Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster 1000-watt Digital Dehydrator Review

Whether you are camping, trekking, hiking or looking for food storage for even regular basis, the Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster 1000-Watt Digital dehydrator is just what you need. Made for meeting the food storage needs of those who are adventurous and passionate about health and nutrition, the Open Country dehydrator is an investment any budget conscious customer will not hesitate in making.

With a drying power wattage of 1000W and a 2400 RPM motor powering air circulation using the patented Converga-Flow technology, dry fruits, vegetables, liquids, semi-liquids, herbs, seeds and more in this handy dehydrator. Each tray gets a uniform supply of air that is fresh and dry through the even radial and horizontal distribution of this remarkable air flow technology.

Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster 1000-watt Digital Dehydrator
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Dry a vast variety of food items on up to 20 trays without rotating a single one, using this powerful, performance packed dehydrator.

With an adjustable thermostat of 95-160o F, this is one adaptable dehydrator. Its unique tray construction and opaque case technology blocks harmful radiation and retains the nutrients in the food being dried.

Trays, screens and the fruit roll sheets that come with this dehydrator are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The food contact surfaces are also made of BPA certified material. So, you can be sure that the food you are dehydrating preserves its color, aroma, taste and natural nutrients, while removing preservatives and harmful chemicals that processing may have introduced.

The Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital dehydrator 1000W is a powerful appliance which dries food items up to 4 times faster than regular convection models.

Quick Specifications of Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator 1000-watt

Product Name

Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator 1000 Watt

Temp Range (°F)

Upto 160o F

Wattage (Watts)

1000 Watts



Max Trays


Air Flow



95-160o F




1 year limited



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Detailed Features of Open Country FD 1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator 1000-watt

Perfect for domestic as well as outdoor use, the Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator, 1000 watt has the following distinctive features making it a convenient and useful purchase:

  • Spacious and Expandable Drying Space

    The Open Country food dehydrator has a total of 4 trays, but the number can be raised to 20. Therefore this dehydrator covers a maximum of 20 square feet of drying space. Massive quantities of food items can be dried in one shot, which is perfect for a wide variety of domestic and outdoor gatherings.

  • Four Stackable Trays

    With 4 trays that measure 15.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches in depth, the Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator 1000 Watt is perfect for extra large drying space. With the total number of trays expandable to 20, the total drying space comes to 20 square feet. Each TR-2SK tray pack of 2 can expand the dehydrating capacity of your food dehydrator. The pressure of drying automatically makes adjustments for each additional tray so that increasing the tray numbers, does not result in doubling or tripling of the duration for drying the items.

  • Massive Drying Power

    The Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital dehydrator is a 1000 Watt power house which is expandable and can be used for herbs, seeds, fruits, vegetables, food items, dough, craft items, potpourri and even outdoor use. Get instantly more capacity and more drying power with the efficient 2,400 RPM fan.

  • Top Mounted Fan

    The powerful top mounted fan is perfect for drying food evenly. The fan has a maximum speed yet it is not noisy in the least. It is also situated on the top of the dehydrator to prevent food spillage or dripping. It also eliminates the need for tray rotation through even distribution of heat.

  • Wide Range of Uses

    Crafts, dough items, potpourri and ornamentation are some of other ways this dehydrator can be used for non-cooking purposes. Gardeners can use them for dehydrating seeds. Make 100% natural snacks that offer the best nutritive value. You can also use it for making protein rich turkey, chicken or fish jerky to fuel your trekking or fishing expedition. Dehydrators like these can also be used for a wide variety of cooking from drying trail mix to granola, apricots to bananas.

  • Dries Items in Hours

    Apples can take anywhere from 4-10 hours for drying, perfect for making apple sauce, cobbler, rings and pies for dehydrating. Berries such as cranberries and blueberries take just 10-18 hours to dry. Citrus fruits like lime, oranges and lemons take just 2-12 hours. Dry beets in just 3 hours and beans in 6 using this amazing dehydrator. You can also dry zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes and celery in a matter of hours too. Herbs, seeds, and jerky can also be dehydrated in just a couple of hours. Craft items, dough and potpourri is also easy to dry using this dehydrator.

  • Complimentary Cookbook

    The cookbook is complimentary and comes with a vast number of recipes such as banana bread, bran muffins, homemade chili powder, and much more. These easy to make recipes offer new choices for those passionate about cooking. It also enables customers to optimize the use of this dehydrator.

