How to Keep the Flies off the Dehydrators

If you dehydrate a lot of food, then flies can be a problem when it is drying. The smell of drying meat attracts all kinds of insects, including flies. The presence of flies is unhygienic, and it can lead to infection and decomposition of the meat. If you are bothered by the flies that find their way to the meat drying in your dehydrator, you can find a few simple solutions to keep the flies away from the food.

One of the tricks that recently got popular was using a collapsible laundry hamper over a dehydrator while it is drying meat. While it is a great way to keep flies away from the meat, you need to be careful while placing the hamper over the dehydrator.

The hamper is often made from fabric, and it can heat up and catch fire when the dehydrator reaches high temperatures while heating the meat. If you plan to use this hamper to keep flies away from the meat, make sure you keep an eye on the hamper while it is placed on the dehydrator. One benefit of the hamper is that it allows air circulation while keeping the flies away from the meat.

Product Reviews

1) Household Essentials 2027-1 Pop-Up Collapsible Mesh Laundry Hamper – Keep Flies Away from Your Dehydrator

Household Essentials 2027-1 Pop-Up Collapsible Mesh Laundry Hamper
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This popup hamper comes with straps and a broad base that you can use for keeping on top of a circular or a small dehydrator while it is drying food. The hamper’s small mesh keeps the flies from reaching the meat while allowing the excess heat to escape. The circulation of the hot air is essential for the meat to dry completely.

The hamper comes with a spring wire frame that makes it easy to collapse the hamper and store it away. Ensure you check the hamper’s dimensions before buying to check if it will fit your dehydrator. If you have a square or a large dehydrator, this might not be the ideal way for you to keep flies away from drying meat.

2) Emoly Mesh Popup Laundry Hamper with Handles – Ideal Way to Prevent Flies from Sitting on Your Dehydrator

Mesh Popup Laundry Hamper with Handles
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This mesh hamper has a square mouth, making it easier to use with dehydrators that are square in size. Depending on your dehydrator’s size, you can use this mesh hamper to prevent flies from moving around the drying meat. As with the other product, keep in mind that this can be a fire hazard if the mesh gets too hot. Also, be careful while moving the hamper from the dehydrator as it can get hot. It is best to use this product in an open space where the air can circulate freely, and there aren’t any combustible materials around.


A hamper is an excellent way to keep flies away from meat, but you should keep in mind the safety precautions while using this product. You should keep an eye on the dehydrator at all times and avoid using this hamper for long durations as the mesh might heat up and catch fire. While this is a stop-gap measure at best, it is always a good idea to keep your dehydrator in a clean place while drying meat. It would be best if you cleaned up any drips or scraps of meat so that there is no risk of infestation or flies.

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