Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator Review

The Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Food Dehydrator is one of the best affordable appliances that possess some exceptional features. This specific model is although not a professional dehydrator but it is an optimum choice for the new user.

Due to the presence of three settings of the thermostat, this product is remarkably user-friendly whereas, at the similar time, it is also filled with all the elementary features which a person usually requires to relish the numerous benefits of food drying.

Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator review

​As soon as you start using this amazing product, you will come to realize its benefits also. For example, you can simply evade the injurious chemicals that are normally added to the food which is available in the stores or market.

Cheers to the Waring DHR30 Professional Dehydrator, now you can easily enjoy the seasonal fruits and vegetables in any period of the year. Besides this, it also offers you a benefit to make your kids eat five portions of fruits and vegetables in the whole day. You may ask them to join you in this process as they will also like this technique of drying.

Quick Overview of Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator

Product NameWaring Pro DHR30 Professional Food Dehydrator
Temp Range (°F)110 – 175
Wattage (Watts)620
Max Trays9
Air FlowVertical
Warranty5 Year
Editor Rating4.1/5
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​Key Features of Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator

​The following are some key features of the Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator:

1# Expandable Capacity

This food dehydrator devices a capacity which can be expanded up to nine trays. Normally, it comes with five trays which are sufficient enough for the food dehydration. So, a person can dry out more food items in this appliance without any worry. As the trays get interconnected, the space used is negligible, so even if you add more trays the appliance will be very lightweight to carry.

​2# Vertical Heating System

The Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator works on the system of vertical heating. This heating technique is popular for the rapid and uniform distribution of the heat all over the trays. Then, the heated air is blown down towards the trays by utilizing the pressure from the top mounted fan in the appliance.

3# Good Airflow System

The airflow system of this food dehydrator is also pretty good i.e. it leads to the proper drying of all the contents that are placed in every tray as per the user’s requirements. In any case, if you want to quickly dehydrate your particular food content then, you can change its position also.

4# Modifiable Thermostat

The Waring Pro DHR30 also comes with a modifiable thermostat which is beneficial in changing the temperature of the appliance. Due to the presence of this feature, it turns out to be one of the best models in the same category. The thermostat of the appliance is modifiable i.e. it can be adjusted to 3 temperature settings of range as well as levels. The range of temperature includes low, medium, and high. It means you can dry out your food as per your convenience and necessity.

5# Expedient Performance

This appliance provides an outstanding performance and is user-friendly also, particularly for the novices who are using this food dehydrator for the very first time. The technique of vertical airflow is quite helpful as it offers you the freedom to select a measure which can be smeared to the food contents that need heating.

6# Usability

Due to the availability of good thermostats settings and airflow system, this product offers very good quality of food dehydration. This also reflects in the performance and functioning of the appliance.

7# Optional Accessories

You can also get few optional accessories along with the Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator like additional drying trays, fruits roll-up sheets, etc. You can buy these accessories from the manufacturer or through online shopping websites on reasonable price. Obviously, if you add more trays, then you will require rotating the trays for even drying of the all the food content.

Full Technical Specifications of Waring DHR30 Professional Dehydrator

The below is the list of technical specifications of Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator:

Waring Pro DHR30 food Dehydrator

1. Type of Dehydrator

The Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator belongs to the stackable category that consists of racks for placing the food in the appliance.

2. Flow of Air

The flow of air in this appliance is vertical that benefits in the uniform drying of the food.

3. Range of temperature

The temperature of this product ranges between 110 degrees F to 175 degrees F.

4. Product dimensions

The dimensions of this food dehydrator are 14.7 x 12.4 x 11.8 inches.

5. Expandable size

This appliance normally comes with five trays but you can increase its size up to the nine trays according to the requirement.

6. Adjustable thermostat

You will find a feature of an adjustable thermostat in this product that can be adjusted on three levels i.e. low, medium and high.

7. Power capacity

The power capacity of this food dehydrator is 620 watts that are optimum for drying out the foodstuffs effectively.