  • Adjustable Thermostat Range

    The range of thermostat is from 95 to 160 degree F that provides the best results. Drying time is based on type and amount of food, evenness and thickness of slices, amount of water in the food, temperature and humidity. Altitude is also a determinant. Drying times depend on climatic conditions and this is why the dehydrator offers a wide range of thermostat to adjust for different kinds of items.

    Fruits, vegetables, fruit rolls are dried between 130 and 140 degree F. This lessens the chance of losing heat sensitive vitamins. The temperature needs to be set during the first couple of hours. Meat jerky takes a higher temperature to dry. This also prevents bacteria and microbes or pathogens from developing in food.

    Nuts and seeds contain natural oils and fats, so they cannot be dried on high heat as this can make them rancid. Their ideal range is from 90 to 100 degree F. Herbs and spices also need the dry in the same temperature, as do dried flowers. Dry game, fruits, vegetables and meat easily using this dehydrator.

  • Timer

    New digital controls eliminate the need for an external timer. The unit timer sets the temperature and time for consistency in drying results.

  • Automatic Shutoff

    The digital timer can be used to program the duration of the dehydration process, following which the Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator 1000 Watt automatically shuts off. The unit also indicates the length of time for which it is being used. There is also a digital temperature read out. A time display ensures precision whether you need food for extended storage, camping or hiking trips or rustling up some snacks quickly. The shutoff switches off the appliance automatically once drying is over. This saves time and money.

  • Patented Converga Flow System

    The 4.5 inch fan ensures circulation of hot air in the dehydrator, ensuring that it causes the same amount of heat to reach all 4 extra large trays. This shortens the drying process to hours. Taking only 3-6 hours to dehydrate fruit rolls, the horizontal distribution system is perfect for drying items in very little time.

  • Opaque Vita-Save Feature

    The external device part comprises the Vita-Save feature. This blocks the light which is not the case with dehydrators with transparent doors. Nutritious minerals and vitamins in the food remain preserved and the whole meal is healthy and tasty.

  • Additional Products

    Another great feature of the FD-1022SK is that you get additional accessories such as the 52-page recipe book, two additional sheets, and jerky spice. Additional accessories such as No-Spill technology Fruit Roll sheets make this excellent for purees, sauces, semi-liquids and liquids.

What Comes with the Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator, 1000-watt

The fast, and efficient way to make tasty, nutritious dried food for hiking, camping or just storing food for consumption is to use the Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator, 1000-watt. Read on to know what comes with this unique dehydrator.

  • 4 Stackable Trays

    The trays are 15.5 inches in diameter and have a depth of 3 inches, making them extra large and suitable for drying vast varieties of food and craft items. The trays can be expanded to 20. Tray construction blocks light as well, preserving nutrients. The extra-large drying trays are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

  • Fruit Roll Sheet

    A Fruit Roll sheet with zero spill technology permits soups and sauces to be dehydrated double quick.

  • Clean-A-Screen

    A single Clean-A-Screen sheet makes it easy to dry and remove sticky items. This flexible screen also protects seeds, herbs and spices from falling through the spokes of the trays.

  • Packet of Jerky Spice and Cure

    One packet of jerky spice and cure is perfect for making flavored jerky such as pepperoni, teriyaki, cajun and cracked pepper & garlic.

  • Recipe and Instruction Book

    There is a 52 page recipe and instruction manual as well. It provides safety and maintenance instructions as well.

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Full Technical Specifications of the Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator, 1000-watt

Dry more items faster with the Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator, 1000-watt. Learn more about its technical specifications here.

  • Product Size and Weight

    The Open Country FD-1022SK is a 10.2 pound heavyweight, though it can fit into a moderate sized kitchen with ease. The dehydrator has precise dimensions of 15.5(W) x 15.5(D) x 9.75(H) inches, placing it in the genre of compact units.

  • Material and Color

    The unit has a distinctive speckled green appearance and is made of plastic. The food contact surface are BPA-free, so preparing food in this is safe.

  • Timer and Automatic Shutoff

    There is a digital timer so that you can set precise temperatures and drying time for consistency in dehydration. There is no requirement of an external timer. Specifying a specific period of time ensures that the dehydrator turns down immediately at the close of it. This smart dehydrator also suggests the duration of time the dehydrator is used.

