Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator Review

Say goodbye to over drying meat jerky in the sun or storing meat chops, with the Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator, 245-watts to make things easier and hygienically safe. It is designed for transforming fruits, vegetables and meats into healthy and dried snacks. This four-tray dehydrator offers capacity, adjustable drying power and efficiency.

From banana chips to venison jerky, apple sauce to fruit rolls, there’s a lot you can make through this amazing appliance. An eye on the progress of the food being dehydrated is also possible through transparent lids and trays, so that the entire process can be monitored. With dishwasher-safe drying, BPA-free trays, adjustable thermostat for proper temperature for different kinds of food, thermostat ranging from 95-160 degree F and efficiency without heating up the kitchen, ultra-quiet operation results.

Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator
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The circulation of fan evenly to dry food, lighted on and off switches, cleaning up easy with dishwasher safe trays and customizing temperature for each food, this 4-tray food dehydrator is perfect for precise and accurate functioning. Bring the best out of game, garden and grocery and ensure you can make healthy snacks at home.

Eastman Outdoors is the perfect quality processing equipment making it easy to process wild game with tools that are cost efficient and yield top class results. When there are DIY models like these designed by scientists, professional chefs or active hunters can make the most of their food items. Opt for food that yields results when it comes to flavor, quality, and expectations.

The food dehydrator can be used and cleaned easily. Dishwasher-safe covers and trays are the perfect choice for easy, hassle-free maintenance. The multivariable thermostat range is from 90 to 160 degree F delivered from a 245 watt heating element.

Dehydrate a vast quantity of food items simultaneously. With 4 different trays, flavors need not be mixed together. This 4-tray electric food dehydrator is designed for easy cleaning. With product dimensions of 14.2 x 14.2 x 10.2 inches and a weight of 7.7 pounds, this is a dehydrator which is easy to move around and store.

This machine saves time and money. If the Eastman Outdoors 38254 is used on a steady basis, you can be assured of healthy, safe and clean food. Healthy meals and snacks can be easily prepared and dehydrated. When there are leftovers, they can gain in taste and flavor with a dehydrator.

Quick Specifications of Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator, 245-watt

Product Name

Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator 245-watt

Temp Range (°F)

160 degree F

Wattage (Watts)

245 Watts



Max Trays


Air Flow



90-160 degree F




1 year limited



Editor Rating


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Detailed Features of Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator 

The Eastman Outdoors Electric Food Dehydrator provides you and your family healthy, fresh and dehydrated snacks. Here are some of the key features of the Eastman Outdoors 38254 food dehydrator, 245-watts.

  • 4-Tray Dehydrator

    This dehydrator has a set of 4 round shaped trays. Each of the trays are removable and dishwasher-safe as well as BPA free. Each tray has a diameter of 14 inches. The trays are brown in color and transparent for easy viewing. These removable, stackable trays are easy to use and clean.

  • Wide Range of Foods Dehydrated

    The digital food dehydrator can be used for a wide range of foods. For example, banana slices can be dehydrated in less than 6-8 hours. Jerky can be prepared fast too. Get a range of dehydrated fruit items and fruit rolls using this utility saving dehydrator.

  • Adjustable Thermostat

    The range is from 90-160 degree F. This is an adjustable thermostat. The highest temperature this dehydrator is capable of reaching is 160 degree F. With such a wide range of temperature, it is easy to set the dehydrator to dry herbs, vegetables, fruits and meat. Fruits and vegetables can be dried at 140 degree F, while 160 degree F is essential for jerky making.

  • Low Wattage, Less Electricity Consumption

    While this dehydrator operates on 245-watts, many dehydrators in the same price range have a higher wattage and, therefore, more electricity consumption.

  • Lighted Switch

    The dehydrator also comes with a lighted on/off switch, making it ideal for beginners. Many low-priced dehydrators do not have this feature.

  • Ideal for Wide Range of Uses

    The dehydrator can be used for a wide range of needs from domestic home use to camping.

