray?

The weight of the appliance is around 18.4 pounds approximately.

Q: How much warranty period will I get if I buy this food dehydrator?

The manufacturing company of the Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray provides 1 Year limited period warranty to the buyers.

Q: How many units of electricity will this product use while drying out the food?

The power capacity of this 10 tray food dehydrator is 620 Watts which does not lead to the high consumption of the electricity units.

Q: I have a very small kitchen in my home. Will this food dehydrator get fit on the counter top of my kitchen?

This product has a very compact design that makes it suitable for any size of the kitchen very easily.

Q: From which material does the body of the appliance is manufactured from?

The construction of this food dehydrator is done with the help of ABS thermoplastic material that offers it more longevity.

Q: I am a new user of the food dehydrator appliance. If I buy the Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray, then will I get instruction booklet along with it?

Do not worry if you are a new user as an instruction guidebook will also be provided along with this product for the easy usage of the appliance.

Q: Can I expand this food dehydrator?

No, this unit can be expanded as its size limited to the ten numbers of trays only.


Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray is one of the best appliances which are available for drying any type of food i.e. from fruits and vegetables to meat. It comprises of all the essential features which a food dehydrator should have that you may found in some costly products. There are very fewer flaws about this appliance which can be negligible also in front of the number of benefits which it offers to you.

​According to our review, if you are looking for a big size food dehydrator and value for money product, then you should go for this appliance. We are sure that once you have this amazing product in your kitchen, you will become a huge fan of it. After using this dehydrator for some time, you will get to know its significance more.

​Today we are recommending you the Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray, but a day will assuredly come when you will recommend this appliance to your near and dear ones certainly.

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