  • Specially Mounted Fan

    The top mounted fan is created to ensure there is no spillage or dripping. It also ensures horizontal, even distribution of heat. So neither do flavors get mixed nor is there any need for tray rotation.

  • Converga-Flow Technology

    The patented Converga-Flow fan causes air to be forced up the outside, pressurized chamber and horizontally across the individual trays. The individual trays receive uniform heat converging inside the center for fast, healthy drying.

  • Strong Motor

    The motor is a 2,400 RPM motor indicating faster, more nutritious drying. This motor makes it faster than dryers with no motors or fans.

  • Capacity

    Each of the trays measure 15.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches in depth. The extra large trays are expandable to 20, equalling 20 square feet of drying space. The dehydrator has a large capacity and is suited for drying a vast variety of food stuffs and items.

  • Power Consumption

    With a 1000 watts wattage, this dehydrator operates on 120 v AC, at 60 cycles frequency. This powerhouse consumes a lot of electricity.

  • Thermostat Range

    The adjustable thermostat of 95-160 degree F provides the flexibility to obtain results that are consistent.

  • Warranty

    The manufacturers provide a 1-year limited warranty to customers.

Best Things About Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator 

This cost-efficient, top performing dehydrator has a lot of benefits, many of which are detailed below:

  • Compact Size

    The Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator, 1000-watt, has accurate dimensions of 15.5×15.5×9.75 inches. This makes it ideal for those seeking a compact dehydrator. The dehydrator can be placed on any counter and its distinctive dimensions make it a perfect fit.

  • Specially Engineered Fan

    The 2,400 RPM motor powers a 4.5 inch fan that makes drying 4 times faster than those dehydrators which lack motors and fans. Faster, better and easier than even an oven, this dehydrator offers twice as much power.

  • Quiet Operations

    The food dehydrator has a powerful and efficient motor. The plus point of this is that the dehydrator works noiselessly and seamlessly to ensure smooth functioning.

  • Additional Accessories

    Zero-spill lock Fruit Roll sheet, a flexible Clean-A-Screen making it easy to dry herbs and spices and a 52 page recipe cum instruction book, along with jerky packets and cures make this the perfect purchase for its useful extras. Welcome green eating with organic recipes in the manual.

  • Easy to Use

    The trays and screens are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. You can easily clean and maintain this dehydrator well. The top mounted motor and fan ensures no food items spill or liquid items drip. This dehydrator also dries 20 trays of food without tray rotation. The Clean-A-Screen prevents herbs or spices from falling through the spokes of the tray and also protects the surface from sticky herbs and food items.

  • Digital Controls and Automatic Shut-Off

    The precise digital controls ensure there is no need for an external timer. The digital controls ensure the temperature and time for which drying is carried out can be programmed. The automatic-shutoff button switches off the unit once drying is complete, so that you don’t get costly electricity bills. The dehydrator also contains a mechanism to compute the period for which dehydration has been carried out.

  • Horizontal, Even Heat Distribution

    The patented Converga-Flow technology forces heated air through the pressurized, exterior chambers and then reaches the trays towards the center, horizontally. The unique technology ensures even distribution of heat across all trays for uniform drying. It also prevents the mixing of flavors of the food items being dried and guarantees no need for tray rotation.

  • Vita-Save Technology

    The Vita-Save opaque case and the special tray design prevents harmful radiation from entering the dehydrator. So, food retains color, taste, aroma and nutrition.

  • Wide Thermostat Range

    With an adjustable thermostat of 95-160o F, the dehydrator can be used for just about every type of food stuff and craft items. Different foods such as meat jerky, fruits, and vegetables need different settings. You can get the best results through the flexible thermostat range.

  • Warranty

    The Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator, 1000-watt comes with a 1 year warranty, so there is no problem in servicing, replacement of parts or quick maintenance.

Bad Things About 1000-Watt Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator

Though the Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator, 1000-watt is a good investment, there are some drawbacks associated with the appliance, which are covered below:

  • Need to Purchase More Trays

    Only 4 trays come with this set, as compared to other dehydrators which offer as many as 8. If the customer needs to use more trays and expand the capacity of the food dehydrator, more trays need to be ordered.

