MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator Review

One more fantastic food dehydrator in our review guide collection is MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator. You must be thinking that now what makes this machine different from others that we are discussing it in our article?

Well! The MAGIC MILL PRO food dehydrator is one of the spacious, extremely efficient and powerfully working machines which help you in preserving an extensive range of foods. This appliance has more than 6 square feet of dehydrating space which lets you dry out all categories of nutritious foods in big batches. In fact, you can save your lots of time with the help of its automated features which also make the drying process almost effortless.

MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator
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The MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator includes a diversity of features which make the machine a good option for health enthusiasts, gardeners, families, and athletes. Such people can easily preserve the seasonal foods for preparing healthier appetizers without adding any preservatives which usually found in store-bought foods.

The MAGIC MILL PRO Dehydrator is also a reasonably priced machine which has the stainless steel dehydrating trays along with an integrated timer. It also has the digital controls which positioned in an appropriate and user-friendly location on the front side of the machine’s cabinet.

Previously we covered Magic Mill Pro XL Electric Food Dehydrator Review. In this article, we will thoroughly review the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator along with its specifications, features, pros and cons. It will provide you a clear glimpse about the appliance so that you can consider it before buying any other food dehydrator from the market.

After reading the below dehydrator review of this product, you will surely get delighted by its unusual features at the price which would not dehydrate your wallet at all.

Specifications of MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator

Product Name

MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator

Temp Range (°F)

95º F to 158º F.

Wattage (Watts)

400 – 450 watts



Max Trays


Air Flow

Horizontal air flow (back to front)






1 Year limited warranty


12 x 17 x 19″

Item Weight

15.8 pounds

Editor Rating


Product Link

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Key Features of MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator

The following are the essential characteristics of the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator:

  • Drying Capacity

    The MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator possesses six mesh dehydrating trays which have the size of (12 x 13) inches which helps in drying around 6 pounds of foodstuff at one single point of time. It is a significant feature for anyone of you who wants to preserve food for the longer period. The food dehydrator’s large capacity can easily handle big batches of food which not only save your time but also the energy which you might have to spend in drying multiple batches through other methods.

  • Optimum Airflow

    This food dehydrator has the combination of a back-fixed fan along with the horizontal airflow technology which results in uniform food drying in every single corner of the tray. It also helps in stopping the overheating of food. The complete food is dehydrated efficiently without losing the flavor or the nutrients.

  • Timer and Digital Thermostat

    When we go to the market for buying a food dehydrator, the two most important things that we consider are timer and thermostat. So, for your consideration, these two features are also present in the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator.

    You can easily set the temperature of the machine between 95°F to 158°F for the versatility prospect. The timer along with the automatic shut off lets you dehydrate the food without any over-drying issue.

  • Preset Functions for Cooking

    The MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator has eight preset functions for cooking which allow you to choose the best temperature for certain popular varieties of dried foods. So, you just have to touch the button and start the process of drying. It mainly benefits in avoiding the setting of the wrong temperature in the machine.

  • Transparent Cover

    This machine has a transparent cover which helps you in looking inside the dehydrator during the progress of the dehydrating procedure. It is a good thing when you are drying a variety of foods. With a transparent cover, you do not have to interrupt the dehydration process by opening the machine and inspecting different trays.

  • Additional Accessories

    The MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator originates with an instruction guidebook, six stainless steel shelves, six adequate mesh trays, as well as two silicone oven mitts. All these accessories make the process of dehydration quite easier and helpful. In fact, you do not have to pay any additional amount of money for buying these accessories from the market.

Full Technical Specifications of MAGIC MILL PRO Dehydrator

The following are the complete technical specifications of the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator which will let you know that which things are present in this machine:

  • Dehydrator Type

    It is a box and shelf type of food dehydrator which works like an electric oven. The heat is distributed evenly on all the trays.

  • Air Flow

    The flow of the air in this machine moves horizontally i.e. from back to the front with the help of the back-mounted fan. It helps in drying the food without the over-drying problem. There is no need to rotate the trays also.

