Dehydrating Pumpkin Seeds

Numerous passionate gardeners love to reap pumpkin seeds from the gardens and preserve them through dehydration. Drying the pumpkin seeds with the help of the food dehydrator is quite an easy task that provides you the dried seeds for making delicious recipes in the subsequent year.

Fortunately, the seeds of the pumpkins are more comfortable to gather as they are big and moreover; they are ample in every pumpkin. But, do you know the way of dehydrating pumpkin seeds for preservation?

Drying the seeds of the pumpkin is quite easy, and you only have to follow a few easy steps to dehydrate them properly. In the below article, we are going to tell you the steps of dehydrating pumpkin seeds effortlessly. Besides this, we will also share with you some useful information about the dried pumpkin seeds for your knowledge.

So, let’s have a look!

List of Things You Required For Dehydrating Pumpkin Seeds

The below are the few things that you will need for dehydrating the pumpkin seeds in the dehydrator:

  • Food dehydrator
  • Pumpkin
  • Large spoon
  • Knife
  • Paper towels
  • Colander
  • Salt (optional)
  • Saucepan (optional)

Step by Step Instruction for Dehydrating Pumpkin Seeds

Below is the step by step instruction for dehydrating the pumpkin seeds in the food dehydrator machine:

Step 1: Obtain the pumpkin seeds

You have to cut the pumpkin with the knife to get the seeds from inside. So, slowly push your knife with some pressure and wiggle it to broaden the cut. After it, rips it with your hands for opening.

Step 2: Scoop out the seeds

Now with the help of the large serving spoon take out the seeds from the pumpkin. The maximum amount of seeds shall come out effortlessly but if any of them left out then, take them out with your hand.

Step 3: Remove the seed’s flesh

Now it’s time to take off the seed’s flesh by ripping them off with the hands. In the case of dehydrating seeds, you don’t have to worry much about the flesh of the seeds as they will only enhance the overall flavor of the dried food. You can also dip the seeds in the water bowl for taking off the flesh after getting wet.

Step 4: Washing and patting dry

Now wash and rinse the pumpkin seeds with the cold water inside a colander. Once they all excessive flesh gets removed in the water; you have to pat them dry. If the seeds are slimy, then don’t think that they are not clean. With the help of the paper towel, pat dries the seeds for around 5 to 10 minutes. Don’t forget to take off any debris or flesh that is left behind in the pumpkin.

Step 5: Use the dehydrator machine

Put the pumpkin seeds on the racks of the dehydrator in a single layer. You should keep in mind that no pumpkin seed should overlap over each other. If your dehydrator’s shelves have holes in it then, you should use the parchment paper’s pieces so that seeds do not fall from the racks. Don’t use all the trays of the dehydrator for drying the seeds as this can result in the uneven dehydration sometimes.

Step 6: Set the dehydrator temperature

Set the temperature of your dehydrator at 115 degrees F to 120 degrees F (46 to 49 °C) for drying pumpkin seeds for 1 to 2hours at least. You should do the stirring of the seeds after every 20 minutes for the uniform drying process of all the seeds of the pumpkin. Using the dehydrator for drying pumpkin seeds is quite safer than the baking.

Step 7: Storing in the airtight container or bag

As soon as the dehydration process of the pumpkin seeds gets completed, store them in the sealed bag or container. Keep the jar in the cold and dry place where there is no possibility of moisture. The moisture can rehydrate the seeds. Always keep checking the dried pumpkin seeds after a few weeks. If you find any mold or mildew seeds then, discard them off. You can use the dried pumpkin seeds in the different dishes or the snacks for adding extra flavor or crispy touch to them.

Different Uses of the Dried Pumpkin Seeds

  • You can use them topping the salads.
  • You might prepare the homemade healthy and notorious granola bar with the help of the dried fruits, nuts, and the pumpkin seeds easily.
  • You can add garlic powder and cumin powder in the dried pumpkin seeds after roasting for a delicious snack.
  • It is easy to prepare the butter from the pumpkin seeds like the peanut butter by blending them in the mixer grinder till the time it gets smooth.

Nutritional Facts About the Dried Pumpkin Seeds

In 32.25 grams of the dried pumpkin seeds you get the below list of healthy nutrition:

Calories 180
GI Low
Manganese 1.47 mg
Phosphorus 397.64 mg
Copper 0.43 mg
Magnesium 190.92 mg      
Zinc 2.52 mg
Protein 9.75 g 
Iron 2.84 mg


The dried pumpkin seeds are an advantageous source of healthy oils, calcium, potassium, and magnesium which improve the health of the bones, heart and the other body functions. Moreover, they are also a good source of antioxidants and PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids).

It is quite easy to prepare the dried pumpkin seeds in the dehydrator after following the above-discussed steps. We have provided you the detailed instructions about drying the pumpkin seeds so that you can make them any time of your day. It is not only healthy food, but you get numerous health benefits from it. So, stop eating junk food from today and start eating healthy like dried pumpkin seeds.

If you still have any query to ask about dehydrating pumpkin seeds then, please let us know in the below comment box. You can also share your experiences about drying seeds of the pumpkin at your home.

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