When were Food Dehydrators Invented?

According to us, the introduction of food dehydrators was a discovery in comparison to an invention. The technique of drying food is quite old and famous in different parts of the world. Earlier people used the sun drying method for preserving food for a long time. But it used to take many days. With the introduction of the food dehydrators in the market, now people don’t have to spend too much time in drying the food, and also they don’t have to keep a continuous eye on the food during the drying process.

Electrical Food Dehydrator
Electrical Food Dehydrator

Many of you might have food dehydrators at your home. But have you ever thought that “When were food dehydrators invented”?

We know it is not an easy question to answer quickly. We had also done in-depth research and investigation to find out that when the food dehydrator machine invented. So, read the below article and find out the answer to the above question in detail.

Invention of food dehydrators

At present Chad S. Erickson possesses patented rights for the food dehydrator machine but lots of people have been drying foods from so much long time. There are mainly two incidents that show the invention of food dehydrators. So, we will talk about them one by one.

1. Era of the middle 1800s

There were certain unfamiliar food innovators who probably observed that the fruit fallen got dried by the heat of the sun, and he or she also recognized that still, that fruit was eatable after a long time even after dropping from the tree. So by 12000 B.C.E, this method was too caught by the Egyptians who were utilizing the heat of the desert heat for dehydrating poultry and fish.

Until the middle ages, the sun continuously was the leading dryer. But soon the inhabitants of wetter and cooler Europe started making buildings that were specially intended to dry out food. Those buildings were also known as still-houses at that time. In the building, people used to string vegetables; fruits, herbs, as well as other foods diagonally inside a room and dehydrated them with the help of the fire’s heat.

After this, the subsequent significant innovation was mechanical dehydration that was introduced by French discoverers Chollet and Masson. In the middle of 1800s, Chollet and Masson were old-college foodies who established a procedure through which veggies dehydrated with the help of the heated air of 104 degrees F (40.4 degrees Celsius) and later on flattened into veggies blocks. You may not love to read about this info, but for the sailors during that time, these dehydrated vegetables were an excellent source of getting the right nutrition.

The natural draft dehydrators were created in the early 1900s to dehydrate vegetables, fruits, and herbs in regions that did not get sufficient strong rays of the sun for dehydrating. The design of these initial dehydrators made with bottom area fire pits as well as top regions exhausts openings. When the air got heated by the fire, it passed in the air producing the perilous low humidity and air flow which is necessary for dehydration.

During World War II, the dehydrated food got more boost as there was a requirement for lightweight and small foods for combating the troops. When the soldiers come back their home, the American housewives got dehydrated food in the form of dried potatoes, soups and pudding. Until the 1960s the dried food does not have so much recognition, but after that, the hikers and campers once more learned its excellent transportability.

2. Era of last 1700s

Even though, the natural way of drying the food is executing from many years in numerous regions of the world comprising North America, Spain, the Nordic nations and Asia. In the year 1795, the 1st artificial dehydrator created in France.

When the electrical power introduced, later on, the electric food dryer machines were established for commercial motives, for example, electric prune dehydrator by Mr. L.N. Miller in Eugene. In the year 1920, it also leads to the setting up of the L.N. Miller Dehydrator Company. This dehydration by the electrical dehydrators allowed the conservation of harvests in any climate circumstances, and people can harvest the crops during any period of the year.

Dried Tomatoes in Dehydrator
Dried Tomatoes in Dehydrator

Momentarily, further firms that were already making household cookware started manufacturing the household appliances which utilizes the heaters, electric motors, as well as fans. For example, in the year 1937 Waring Corporation, National Enamelling, and Stamping Company, The Metal Ware Corporation, and North-western Steel and Iron Works introduced the world’s 1st electric food mixer.

In the year 1973 at Sacramento, famous and big Companies like Excalibur started making household food dehydrators. Soon in the 1980s the Alternative Pioneering Corporation, Inc., that turns into American Harvest, Inc. later began manufacturing the patented stackable food dehydrators.

Slowly and slowly, electric food dehydrators become famous, and numerous more firms started manufacturing them. However, certain essential brands are still ahead in inventing the idea.

Final thought

Food dehydration is not a new concept as our ancestors also utilized this technique for drying food in their times. The sun-dried food not only increased their survival chances but they also used to get essential nutrients to the body. But with the invention of mechanical food dehydrator not only helps them in drying the food in less time but they don’t have to put much effort into it.

After undergoing an in-depth study and research, we can say that the food dehydrators most probably invented between the period between 1795 and 1895. The technology utilized for drying food in these dehydrators changed with the passing time, and more compact and lightweight food dehydrators introduced in the market. The mechanical food dehydrator turns into electrical and later on digital food dehydrators as per the user’s convenience.

Do we hope that now you can quickly answer that “when were food dehydrators invented actually”?

If you have any view or information about the period of food dehydrator’s invention then, please share it with us in the below comment box. Don’t forget to tell us if you find the above info informative and useful.



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