How to Dehydrate Eggplant with a Food Dehydrator

It is true that almost all types of foods including herbs, spices, vegetables, and fruits can dry in a food dehydrator and eggplants also included in that list. You can use the dried eggplant in making some yummy and delicious recipes.

Some people do not like the eggplants in the dried form as it’s color changes when you rehydrate them. But this is an individual choice for sure. If you have a garden in your home in which lots of eggplants are grown then, drying them in the food dryer is the best option. Using an electric food dehydrator for drying eggplants is a much better way than the sun drying to avoid any spoilage.

Ingred Eggplant

You can store the dried eggplants in an airtight jar and rehydrate them at the time of use, just pour some hot water over it. It can help you in preparing the recipes like meatballs, chili, meatloaf, and soups, etc. which required fresh eggplants also.

Wait! but Do You Know That How to Dehydrate Eggplant with a Food Dehydrator?

No? Not yet? Well! Don’t worry as in the below article we will tell you the way through which you can dehydrate the eggplant with a food dehydrator quickly. We assured that once you know this method, you will feel very relaxed while making the recipes which need eggplants in them.

So, without wasting much time of yours, let’s begin the article.

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Step by Step Instructions to Dehydrate Eggplant with a Food Dehydrator

If you want to dry out the eggplants entirely in a food dehydrator then, you have to follow some steps seriously. It will not only make your food dried evenly but also let you know the best way for the drying eggplants.

The following are the step by step instructions to dehydrate eggplant with a food dehydrator:

Step 1: Picking the Right Eggplant

The first step is to pick the eggplants which need to get dried. If you have grown eggplants in your garden then, select the smaller ones. The large size eggplants need to get cut in smaller slices which take lots of time to cut and dry. The small pieces of eggplants take less time for drying, and there are very fewer chances that they will taste bitter.

Step 2: Wash the Vegetable

It is essential that you completely wash the eggplants with the water before drying than in the food dehydrator. They must clean under the cooling water which can easily remove the dirt from them. After washing the eggplants, prepare them for slicing with a knife.

Step 3: Slice the Eggplants

The third step is to slice the eggplants. The finest size for dehydrating eggplants in a food dryer is around 1/4-inch thickness. If the eggplants are younger then, you do not need much peeling.

One Small TipIt is recommended using the sharp knife to slice the vegetable in a thin size i.e. around eighth-of-an-inch slices.

Step 4: Blanching the Eggplants

The blanching of the sliced eggplants is done to give some good flavor to the vegetable. You may blanch the eggplants in the boiling water. However, if you blanch them in the steaming process, then there are more chances of the nutrients retention. Just take one deep pot that has a strainer as well as a close-fitting lid. Now, pour the water into the pot and boil it to the fullest.

Now, make two layers of the slices of the eggplants of around two inches in the strainer and put them in the pot. Do not forget that eggplants are overhead the water. When the vegetable steamed for around 3 to 4 minutes, place the strainer in the cold water to stop the cooking more. Now, check that whether slices are still hot or not, if yes then remove the filter from the water and drain them thoroughly.

Why Is Blanching Done?

It Is Also Important to Stop the Enzyme Action Inside the Food Which Results in the Loss of the Flavor and the Color. the Main Benefit of the Blanching Is That It Abridges the Dehydration Period Also.

Step 5: Take the Food Dehydrator for Drying Eggplants

Now, pick the electric food dehydrator and use its non-stick drying trays for placing the eggplants. Spread all the slices over the trays in one layer so that no slice overlaps each other. Now, preheat your dryer machine to 145 degrees F and then place the trays inside it. Turn ON the machine for drying. Generally, an eggplant will take around 12 to 15 hours for drying in a food dehydrator.

One Small Tip:

You must remember to rotate the trays from top to bottom after every two hours till the time your eggplants slices become leathery or brittle as per your choice.

Step 6: Take Out the Eggplants from the Dehydrator

Now, after time for drying gets up, it is the time to take the slices of the eggplants out from the dryer machine. Remove the trays from the dehydrator cautiously.

Step 7: Pack the Dried Eggplants in the Airtight Jar

When your eggplants are dried thoroughly, pick an airtight jar and put the food inside them. An airtight jar is 100% vacuum sealed than a bag. It will help you in preserving your dried food for a longer period so that you can consume them when required.

One Small Tip:

We will recommend that you use the airtight jar instead of a bag because there are very fewer chances of hole-leakage in the jar in comparison to the bag.

Factors Which Affect the Dehydrating Process of the Eggplants in a Food Dehydrator

There are so many things which influence the drying process of the eggplants in the food dryer machine which you should also know. It will make you little aware of drying the food for the first time.

Eggplant Chips

The following are such factors which affect the drying process of the eggplants in a food dehydrator impeccably:

  • Size of the Eggplants
    Try to cut the slices of the eggplants thinly so that the food dehydrator can take less time for drying. If the slices are thicker then, more time required in the food dryer machine.
  • Temperature Set in the Food Dehydrator
    If you adjust the temperature of the dehydrator at the low level then, it will take a longer time for drying. But you should avoid setting the high temperature also as that can destroy the valuable enzymes and nutrients of the eggplants while drying.
  • Humidity
    The humidity in the environment plays a significant role in drying the food. So, if there is higher humidity in the environment then, it will take a longer time for drying.
  • Water Content
    The content of the water in the eggplants also affects the drying time in the food dehydrator. So, if the moisture content is high, it will need more drying time.
  • The texture of the Food Required
    Some of the people prefer to consume crispy eggplants instead of the soft one. So, if you like crispier and crunchier eggplants, then you need to place the food for more time inside the dehydrator so that all the water in the eggplants gets dried completely.

How to Rehydrate the Dried Eggplant Before Using in the Recipes?

Before using the dried eggplants in the recipes, you need to rehydrate them. You have to pour the hot boiling water over them so that it can cover all of them together. It will take around 30 to 45 minutes for the eggplants for the rehydration process. As soon as they get rehydrated, you can use them in the recipes without any delay. It is the best way to use the dried eggplants in the different dishes at any time of the year.

Final Words

We hope that now you know how to dehydrate the eggplants with a food dehydrator at your home. It will help you in making lots of delicious recipes at any time of the year for your family.

We have one small advice for you. If you have an issue of insects in your storage area then, it is better to store the dried eggplants in the freezer. The dried eggplants are more prone to get affected by the months. You may also keep the food which insects don’t like such as dried rhubarb or the dried carrots. It will make your dried food stored for the longest period without a problem, and your effort will also not get wasted.

To conclude, we think now you know that how you can dehydrate the eggplants in the food dehydrator easily and in an efficient manner.

If you still have any doubt or question to ask then, write to us in the below comment box. We will feel happy to answer you as soon as possible. Besides this, please let us know your experience after dehydrating the eggplants in your food dehydrator. It will also help us in making our article more informative to the valuable readers like you.

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