Best Apples to Dehydrate- Which is Best One?

When we talk about drying fruits, the very first fruit which comes into our mind is the apple. It is quite easy and an exciting way to dehydrate apples in a food dehydrator. You just need one good machine and leave the rest to it.

Some of you might be planning to cook dried apple chips or dried rings of the apples this weekend. But there are lots of things which you should keep in mind while picking the best apples to dehydrate. Few people like tart apples more than the sweet one. Some also prefer medium intense flavor than the high intense flavor.

But before dehydrating apples, do you know that how many types of apples are there which we can dry?

Well! There are lots of different varieties of apples which we can dehydrate in the food dehydrator. But it is quite difficult to know that which are the best apples to dry? Some apples are available are few months of the year only also.

In the below article, we will tell you that which are the best apples to dehydrate along with some useful info. You can pick the one that suits your needs and requirements.

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Top 10 Best Apples to Dehydrate

We know that it is not an easy task for you to find the best apples to dehydrate. Thus, we have come up with a list of ten best apples to dehydrate which is not only relished by lots of people, but there are some big companies which are using them for making some delicious snacks. The list includes the tart and the sweet varieties of the apples.

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1. Gravenstein

Gravenstein Apples

The first name on our list is of Gravenstein. The best season to get this variety of apple is July and August. It comes with an intense flavor that let you make extra flavored and sour chips of the apple. These are entirely dissimilar to the other varieties of the tart apples as you cannot store and preserve for long without dehydrating them in a food dehydrator. You can found them in abundance in the Sonoma County, CA.

2. Gala

gala apple

The next variety of the apples is Gala. People who like sweet fruits more than the sour flavor, gala are the best option for them. Once you dry out these apples in a dehydrator, they turn out into delicious flavored apples. They get quite juicy and crispy after drying. You can easily find them on the market. However, you should remember that these apples not recommended for cooking or making pies.

3. Fuji

Fuji Apples

This variety of apples is available in the whole year. The companies which deal in manufacturing the apple chips always use these apples. They are tender in texture, yet very crispy to eat. You can store them in the dark and cold place if lots of Fuji needs to get dry. You can either eat them in the raw form or the dried form; you will surely enjoy its flavor. Since it is a juicy fruit, thus you cannot use it for the baking purposes. The best way to use them is to sprinkle them over the slaws and salad for adding more sweetness.

4. Honeycrisp

Honeycrisp apple

It is quite a new variety of apples which you can dehydrate. It finds in Minnesota. The texture of the apples is very juicy and crispy that makes it perfect for making apple snacks.

The sweet flavor and the firm texture of these apples allow you to prepare yummy dehydrated apple chips quickly. There are lots of demands for this apple, but the supply is quite less in comparison to the need. The best season to harvest it is mid of the September month or the early period of the October in which the climate is cold. The taste of the Honeycrisp is juicy and sweet.

5. Granny Smith

Granny Smith Apples

When you ask the companies about which are the best apples that they prefer for drying, they will surely take the name of the Granny Smith apples. People who usually make tart dried apples at home; this variety of apples is an excellent choice. You can buy them anytime in the whole year. The color of the apples is green that gives a tart and sour flavor to the dried snacks. Some of you might like it to consume in the raw and fresh form. The best time for harvesting the fruit is in November.

6. Goldrush

GoldRush Apple

It is also a new member of the family of the apples. It is a late season (October month) variety fruit that preferred for drying purposes. It has a tart and intense flavor of the apples. The main benefit of these apples is that they are non-GMO fruits that turn brown at a little pace. You can store them in a refrigerator till the next summer season.

7. Pink Lady

Pink Lady apple

Here is the late-season variety of the apples that you can consider for drying, i.e., Pink lady. If you store them in the right and perfect condition then, it can become a part of your number of dry freeze foods. The flavor of the fruit is tart and sweet with the firm texture which is perfect for drying in the food dehydrator. The color of the apple is pink which makes it quite attractive also. We are sure that you will surely enjoy the crunchy and pleasant flavor the dried pink lady apples.

8. Cortland

Cortland Apples

The Cortland variety of apples is the mixture of Ben Davis apples and McIntosh that is one of the most preferred fruit for making dried snacks. It turns quite slow into the brown color that makes it suitable for aiming salads. The flavor of the apples is sweet with a little pinch of tartness, and this is the only reason that most of the people enjoy eating it. It is mostly available from September to April in the US. People also called it a “sprightly fruit” because of the existence of little acid and the sweetness.

9. Empire

Empire Apples

It is again a mixed breed of McIntosh and Red Delicious apple varieties. Empire possesses a sweet and mild flavor with a little pinch of tartness. You can find them in the early months of the winter in the market. You can easily slice them for drying in the food dehydrator. It mainly uses for making applesauce or pies.

10. Zestar

Zestar Apples

It is a crispy variety of the apples that you can dehydrate. Zestar possesses a sweet, distinctive and tart taste which might look like brown sugar to you after drying. It harvests in August and September. In comparison to the other varieties of the apples, Zestar turn brown quite quickly. Thus, you should keep it in the mixture of the lemon juice and water after cutting into slices.


Dehydrated apples relish by lots of people around us. But you can only dehydrate them after knowing the type of apples which is available nearby you. In the above article, after doing through research and study, we have discussed the top ten best apples to dehydrate. You can pick the right variety and make dried snacks with them in your food dehydrator.

There are lots of uses of the dried apples like you can use them for adding sweetness to the curd or salad. It can also use for making sauces or vinegar. Once you have dried apples in your jar, there are some different types of recipes that you can prepare.

We hope that you enjoy reading the above article. If you have any suggestions regarding the article then, please write to us. It will help us in making our article more useful and informative to all our dear readers like you.

However, in case of any query, you can post to us in the below comment box. We will reply back to you at the earliest.

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