  • Vertical Drying

    As the dehydrator blower fan convects heat through the center, the moist food dries. The uniform and even distribution of heat ensures superior results.

  • Compact Footprint, Ergonomic Design

    This is a compact dehydrator, with an ergonomic, user-friendly design. It fits in well on small kitchen counters and table tops with ease. For those with space constraints, this is the perfect size for a dehydrator.

What Comes with Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator 

Though the Eastman Outdoors 38254 dehydrator 245-watt comes with a lot of features, there are comparatively few add ons for this food dehydrator.

  • 4 Removable Trays

    The removable trays are 14 inches in diameter. Each tray is round, BPA-free and dishwasher free. The color of the trays is brown.

  • Owner’s Manual Cum Recipe Book

    There is also an owners manual and recipe book which comes with each Eastman Outdoors 38254 food dehydrator of 245 watts.

  • Warranty Card

    The Eastman Outdoors food dehydrator comes with a warranty card as well. So, finding replacement parts and opting for maintenance services is easy for the dehydrator.

  • Fruit Roll Sheet

    A single fruit roll sheet also comes with this dehydrator, though it lacks a fruit roll insert.

Full Technical Specifications of Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator 

  • Material and Color

    The material with which the dehydrator is made is BPA-free plastic. It is grey in color.

  • Product Size and Weight

    Weighing 7.7 pounds, the Eastman Outdoors 38254 dehydrator, 245 watt has a compact size and dimensions of 14.17 x 14.17 x 10.23 inches.

  • Airflow

    The airflow is vertical as the fan at the base of the dehydrator lets loose hot air vertically through the centre of the trays. The airflow moves from the base to the upper portions.

  • Capacity

    This dehydrator can only accommodate a total of 4 trays 14 inches across in diameter. The dehydrator cannot be expanded to include more trays, and neither can the shelves be removed to accommodate a jar. When it comes to capacity, this dehydrator loses out on the other models.

  • Power Consumption and Wattage

    With just 245 watt wattage, the power consumption of this dehydrator is low.

  • Variable Temperature Control

    The temperature ranges from 90 to 160 degree F. This offers the ability to provide temperature control across a wide range of food items, ranging from fruits, and vegetables to cereals, and jerky.

  • Fan

    There is a bottom mounted fan which offers uniform, even vertical drying of different food items.

  • Warranty

    This product comes with a warranty, so manufacturers guarantee replacement and maintenance services.

Best Things About Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator

The Eastman Outdoors 38254 food dehydrator comes with a lot of advantages. This 245 watt dehydrator has the following positive benefits associated with it.

  • Power Switch a Useful Addition

    The power switch which is lighted is available so you can operate the dehydrator in dim interiors as well. The on-off switch is extremely advantageous for the user.

  • Lightweight and Compact

    It does not take up additional space and is lightweight and compact. Weighing only 7.7 pounds, this portable dehydrator can be carried along for camping, hiking and fishing trips as well.

  • Four Electric Drying Trays

    Each round tray measures 14 inches across in diameter. The powerful 245 watt heating element is an added bonus. The trays are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

  • Wide Temperature Range

    This dehydrator has a temperature range from 90 to 160 degree F to suit your exact needs.

  • Transparent Lid and Cover

    The covers and trays are transparent and easy to clean. Food being dehydrated can easily be monitored for its dryness using this dehydrator, making it perfect for hunting enthusiasts, avid fisherman and chefs.

  • Perfect for Wide Variety of Meats

    This dehydrator is perfect for making jerky across a wide range of meats from mule deer to turkey, waterfowl, elk, dove, deer and more. Skilled, high quality processing is simple for dehydrating wild sport at home. Whether one considers an expert, skilled or beginning user, this is the best dehydrator for drying meat jerky.

  • Dishwasher Protected Duvet

    The duvet and trays can be scrubbed clean, Consequently, the Eastman Outdoors is perfect for trouble-free, zero-hassle maintenance.

  • Ultra Quiet Fan

    The quiet fan spreads heat evenly across the trays without impacting or disturbing the room.