  • Temperature Range

    The adjustable thermostat feature of this machine has the range between 95° F to 158° F which benefits you in drying out the different variety of foods.

  • Dimensions of the Product

    The dimension of the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator is 12 x 17 x 19 inches.

  • Number of Trays

    The number of shelves in this appliance is six which are made up of stainless steel material. But you cannot expand it further by adding more additional shelves to it.

  • Timer as Well as the Thermostat

    This machine has inbuilt digital timer and thermostat which makes it quite helpful to the users. The appliance gets automatically shut off as soon as the process of dehydration gets over.

  • Wattage Power

    The power wattage capacity of the machine is 400 to 450 watts which are quite enough for drying the numerous varieties of food.

  • Warranty Period

    The manufacturers of the product offer one-year limited period offer to the buyers.

Best Things About MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator

As you are now familiar with all the technical specifications about the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator, we want to tell you some important best things which you will found on this machine. The following are the main strengths of the appliance which makes it useful for any buyer:

  • BPA-free Machine

    With this BPA-free device, you can enjoy the safe household and easiest nutritious snacks without adding any additives. Since this is a BPA-free machine; you do not have to worry about the effects of heating food in the appliance.

  • Durable Material Trays

    The shelves of the machine are made up from the stainless steel material which is quite robust and provides its service for a longer period. There is no chance of breaking or damaging of the trays which occur in a case of plastic trays.

  • Safety Feature

    An Overheating safety protection feature also gave on the machine which does not allow it to overheat the food as well as the appliance. As soon as your timer (of 19.5 hours) gets off, the machine automatically goes shuts down.

  • Digital Thermostat and Timer

    An inbuilt digital timer as well as the thermostat (along with eight preset temperature) also provided. The thermostat allows you to cook food at different eight temperatures with the touch of a button. After setting the timer in the appliance, when your process gets over, the machine gets shut off automatically.

  • User-friendly Control Panel

    The control panel given on the front side of the product is user-friendly, and you can reach to it very quickly. In some other models, the control panel is mostly provided on the back side which is tough to reach sometimes.

  • Easy Monitoring

    With the help of the transparent door, you can easily monitor the process of food dehydration procedure without opening the appliance. This feature also saves your lots of time and energy which you may have to use in opening and interrupting the process in-between.

  • Clean Interior

    The drip tray which is provided inside the machine on the bottom side does not let the interior of the appliance gets spoiled. If during the process of food dehydration, anything goes leaks down, it will immediately get gathered on the bottom drip tray. Moreover, you can easily clean and maintain this appliance without much effort.

  • Quiet Operation

    The machine works quietly during the process of dehydration. It will not create any unnecessary sound. Thus, you can sue it during the nighttime also without disturbing the sleep of other family members.

  • Appropriate for Small Kitchen

    It is suitable for nay size of kitchen whether small or big. Thus, if you have a space issue in your kitchen, you can place this machine on the countertop of a kitchen without any difficulty.

Bad Things About MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator

Every machine has its cons, but we cannot find some significant weaknesses in this product. Thus, below we are giving few bad things about the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator:

  • Limited Warranty

    The manufacturer of the appliance offers limited period warranty offer of one year which is not quite enough for many users. Thus, if you are looking for a longer warranty period product, then this machine will not fulfill your this desire.

  • Strong Plastic Smell

    When the food dehydration process is going on, you will feel the plastic being heat. It does not feel great if you want to serve the food to your guests and relatives. The plastic smell gets vanished after some period.

  • Sluggish Drying Time

    The time taken by the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator is also not good. It does the process of dehydration quite slowly due to the less power wattage. Thus, if you have a busy, hectic schedule and want to get free soon, then this appliance can disturb all your plans.

  • Not Made for Commercial Use

    Due to the less power capacity and the limited six trays option, this machine cannot be suggested for the business purposes at all. You can use this appliance at home or for personal use. It shall not recommend for using at places like bars or restaurants.

  • Not Expandable

    The MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator comes with six stainless steel trays which cannot expand. It means you cannot add more shelves to the appliance in case of any need. The drying space of the machine fixed, and if you want to dry the large quantity of food for a party or gathering, then you have to do that in several batches.