8. Warranty period

The manufacturers of this appliance offer five years limited warranty period to its buyers which increase the trustworthiness of the product among the users.

9. Instruction manual

The buyer also gets an instruction guidebook along with this appliance so that they do not find any difficulty in using this product.

Best Things about Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator

After getting familiar with the features and specifications about this appliance, now we are going to tell you about the best things of this appliance that boosts the position of the appliance in this field. So, following are some of its best points which make it unique and exceptional from others:

1. Reasonable Price

The price of the Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Food Dehydrator is quite reasonable suits to nay income class group. So, people who have low budgets can easily buy this product and fulfill their needs of food dehydration.

2. Easily Expandable

You can easily expand this appliance by adding few more trays. You just have to buy those additional trays from the market on your own and add it into the dehydrator.

3. Three Level Temperature Settings

You can adjust the temperature of Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator on three levels i.e. low, medium and high. This helps in the perfect drying of the food which requires the different range of temperature.

4. Long Warranty Period

The manufacturers of the food dehydrator offer limited warranty period of five years on the appliances motor as well as one year warranty on the appliance. This upsurges the trust of the buyer over the product.

5. Portable Design

The design of the Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator enables the benefit of convenience and portability to the user. So, if you have the issue of less space in your kitchen then this product is the perfect option for you.

6. High-Quality Dehydration

Even if this product is available at reasonable price, then this does not mean it offers low-quality food dehydration. This appliance offers the same quality of outcome that you might fetch in the models with the higher price rates.

7. Interlocking Trays

The Waring Pro DHR30 food dehydrator originates with five interlocking trays which benefit in saving your space in the kitchen if it is small.

8. Multiple Use

Besides the foodstuffs, you may also use this dehydrator for drying out various non-eatable items also like photo frames, clay, flower petals and potpourri.

9. Extremely Noiseless

The Waring Pro DHR30 food dehydrator does not produce any unwanted sound or noise while dehydrating the food. This also benefits you a lot if you are about to use this product in the night time.

Bad Things about Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator

There is no single thing on this earth that does not have any flaws or drawbacks. So, in the case of Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator, there are few bad things but these do not overshadow the overall advantages of this wonderful appliance. So, below are the few shortcomings of this product:

1. Unsupportive for Daily Users

The Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator is better for the users who do not want to work on this appliance on the daily basis. The reason behind such drawback is that the everyday usage can drain off the motor as well as the capability of drying very rapidly.

2. Overheating Issue

The fan of this dehydrator (that is mounted at the bottom and vented from the top) result in the faster drying in the upper trays than the lowermost trays. The user might have certain issues regarding overheating of the food that is placed in the upper trays. So, you have to rotate the trays at regular interval. If there is more overheating due to the high temperature, then it might result in the melting of the trays.

3. Incapable of Drying Small Size Food

The Waring Pro DHR30 food dehydrator is unable of dehydrating small size foods like nuts or sliced vegetables. There are small openings in the appliance’s trays that fall out the small food items and do not fully served the purpose of the machine.

4. ​Difficult to Clean

Due to the fan that is fixed at the bottom is liable to food drippings as well as fragments. It also makes the cleaning of this appliance more problematic and might cause damage to the bottommost fan.

5. No Timer

There is no automated timer in the Waring Pro DHR30 food dehydrator which makes the process of heating quite difficult. So, you have to keep your eye during the whole dehydration process of your food content.

6. Problematic to determine the Accurate Temperature

Since there is three ranges and level of temperature in this appliance (i.e. low, medium and high), it becomes quite challenging for the new user to determine the correct temperature.

Video Review of Waring Pro Professional Dehydrator:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much time does it take to prepare jerky as well as around how much weight of meat can be fit in this appliance?

It will take around 5 to 6 hours for preparing jerky in the Waring Pro DHR30 food dehydrator and you can fit around 3 to 4 lbs. of meat in this appliance.​

Q: What can be the functioning temperature range in the dehydrating zone for the numerous settings?

