Can you Dehydrate Oranges?

It is right to say that citrus fruits like oranges are different from the other kind of fruits. They have exceptional tangy juice inside their peel instead of the flesh. There are so many recipes in which these citrus fruits used in the dried form. You can dehydrate them easily. But can you dehydrate oranges also?

can you dehydrate oranges

You will be happy to know that “yes, you can also dehydrate oranges.” It is quite easy to dehydrate the oranges. While drying these fruits, the juice of the oranges evaporates and leaves behind the cookery value of the oranges. To know more about how can you dehydrate oranges and why we should dehydrate them, you have to read the below information.

So, let’s have a look!

More about dehydrated oranges!

It is correct that citrus fruits like oranges are quite a hard category of the fruits for preservation. The goodness of oranges lies in their juice and skin that has a bitter and sour taste. But after drying oranges, you can preserve them in the most natural form. The dehydrated oranges are little bitter than the fresh oranges. You can use them in lemonade, tea or orangeade. You can also consume them directly after rehydrating.

The skin of the dehydrated oranges also used for making the citrus powder that is quite bitter in flavor than the zest. However, you can use it in a pinch in your recipes when oranges are not available in the season.

Why should we Dehydrate Oranges?

dehydrated oranges in mason jars
dehydrated oranges in mason jars

Oranges have sweet, sour and juicy flavor with the colorful texture. Generally, they are famous for their high amount of ascorbic acid or the Vitamin C. Our body needs Vitamin C on a regular basis mainly when we are backpacking, camping or hiking outdoors. The fruits rich in Vitamin C like oranges benefit us in rebuilding the bones and tissues and also in decreasing the inflammation and the symptoms of the cold. It also improves the immunity of our body.

Oranges are one of the best citrus fruits in which Vitamin C is available in the natural form. That’s why preserving them for a long time through dehydration is essential. The dehydrated slices of oranges can add color and flavor to your drinks. They also work as a delicious snack for hiking. You can also sprinkle them after grinding on the granolas or cereals and also for spicing up the bread, muffins, sauces, and soups. By mixing the dried orange powder with the other spices and herbs, you can make rubs for seafood, fish, and chicken.

How can we dehydrate oranges?

You can easily dehydrate oranges with the help of three methods, i.e.:

  • Using food dehydrator
  • Using oven
  • Sun drying method

In all the above techniques, you have to pick the right oranges and slice them evenly in the right thickness before drying. Using the food dehydrator is more beneficial as it is less time consuming, more efficient and provide effective and uniform results in comparison to the other methods of drying the oranges. So, you have to decide which method suits your needs, budget, and requirements perfectly for drying the oranges.

Final word

To conclude: “Yes, you can dehydrate oranges.” Orange is a citrus fruit that easily gets dehydrate in a dehydrator or an oven. You can also use the traditional method like sun drying for dehydrating oranges, but that is very time consuming and needs more attention.

There are many dishes, drinks, dessert and recipes in which you can use the dehydrated oranges. You only have to grind the dried peels of the oranges when required and add them in the required dish. The dried oranges can be easily kept in the airtight jars for around two years if you do the drying process correctly. The right dehydration does not let the growth of the mold inside the jar of the dried oranges.

So, we hope that if somebody asks you that “can, you dehydrate oranges” then, you can quickly reply to them with complete info. Have you ever tried dehydrating oranges earlier? How was your experience? Do not fight to share your experience with us in the below comment box. You can also share this article with all your near and dear ones who do not know much about dehydrating oranges till now.

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