Bad Things About Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator

Much like most other models and brands, the Eastman Outdoors dehydrator too has certain drawbacks associated with it, detailed below.

  • Low Wattage

    Other dehydrators with the same price come at high wattage. But, this Eastman Outdoors 38254 food dehydrator comes with 245 Watts capacity.

  • Round Trays

    Another negative point is that round trays are not as efficient as square ones when it comes to space utilization.

  • Fragile Trays

    The transparent trays are not sturdy enough to accommodate wide variety of foods that are heavy in weight. Wear and tear can have a negative effect on the trays too.

  • Tops at 160 Degree F

    The dehydrator does not cross 160 degree F. Therefore, it cannot be used to make poultry jerky which requires dehydration at 165 degree F.

  • No Timer or Automatic Shutoff

    This dehydrator lacks a timer or automatic shut-off making it useless for precision drying or saving up on electricity. In missing out on the convenience of a timer, beginners also miss out on well-dehydrated foods.

Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator Video Review

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

a buyer or potential purchaser of the Eastman Outdoors 38254 food dehydrator, 245 watts, you may have a lot of questions about the appliance. Here are the answers that can be of help to you.

Q: Is the Dehydrator BPA-free?

The dehydrator as well as its trays are BPA free

Q: How Much Space Is There Between the Shelves?

There are four shelves about an inch thick each. Each of these are closely spaced.

Q: Can the Shelves Be Removed and the Jars Placed Instead, While the Cover Is Put on so That Homemade Yoghurt Can Be Made in the Jar?

No, this is not possible because the shelves stack to form an enclosed space. Each shelf provides a 2 inch height to work upon.

Q: Can This Dehydrator Be Used to Dry Herbs?

Yes, the dehydrator can be used to dry herbs. Just dry the herbs till they start to crumble and place them in an airtight container to prevent water absorption from outside.

Q: Can Poultry Jerky Be Made Using This Dehydrator?

The dehydrator cannot be used to make poultry jerky as this needs a temperature of 165 degree F, which the Eastman Outdoors model cannot reach. Its maximum temperature is only 160 degree F.

Q: Is the Fruit Roll Up Sheet Included with This Dehydrator?

Yes, this dehydrator comes with a fruit roll up sheet.

Q: Does the Dehydrator Have a Rotating Tray Function?

This 4-tray food dehydrator does not have a rotating tray function. It can dehydrate food without the need for rotation by preparing and placing the food in the dehydrator as per instructions in the manual.

Q: How Do You Rotate the Trays in the Dehydrator?

Each of these switchable, stackable, round trays can be restacked in different orders while undergoing dehydration. Placing the tray closer to the heat source on the bottom works well too. The bottom of the unit slopes towards the heating element, so no jars can be included with the shelves, though trays can be restacked for rotation.

Q: How Do You Make Beef Jerky in This Dehydrator?

After dehydrating the jerky for the allocated time as per the instruction manual, place the beef jerky in the oven for 30 minutes at 160 degrees.


The Eastman Outdoors 38254 food dehydrator, 245 watts, is the perfect addition to any home or hunting expedition. Made for the great outdoor use, this dehydrator offers a wide variety of applications for those at lawns and patios. This model comes with a lot of positive features, from its super quiet fan to its lighted on/off switch. The model however, has its drawbacks ranging from inability to make poultry jerky on account of limited maximum temperature and a whole lot of other factors.

The Eastman Outdoors 385254 food dehydrator is an asset for any domestic establishment because it can be used for dehydrating food of a wide variety ranging from trail mix to dried fruits and fruit rolls. The dehydrator comes with a wide variety of features ranging from low wattage to limited power consumption. Its lightweight portability makes it suitable for any outdoor use. It can be carried along easily and its compact dimensions are well suited to modern kitchens with space constraints. All in all, this low wattage dehydrator packs a powerful punch when it comes to drying game meat. A quiet yet efficient dehydrator, it is perfect for hunters, fishermen, trekkers, hikers, and outdoorsmen.

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