  • Heats Up Quickly

    The unit is metal ware and therefore if left unattended, it can get overheated and cause you a lot of problems. If left without monitoring, reports that the tray can melt shelves, trays have been noted.

  • Thermostat Increment Limited

    The increment to the thermostat is set at 5 degrees. So if you want a recipe requiring a temperature of (for example) 119 degree F, it cannot be achieved. As a result, certain food items could end up being over or under dried.

  • Heavy Wattage

    The dehydrator comes with a 1000 watts wattage, so electricity consumption is very high. It can only be used with 120v AC, not 240. These are just some of the limitations that can come in the way of efficiently using this dehydrator.

Open Country FD-1022SK Dehydrator Video Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator, 1000-watts is a superlative product, about which consumers may have a lot of queries. This FAQs section seeks to answer many concerns buyers may have.

Q: Do I Need to Rotate the Trays at the Time of Drying?

No, the unique Converga-Flow horizontal airflow feature ensures that you do not have to rotate the trays. The food dries evenly as a result of this technology and its nutritional value is preserved.

Q: Does This Model Have a Timer?

Yes the Open Country FD-1022SK comes with a timer, which automatically shuts off the unit. The precise digital timer also sets the temperature and duration for which the drying process should take place.

Q: What Is the Thermostat Range of This Dehydrator?

The thermostat range for this dehydrator is from 95 degree F to 160 degree F. It can be set to a maximum temperature of 160 degrees F.

Q: What Is the Voltage and Frequency at Which This Dehydrator Can Be Used?

The voltage is 120v AC, with a 60 cycle frequency.

Q: Can Craft Items Be Dehydrated Using This Unit?

Yes, craft items like dough ornaments, potpourri can easily be dehydrated using this model.

Q: What Is the Maximum Number of Trays?

The maximum number of trays is 20 and the total maximum drying space is 20 square feet.

Q: Are the Trays Dishwasher-safe?

Yes, the trays are dishwasher safe. They are also BPA-free.

Q: Can Liquids Like Purees, Sauces Etc Be Dried Using This Dehydrator?

Yes, the liquid and semi-liquid items like soups, sauces, purees and more can be dehydrated with ease using the Fruit-Roll sheet provided by the manufacturers.

Q: Can This Dehydrator Be Used for Homemade Yoghurt?

Sorry, this dehydrator does not have a provision for homemade yoghurt.

Q: Where Is the Fan Located?

This model has a top-mounted, specially designed fan with a 2,400 RPM motor.

Q: Can I dry items marinated in alcohol, in this dehydrator?

No, you cannot dry or dehydrate food prepared with or marinated in alcohol using this model.

Q: How Do I Clean the Power Head Unit?

Unplug the power head unit before cleaning it. Use a moist cloth or towel to remove dried food residue from the unit. Avoid dripping liquid into electrical parts. Under no condition can you immerse the power unit in water or another liquid. Do not remove power head unit parts either, while cleaning it.

Q: What Is the Minimum Number of Trays the Dehydrator Should Have?

The manual cautions that even if the dehydrator is mostly empty, there should be a minimum of 4 trays in it while drying items.


With just a few drawbacks and many benefits, the Open Country FD-1022SK Gardenmaster Digital dehydrator, 1000-watt, has a lot of uses. It is a popular choice on account of its capacity making it perfect for domestic or outdoor use, and its powerful fan which allows even, uniform drying. Pegged at a relatively budget-friendly price, this dehydrator is powerful, quiet and dries food in just hours.

It can also be used easily by complete beginners because it comes with a detailed instruction and recipe book. The recipes are easy to follow and the instructions permit easy assembly of the unit. The trays are BPA-free and dishwasher safe so maintenance is not a problem at all. With a 1-year warranty, this dehydrator offers a lot of options including a digital timer and automatic shutoff-features.

With a powerful motor making it many times more efficient than a regular convection model, Vita-Save technology to block harmful light and Converga-Flow airflow system that guarantees even and fast drying, this is a dehydrator that has many beneficial features. It comes with additional accessories that makes it perfect for those just starting out with dehydrators. With a wide application across a multiple range of users, this dehydrator can be used by chefs, gardeners, crafters and even outdoor enthusiasts to get food that is dried in just a matter of hours, without losing its vital nutrients or its distinctive color and taste. With so many positive features and benefits, this dehydrator is a good choice for those looking to combine unique features with digital precision.

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