  • Plastic Body

    The body of the food dehydrator is made up of the plastic (polycarbonate) material which is not powerful enough to sustain for the longer period. There are high chances of getting damage or breaking if you are shifting it from one place to another.

Video Review of MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does with the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator Will I Get Any Fruit Roll-up or Leather Sheets?

Yes, you will get three pieces of leather sheets along with the appliance.

Q: Does MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator Come with a Drip Pan?

Yes, this machine comes with a drip pan which helps you in easy cleaning of the appliance.

Q: Is It Possible to Purchase Additional Stainless Steel Trays with the Machine?

Yes, you can buy more trays if they get damaged in any case. However, you are not allowed to increase the expandability of this machine.

Q: Does This Food Dehydrator Have a Timer?

Yes, this machine has a timer which can be set up to 19 hours and 30 minutes which is quite adequate.

Q: Can I Preset the Temperatures of the Appliance or I Can Adjust It with the Help of Degrees?

Yes, of course, you can preset the temperature of the machine whose upper limit is 158 degrees.

Q: What Is the Wattage Power Capacity of This Dehydrator?

Well! The wattage power capacity of the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator is between 400 to 450 watts.

Q: Can I Use This Machine for Making Beef Jerky?

Yes, you can easily cook beef jerky in this machine.

Q: If My Food Dried in the Machine, Will It Get Turn Off Automatically after the Time Is Up?

Yes, the dehydrator will get off automatically when the time preset gets over.

Q: Does This Machine Come with 2 or 3 Pronged Plugs?

It originates with two-pronged plugs which can be easily plugged-in anywhere.

Q: Do the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator Stainless Steel Shelves Consist of Plastic Over Them?

The shelves of the dehydrator are plastic sheets which placed on the top of stainless steel. If you just want to use the steel shelving, then you can take out the plastic sheet.

Q: Does the Stainless Steel Trays of the Appliance Are Dishwasher Safe?

No, the stainless steel trays are not dishwasher safe, but you can clean it with the help of a damp cloth along with the mild detergent.

Q: Does MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator Accompany with an Instruction Book Also?

Yes, you will get an instruction book along with the appliance when you buy it. It is an essential guiding book which helps you a lot during the beginning.

Q: Is This Appliance Functions at 110v or 220v?

This machine works at 110v.

Q: Can You Please Tell Me from Where Can I Buy the Additional Stainless Steel Trays in a Case of Need?

The stainless steel trays are available at Amazon website at very reasonable price.

Q: Do All the Components of This Appliance Are Washable?

You can just wipe the parts with a damp cloth, and this machine cannot be clean in a dishwasher also.

Q: Do the Sides, as Well as the Top Part of the Machine, Is Plastic or Stainless Steel?

The sides of the machine made from plastic material.

Q: Is It Possible to Dry Out Almonds Straight Over the Stainless Steel Mesh or Would They Get Fall Off?

Yes, you can dehydrate almonds on the stainless steel mesh as they will not get fall off from it.

Q: Can I Dehydrate Chili or Soup in This Machine?

Yes, you can dry them on this appliance. The more thickly you made, it will become better.

Q: Does This Plastic Food Dehydrator Is BPA Free or Only the Shelving Tray Inserts Are BPA Free?

The appliance is completely BPA free, so you do not have to worry about cooking food in it.

Q: Will I Get Mesh Trays along with the Appliance?

Yes, you will get mesh trays along with the product for cooking small size food items like blueberries or herbs.

Q: Hi, I Have Found an Issue with This Machine. after Cooking Food, It Smells Like Plastic All Over. Why Does This Happen?

Yes, this appliance has the drawback of plastic smell at the end of a process. But it gets vanished after some time. Thus, there is no need to worry about this issue.

Q: Does This Machine Functions at 50Hz or 60Hz?

It functions at 60Hz easily.

Q: How Would I Know That Which Temperature Will Suit My Food for Drying?

Well! Diverse categories of foods have different optimal temperatures which make them completely dehydrate so that you can preserve the nutrition perfectly along with the original flavor of each.