As per the guidelines stated by the manufacturers, the low temperature is around 110 degrees, Medium temperature is around 140 degrees and high temperature is around 175 degrees, respectively. The dehydrating time depends on upon the quantity of food that you loaded in the dehydrator. You have to check the food in between the whole process.​

Q: What varieties of food strips can be prepared with this food dehydrator?

You can easily make strips of meat, soy sauce (low sodium), apple cider, etc. You can mix and store at a low temperature in a fastener bag overnight. Then you can dry out them in the trays according to the time given in the manual booklet.​

Q: Can we remove all the trays in order to fit a big size food item?

Yes, you are allowed to remove the trays of the appliance for your convenience at any point in time.​

Q: The Waring Pro DHR30 food dehydrator comes with five trays but can we increase the number of trays when required?

Yes, you can add more four trays after buying it additionally from the market. This product is expandable up to nine trays.​

Q: If I add more trays to the unit, then will it affect the heating capacity of the appliance?

The addition of more trays will always affect the heating capacity of any food dehydrator. It will also increase the total time of the dehydration also. So, you should increase the number of trays only if it is required vitally.​

Q: Can we clean and wash the appliance and its parts in the dishwasher?

Usually, people wash the trays of the product by hand. But it is also dishwasher safe and to clean its subtle parts, you should not put them in the dishwasher.

Q: What is the warranty period offered on this appliance?

The manufacturers of this appliance offer five years limited warranty period on the motor of the appliance and one year warranty period on the parts of the product.

Q: I have lost my instruction booklet accidently. Please let me know what to do now?

There is no need to get worried as you can download the guideline booklet from the online website of the manufacturer of the product.

Q: Is it compulsory to purchase distinct mesh screens for placing on the top section of the trays in order to dehydrate fruit or preparing kale chips?

The Waring Pro DHR30 food dehydrator comes with a single fruit mesh screen. This can be used on a single tray. Si, if you want to use it on all the trays, then you have to buy it additionally from the market or online shopping website.

Q: Is there any timer on this product?

No, there is no automated timer on this food dehydrator. So, you have to check the food status at regular intervals.

Q: Are this appliance and the trays are BPA free?

Yes, this product as well as the trays are BPA free according to the information displayed in the box.

Q: I have got only one fruit roll up sheet along with this product. Can I purchase more sheets?

Yes, you can buy more fruit roll up sheets according to your requirement from the online shopping websites or any store.

Q: Are there the least number of trays which can be stacked in this food dehydrator?

No, there is no limit on the minimum number of trays that can be stacked in this appliance.

Q: What is the power capacity of this food dehydrator?

The power capacity of this food dehydrator is 620 watts.

Q: What is the weight of this appliance?

The weight of the Waring Pro DHR30 food dehydrator is 7.6 pounds which make this appliance very lightweight to move and carry.

Q: What is the modifiable temperature range of this product?

The temperature range of the appliance is 110 degrees to 175 degrees.

Q: Is there any noise issue with this appliance?

No, this appliance works quite noiseless in the night time also.


Waring is a renowned trademark which manufactures a lot of high-quality products along with the offer of a good warranty period. Waring Pro DHR30 food dehydrator has an outstanding capacity as well as it can be expanded as per the situation. It serves you with all the healthy food items that are advantageous for your family members. Yet, it comes with various flaws but all its shortcomings are overshadowing by the benefits which it provides to the user. Its advantages are countless in comparison to its weaknesses.

​Waring Pro DHR30 food dehydrator is one of the extremely reasonable food dehydrators that is currently available in the market. It is not only equipped with all the essential features but also provides an assistance for the longer duration. So, if you are looking for a product that is pocket-friendly and well matches the counter of your kitchen, then this appliance is highly recommended for you. I am sure that after buying this product, you will not look for any other option in the market for dehydrating your food.

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