For instance, to make yogurt, you have to run the dehydrator at very low temperature for around 8 hours whereas for drying the herbs, you just need around 1 to 3 hours. We can take one more example, for drying Beef jerky, some machines take four hours, and some of them need 15 hours for removing the entire moisture. You will learn all this slowly when you get used to the machine. 

We recommend to check​ How Long Does Dehydrated Food Last? for some ideas.

Q: What Will Be the Height of the Six Tray Model of MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator?

All the six racks of the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator have the height of 12 1/2 inches.

Q: Which Is the Finest Way to Store the Dehydrated Food after Drying in This Food Dehydrator?

You can store the dried food in the vacuum packing without adding any preservatives to it. It can save from several months to years depending on the nature of the food.

Q: I Am a New User of the Food Dehydrator. Recently I Have Bought MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator. Could You Please Tell Me That for Which Purpose Does the Plastic Mesh and Trays Used?

It is nice to hear that you have bought a MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator. Well! The mesh tray used for drying small size food items like berries and herbs whereas the plastic tray used for making fruit leathers and fruit roll.

Q: Does This Machine Come with a Warranty?

Yes, of course! The manufacturers of the appliance provide one-year limited period warranty offer to the buyers.

Q: Do the Plastic Components of the Machine Are BPA-free?

Yes, all the elements of the food dehydrator are BPA free.

Q: Can I Use the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator for Drying Chili Peppers?

Yes, you can dehydrate chili peppers in this machine without much worry.

Q: I Have Heard That in This Food Dehydrator It Is Only Possible to Dry Fruits or Vegetables but Not Jerky. Is This True?

No, that is not true at all. You can dry out jerky also in this machine, and it comes out very yummy and delicious in the end.

Q: How Much Quantity of Beef Can Be Dehydrated for Jerky in This Machine at One Time?

I think around 4 lb of jerky can be dried in this machine very easily.

Q: What Are the Dimensions of the Trays in MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator?

The trays have the dimension of 10×12 inches.

Q: Will This Machine Come with a Temperature Dial?

Yes, this product comes with a temperature dial that can use for setting the temperature as per your need.

Q: Can I Found Manual Guidebook of This Food Dehydrator Online?

We don’t think so that you can get a guide on online websites. You will get the manual book along with the product when you buy it from the store.

Q: Can I Increase the Warranty Period of the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator from One Year to 3 Years?

Well! I think that might be possible as some of the online shopping websites offer this facility to their buyers. But you have to pay some additional money for availing such facility.

Q: Does This Machine Effects Our Monthly Electricity Bill?

I don’t think so that this small machine can affect your monthly electricity bill. It runs at very less wattage power which will not consume much electricity units.

Q: Is It Easy to Preset or Adjust the Temperature of the Appliance?

Yes, you can easily adjust or alter the temperature settings of the machine when required.

Q: How Much Noise Is This Appliance Make?

This food dehydrator does not create much noise during the process of dehydration. Thus, you can also use it during the night time when your other family members are sleeping.

Q: Can I Cook Jerky in Three Hours in This MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator?

I think that will not be possible for this appliance as it runs at very less wattage power and it will take more than 12 hours for drying a jerky meat in this machine.

Q: Is It Costly to Buy This Food Dehydrator as I Have Very Less Budget?

No, this food dehydrator comes at very reasonable price rate on numerous online shopping websites like Thus, you do not have to worry about the cost at all.

Q: What Is the Weight of the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator?

The actual weight of the appliance is 15.8 pounds which are quite lightweight as compare to other big size models.


In the end, we want to say that the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator is a great appliance which comes at a reasonable price. It comprises of all the innovative features like advanced temperature as well as timing features which not usually found in other machines.

In the above article, we have tried our best to provide you an honest review about the MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator, so that you can get all the relevant information regarding the product before making any decision. It is one of the most advanced food dehydrators at present which is providing a real competition to the other similar models.

We know that there are various food dehydrators which are available in the market, and sometimes it becomes tough to select the best product for yourself. But if you buy this MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator, you will never regret about your buying decision during any time of your life. You can buy this machine from the famous online shopping website like at a great price.

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